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  1. we always had 100 honest u got enough space both 50 for both
  2. Congratulations to Jeff hardy first grand slam champ in aew he the only wrestler to be arrested working in wwe aew and tna
  3. Do they tho as wrestling fans we think they have it in the bubble universe of wrestling but in main stream world of entertainment that Carisma is the same as Lance storm
  4. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    and women have used older white man for money all the time to
  5. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    Vince is a victim by the sounds he being blackmailed
  6. I wonder if the only reason they said anything was cu there working on a new TV deal with Warner and Warner ts them not to promote jeff
  7. Gang ware fare 4 on 4 no last man standing elimination
  8. Add to the fact Hikaru Shida wasn't told she was in an injure angle had to find out on twitter
  9. I was talking about this The naomi/Sasha thing, the ibushi Situation, andrade, jeff arrested, Thunder rosa allegedly sandbagging Shafir on purpose...drama left and right. It basically shows that inmates run aew where u can pretty much do what u want without getting in trouble
  10. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    We don't know that it wad never posted we only went by his word never actually seen the test
  11. It boils down to what we known all along what multiple People have said it's a lack of management
  12. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    Haha lol people so wwe was right he had enough chance he male sunny
  13. Can someone explain why an all Atlantic title has the Chinese and Japanese flag on it
  14. He just loves trolling fans
  15. Msk finisher end transmission was added by update
  16. Is jumping off a ladder from a great height on to blunt instruments a good way to pay tribute to Owen Hart with Martha Hart in attendance?
  17. was announced on this evening’s AEW Rampage that former women’s champion Hikaru Shida had been injured in her Street Fight with Serena Deeb, and would no longer be able to compete in the Owen Hart Memorial tournament. Kris Statlander was named as Shida’s replacement. However, there is now an interesting wrinkle added to the story. Shida took to Twitter during tonight’s Rampage and revealed that she is not injured at all, nor was she informed that she was being pulled from the tournament. Her full tweet reads: “Well…. I already had 4 matches after the street fight and just finished the greatest fighting musical show. But I seem to have been injured…Japanese wrestling is nothing for them. I’m so sorry. And sorry couldn’t be in the tournament too. I’m glad from my heart that Kris is in the tournament now. And I’m gonna try to enjoy sudden holidays in Japan because it has been a while before I had. Be positive!” We cannot currently confirm whether this is an elaborate storyline for Shida in AEW, or an actual shoot. Check out her tweets below.
  18. aer they stars tho are they house hold names just cuz ur a champ doesnt mean ur a star
  19. According to the site, Fight Forever's roster will be 50 wrestlers strong, or therein thereabouts. That, rather sadly, means some heavy hitters from the real-life locker room could be left on the bench. AEW's reveal didn't have much word on this subject, but it seems pretty obvious who won't be omitted. owen hart confrimed https://whatculture.com/gaming/7-things-we-learned-from-aew-s-fight-forever-reveal?page=5
  20. https://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-news/class-action-complaint-filed-against-all-elite-wrestling-llc-for-allegedly-violating-the-americans-with-disabilities-act/ The class action lawsuit, filed on May 4th, alleges that All Elite Wrestling, LLC has denied equal access to the AEW Shop website. Plantiff Luigi Abreu claims that AEW has violated the Americans with Disabilities Act with its merchandise website. The lawsuit notes Abreu is a visually-impaired and legally blind person who requires screen-reading software to read website content. The lawsuit is alleging the website “is not equally accessible to blind and visually-impaired consumers,” and is in violation of the ADA. He is looking to bring this class action lawsuit “for declaratory relief, injunctive relief and compensatory damages—including statutory and punitive damages—against defendant named herein, and alleges based upon the personal knowledge of plaintiff, the investigation of counsel, and upon information and belief.”
  21. he had nothing dark order was never going be pushed beside a jobber group who all left from the original signings or first show
  22. honestly like the idea of 90 day firing for new talent if there not improving fast enough
  23. if u max out it wont let u download anything
  24. fight forever sounds like it be there only game but they just keep updating it
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