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    The Most Quotable Man Alive
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    Kenny Omega
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    I enjoy disturbed, killswitch, FFDP, and various other bands.
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    Currently unemployed due to issues of health regarding birth defects and being in a small shitty town with nothing but heavy labour.
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    Pizza, hamburger helper, the souls of the innocent
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    Canadian with a garlic lineage
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    The Witcher
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    Me, myself, moi.
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    the top of the food chain
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  1. I haven't had to hear about how KingMo says Jesus Christ himself will be in the game so i'm quite happy in that regard.
  2. I refuse to believe anyone in their right mind can defend this *censored*ing company anymore.
  3. As they should be, he's fantastic.
  4. "rebuilt engine" is an incredibly vague thing to say however. It could mean a lot of different things; hell they've already rebuilt the engine multiple times in the past. I simply cannot take anything positive nor negative from it until its elaborated on.
  5. .... whens the last time you played Career Mode, dude?
  6. Second vac scheduled for the 11th of August. Get *censored*ed, Covid.
  7. Just... the moves video. I neeeeeeeeeed it.
  8. I have to go out of my way to watch their shows since I live in Canada and don't have cable. And unfortunately they can never seem to go long enough without *censored*ing up that I'd put the work in to do so.
  9. Not watching the show (because at this point I can't get through a WWE show if my life depends on it). they show anything?
  10. Wow. That is.. incredibly embarrassing on Nintendos part. They should be ashamed the issue is that simple.
  11. Besides, all of them were indie guys long before they were WWE guys.
  12. CROSS-Out

    WWE Drama

    He needs to be given a choice. Either he goes to wwe sponsored rehab or the next time there's an incident, he's let go. That WWE doesn't want to do anything about a star with an obvious and severe alcohol abuse issue is disgusting.
  13. The 24/7 mode is what it was called iirc. I remember the freezing on it got so bad past the first year, every cutscene would freeze.
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