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  1. I think the last patch broke MVPs ballin elbow. Now every time when i try to use it in-match, the opponent just automatically gets up and i lose my signature.
  2. The amount of *censored*ing times the game has crashed just downloading CAWs tonight is absolutely unacceptable. It's in the *censored*ing double digits for Christs sake!
  3. 2K22 was very well recieved in comparison to the usual fair, and particularly in comparison to 2K20. Like it or not unfortunately, the causal playerbase isn't going to be nearly as upset about the way the game become buggier and more broken as the patch cycle went on. That's also why i really wish they had just separated the changes to gameplay into its own game with a different name and gone all the way with it, and then kept the simulation aspect in the main series and alternated between the two.
  4. Even though I very much disliked the direction of the game, I was still impressed when it launched. But every single patch has only made things worse or done absolutely nothing about the issues. The DLC was not even close to worth what the wanted for it, and honestly it leaves me wishing they had just kept the servers on for 2K19 and 20 and instead spent one year patching the ever loving shit out of 2K20. Im not even against all the changes they made in 2K22, there are some features I really like. they made springboards way better (still need to make them usable as goddamn finishers besides outside to inside, but i digress), the combo system is fantastic for strike based wrestlers, but other changes... just... *censored*s sake.
  5. Sincerely, either the QA team aren't doing their job and need to be replaced, or their reports are being ignored. Either way someone somewhere is not doing their job.
  6. Does it happen in caw mode outside myrise?
  7. I think i'm done, gonna just go back to 2K19. Frankly as much as i'll miss all the extra moves, ring rope shake, springboard hit detection, etc. That game just has too much good in it compared to 2K20 and 2K22. I don't like the gameplay to 2K22. I will fully admit it was far more polished than a usual WWE game when it came out back in March (although every patch breaks more than it fixes and I would not argue its back to its regular "broke as *Censored* and ignored" state that they leave every damn game in), and I play these games for wrestling simulation, not a fighting game that happens to have a rudimentary grapple system. It is so frustrating, since all I wanted from 2K22 was "2K20 but not broken as shit, with some extra features". It is frustrating knowing going back to 2K19 will have its own challenges since they shut the *censored*ing servers off to force players to 2K22, and yes that is absolutely why they did it; so I can't really create anything new on there, but at least I can have a full match with a beginning, middle, and end with spots and a submission system I don't absolutely despise. I know the guy they brought in for 2K22 already went and *censored*ed off so i'm hoping against hope that 2K23 will try and be a bit more simulation and, more importantly, will stop *censored*ing their playerbase over because "lolzMyFaction". STOP MAKING MODELS JUST FOR THAT MODE YOU ASSHOLES, THAT IS SO GODDAMN SHITTY. I'm not paying for your stupid goddamn microtransactions. Your DLC is already way overpriced, your games never get goddamn fixed because you're so damn focused on that dumb mode that you blatantly ignore needed bug fixes, and i'm just frustated as all hell that a series i still love despite all its problems cannot seem to get its goddamned head out of its behind. One. I want just one release that releases with relatively few bugs, doesn't break itself further with every patch, doesn't abandon good ideas instead of improving on them, doesn't remove features for the absolute hell of it ("advanced entrances were too broken to keep" THEN WHY THE *Censored* DO THEY WORK IN 2K19 HUH!?), and don't put pointless absolutely unnecessary limitations on the player for absolutely no reason (why do you even have create a match, when the match types everyone actually wants to edit are practically untouchable?). This is not a post meant to attack or disturb the guys working in the trenches in these games. RickyBobby, all the other guys, they do the best with what they're given; but its clear these games need three things. The first, they need to bring someone in who actually plays these games at more than just a casual once every few months "lol lets just do dumb shit" level. Someone who can find the intricacies and give detailed feedback (which isn't ignored) about what needs adjusting, what needs fixing, and what needs tossing. The second, they need a bug testing team that knows what the hell they're doing, or they need to listen to their QA team instead of ignoring their reports. One of two things is happening there and neither is acceptable. Either the QA team is getting paid to sit on their asses and pick their noses instead of test the game, or the programmers aren't bothering to fix the bugs once they're reported. Three, if you're going to add new features, support them instead of adding them one year and never bothering to update them again. At this point Universe mode needs to be ripped out and redone from scratch because it is so stagnant i don't think you actually COULD update it at this point. Create an Arena has barely been touched since it was added in its modern version was added, and in fact has had features arbitrarily removed (remember the cel shading overlay? Gone, only existed in 2K19), moves get removed and replaced for no good reason, and when they are replaced half the time the new animation is worse than the old (we had a perfectly good clothesline from hell in 2K19 and 20, it had a pin combo, it looked good, and its been replaced with one in 2K22 that not only doesn't have a pin combo but has a terrible looking sell). I'm sorry its just.. I love these games so the constant wishy-washy horseshit they get put through infuriates me to no end.
  8. huh. Neat. would still prefer bug fixes though.
  9. I have absolutely no idea what this is trying to say.
  10. Does it actually fix anything else at all? Certain still broken moves? Moonsaults to the outside? That damn right hand side rope for Irish whips and running? The numerous broken hairstyles in caw mode?
  11. I do not, and the only reason I still have it installed instead of going back to 2K19 is the extra moves. I wanted a wrestling game, not a fighting game with a grapple system.
  12. "I have never seen a WWE video game with this many problems"... did.. did you not see 2K20? 2K22 is a broken mess now but at least it launched pretty good, even if the game mechanics aren't to my taste. 2K20 released broken and only continued to break in new and horrific ways.
  13. My sincerest condolences man, it is painful beyond imagination to lose someone you care about regardless of their age. ----- Plantar fasciitis flaring up again. The physical pain is excruciating.
  14. I have some criticisms but the animation is certainly better than what AEW are putting together.
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