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  1. To be honest I will probably still be happy if its just 2K20 but not a broken piece of shit and with some improvements. Although if not enough is changed maybe they've finally gotten off their butts and put in a caw import feature so I don't need to remake everyone. Doubt it but a man can dream. Obviously I hope its more than that of course.
  2. Yeah, that wonderful move, known to some as the Glimmering Warlock. Nah I'd planned on using it for a CAW. There used to be two versions, a really good looking one that they for some reason ripped out years ago, and a second version where the mocapper didn't land on his feet after hitting it that they kept around until I think at the very least 2K19. I'm really damn frustrated its gone, stop removing goddamn moves if you're not going to replace them. Hopefully with MVP being with WWE, we get them remocapped for this game but goddamn does that ever piss me off. I can stomach a lot, but don't touch my moves.
  3. ... Did they *censored*ing remove MVPs other Drive-By? WHY?!
  4. Most of my family seems to have forgotten my birthday again. Typical I guess. *Censored* em.
  5. Couldn't find a thread for Resident Evil and can't remember if we ever even had one so I thought i'd make one. It says VIIlage in the title but feel free to discuss any of the games. So regarding VIIlage.. Goddamn what a strong start.
  6. I played about 2 hours of RE8 last night and goddamn what a strong opening.
  7. CROSS-Out

    WWE Drama

    Most of the time it's an automated bot on YouTube.
  8. Might've figured out why CAW hair looks so god awful in this game, by the way. I'm noticing that hair shine settings constantly reset themselves to zero so i'm guessing somethings wrong with the way lighting hits hair.
  9. TBH the new IWGP World Heavyweight Championship is starting to grow on me. Reminds me of a shield. Still not as good as the previous belt but I don't.. hate it, anymore.
  10. One more *censored*ing bug to round out this piece-of-shit-sandwich. I think i'm done with this game. The only reason i've been playing was to test out my new brand for the next game and now I can't even do that because it refuses to let my PPVs work.
  11. Hopefully we start hearing more soon.
  12. CROSS-Out

    WWE Drama

    God they're so *censored*ing stupid..
  13. Scared my cat laughing at this.
  14. Well I do know that not everything they mocap makes it in on the year it was mocap (since they need to convert the mocap data and they mocap as much as possible). So there's definitely hope, ANTI.
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