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  1. Finished the game for my first run tonight, and I think it may be my new favourite ResiEvil game. Is it perfect? Nah, no game is, but there was never a point where any frustrations even slightly dampened my enjoyment of the game. I cannot possibly describe the dread I felt when i recognized the hallway to the regenerators area that I felt, though. Sweet Christ, they somehow made them even more horrifying.
  2. Patches came for 2k22 as well, and fixed barely a goddamned thing. I'll believe it when I see it, the game shouldn't be launching with these issues in the first place, don't go telling people to be patient like they're wrong for being annoyed.
  3. Finally decided to give universe a try and it pretty much immediately started booking nonsensical matches.
  4. I've seen a constant issue with caws during entrances where their heads just artifact and flash black. Something to do with the lighting i'd wager.
  5. The game has been absolutely fantastic so far
  6. Saw there was a patch while playing RE4R, what'd it fix?
  7. The idea that because something gets praise that means its not wrong is frustrating to me. Especially since, as i've pointed out repeatedly, this does not need to be an either or situation. They can absolutely combine the new gameplay with the aspects of the old gameplay people want back. "people praised it therefore you're wrong" is not a valid argument, especially when people are speaking only from their own perspective and shouldn't be expected to do otherwise. It's like people who say "oh well that would be hard to do for a dev".. So? Why is that my problem? They're the developer, its there job to worry about developing; as the consumer my only worry is the end product. I've gone on record repeatedly that I think that they could slow the gameplay down to reasonable levels and re-institute the grapple system from before without losing anything substantial. I do not care what the majority think of the product because I am one person with one opinion, and even if it may not be the majority opinion, im still going to give it and im still going to approach the game with that opinion. Sure it might be different if the wrestling game market were competitive and we had options to go to if you don't like one thing and the other product has that thing, but at the moment that's not the case. the AEW game looks like it has an identity crisis, the Wrestling Code is frankly phantomware until we start seeing anything more than "OMG WE SIGNED THIS PERSON TO BE IN THE GAME WE HAVE SHOWN NO ACTUAL GAMEPLAY OF YOU GUYZ", and Fire Pro is a very, very acquired taste. So unless I want to go play 5 Star Wrestling (HA! no), then the WWE games are quite literally the only avenue some of us get for simulation based high quality wrestling; so to us that like that, it is incredibly frustrating to see them abandoning that; all the while slowly slipping back into their old habits regarding bugs, glitches, and restrictions. You did not need to abandon the old gameplay entirely to update it, but it seems to me that 2K20 was such a disaster that they took a hard turn and drove in a way that while novel to many people, is also a hard opposite of the gameplay style some of us really enjoyed. If you like the gameplay if the new versions, great! I'm happy for you, and I hope you have a ton of fun. But some of us miss being able to simulate a wrestling match rather than play a fighting game that just happens to have grappling and diving moves.
  8. I mean it looks like a Nintendo ds game so.. meh.
  9. I have had two 512 x 512 logos so far just randomly corrupt on me.
  10. Dijak was a separate character already in the game, they just patched it so we could use that character outside of MyRise. Unfortunately, this isn't the same situation.
  11. I truly, deeply, in my heart of hearts, absolutely despise this rock paper scissors reversal system. I hated it in 2K22, and I hate it even more here with the even more sped up gameplay.
  12. I hate to say I told you so but I did say I was worried these "improvements" to the caw mode would come with some kind of silly limitation cost. Also, its hard to tell because im not looking at the bar when they use it, but I dont think the AI is using up momentum when they use quick recovery.
  13. Wooow, I am not enjoying triple threats this year at all. stay the hell down for two goddamn seconds.
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