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  1. I'm playing on pc, no mods yet as I like to do my first playthrough modless. There are bugs but they're mostly small nothing issues. There are two bugs though that are an actual problem. One being doors and elevators just.. stop working. Another is a specific main quest reset all player homes and anything stored inside them are lost. Also performance is.. an issue.
  2. If it finally makes them fix the timing on corner to center moves, I'm all for a Shawn Michaels showcase.
  3. Even with all my complaints, getting Muta in the game would be a huge plus for me. Course, I still want Raven in a game too, so..
  4. To be fair, every time i rant about the game, I legitimately have just encountered in-game whatever has caused me to rant. I may be a bit over the top, but the reasons for my dislike and the problems I have with the game are absolutely well thought out on a personal level. If I wanted to, I could sit down and make a huge post about everything I see wrong with the game both on a large scale and down to the small things; but to be frank doing so without copious amounts of saying *Censored* would probably reach some kind of character limit, lol.
  5. I didn't pay for my copy but I still have too many issues with it to say its worth it; but again thats just me. I know some people dislike how vehemently I dislike a lot of aspects of the last two games, and im not going to make any apologies for that, I stick by my opinion; but i don't begrudge anyone else if they enjoy the game. Well, as long as they aren't snapping at me for not doing so.
  6. It's possible but I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you, Trips likely still hates the guy and he's not exactly coming out of this whole thing without heat at the moment. It wouldn't surprise me that if he is WWEGames bound, they'll wait a year at the least.
  7. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Punk did it to himself.
  8. I play 2K23 out of obligation more than anything. I haven't been shy about my dislike of the gameplay changes and limitations, and I certainly won't deny that if we could backport a lot of content to 2k19 I wouldn't even be touching 23, but at least at the end of its patch cycle it's in a better place than 2k22 was. Part of me worries that we're slipping back into the old THQism of "new shiny thing, small stuff doesn't get fixed" though. There's a ton of small changes they could make that I feel would make the game drastically better that I'm worried will just get ignored. Even ignoring for a moment the entire gameplay loop, small things like adjusting springboard finisher distance or an overall get up speed adjusting bar, or bringing back or reanimated moves that were removed for no good reason, would go a long way to making me at least able to begrudgingly tolerate it. Well, that and putting MyFaction in the dumpster where it *censored*ing belongs.
  9. Punks gotta go or Khans gotta step in and put his foot down and tell him (and everyone else of course, but Punks the common denominator for a reason) to knock it the *Censored* off.
  10. If you'd like to give suggestions I think we're all ears, otherwise this seems an indirect complaint over the signatures situation than anything else.
  11. More items in CAW mode won't matter anyways if they don't start updating some of the silly-ass restrictions in the mode. I'll take getting rid of the thigh and shoulder logo cut-off over a couple new coats anyway. I'll take the return of body morphing over a couple new pairs of glasses any week. I'll take the old hairstyles getting new updated textures to match the new hairstyles over shirts with logos on them that no one will use for their custom CAWs anyway any month. I'll take the return of 2K19 style mirroring over 4 more C4 signs any year.
  12. So, while I agree with this, I want to point out the darker side of it. The problem with replacing old animations with newer updated ones is that sometimes they for reasons unknown decide to "update" perfectly fine moves. An example would be the clothesline from hell. In recent history we've had 3 different CFHs, the first was fine with maybe the sell being a bit over the top, but it was then replaced with a nice hard hitting one with a pin combo. It was great. We had that for 2, maybe 3 games and then they replaced it again with the far inferior and frankly goofy looking version currently in the game. Why they chose to replace the pin combo version people had been pining for for years prior instead of just adding the new one as "Clothesline From Hell 2" is beyond me but I digress.
  13. I'm heartbroken. I don't know what to say or think, I just know that one of my favourites is gone and the world is a little bit darker, a little less colourful, a little less creative.
  14. Yes, the last patch introduced this bug, because of friggin course it did. 2K always seem to break something new on the last patch and then leave us in the dust.
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