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  1. You guys like what you like, and we'll like what we like; Kay?
  2. One thing I wouldn't mind seeing them toy with in the future is perhaps adopting that finisher system from the wrestle kingdom games back in the PS2 era, where you started with a set number of finishers and could use them at any time, but if you used them up and didn't get the pin, they were a lot of work to get back.
  3. Im 28 and have some bad gamers thumb, button mashing is something i avoid at all costs.
  4. That's not change though, it's regression.
  5. The removal of reversal limits worries me a bit but it'll depend on how dodging works I guess. my main worry is that matches will devolve into reversal fests where the AI uses them to cheat like crazy once again.
  6. Give me the new moves video you youtube *censored*ers, I NEEEEEEEEEEED it!
  7. I wonder if this is enough to finally get a proper 2K22 section :/. I mean, we are a month and a half from release
  8. You know what im looking forward to the most? That feeling I'll get when I finish moving everything over from 2K20 to 2K22 and can delete the game for good.. and snap the disc in half while im at it.
  9. Cross platform CC is huge, especially since creators on PC are going to be able to fine tune creations easier. I'm a little it worried about things being removed from the creation suite but if it's just stuff that was near duplicates and the more useless items I might be able to tolerate it at least if the new stuff is worth it. That said.. I am not happy to hear about pinning going back to button mashing whatsoever, and sincerely hope the old system in that regard is still an option, much like how you can switch the submission system. I'm not able to button mash like I used to and I have had some clutch kick-outs with the current system that I really loved. Now would be the time to try and get custom music figured out.
  10. The perfect game will never exist, because the day it does game developers will be out of a job.
  11. Im not expecting a completely bugless game of course; such a thing doesn't even actually exist in the current era, but im hoping there's nothing in it that breaks the game and things that get reported get fixed. ... and that the animations are at a normal speed.
  12. and apparently even trying to preview certain things in create an entrance crashes the game now.. Jesus H Christ, if 2K22 is even half as buggy as 2K20 was, they're in for a shitshow of epic proportions.
  13. Thus why I want them to at least issue warnings to people who misuse the tag system. Don't hand out bans automatically of course, but this is one of the big reasons CC always gets overrun with lazy garbage CAWs with black skin, default faces, muscles the size of canada, and movesets consisting of nothing but finishers. Of course a game that isn't bug central would be nice too. Currently dealing with yet another bug in 2K20 that im not sure how to fix at the moment.
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