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    I enjoy disturbed, killswitch, FFDP, and various other bands.
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    Currently unemployed due to issues of health regarding birth defects and being in a small shitty town with nothing but heavy labour.
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  1. Been getting "Lets Go Brandon!" sent to me by every idiot and uncreative douche-canoe on every corner of the internet as of late. Getting really grating.
  2. If I have that dream, I'm waking up in a cold sweat and downing a bottle of ibuprofen.
  3. I just hope it's done right, modular, and with enough freedom to not feel like a restrictive mess.
  4. I mean, it's not really a stretch here to make that as an educated guess though. The results of that poll a year or two ago were quite public and 2K is smart enough to know at least that they cannot under any circumstances just put out a reskin of 2K20. If there was any mode they were gonna add, it would be GM mode at this junction. The real question is, how restrictive is it. Is it pure booking matches and looking at graphs? Is it kind of a combo with universe where we can set up rivalries on the shows and play them out while also worrying about things like contract costs and such? Are we restricted to using WWE brand shows? I'd the AI better at it now or is it utter bullshit like the old days of gm mode? Is this the only mode that got a major focus or did some other modes that badly needed revamping and expanding get some love? Has this mode been thoroughly bug tested? I'm cautiously optimistic. Even 2Ks higher ups must realize just how much is riding on this game being a triumph.
  5. Not technically of the game, but a buddy of mine came up with a name for a promotion I really like, to the point I wanted to design a logo for it. Of these 7, which do you guys like most?
  6. To be frank at this point I don't see why there's a CAW limit at all. let us make as much as our storage allows. And while we're at it, let us make custom categories for them, like Fire Pro.
  7. WWE did. Again, 2K cannot do anything about WWE releasing their talent.
  8. It really depends in the end on if WWE are actively requesting their removal. Not really 2Ks fault on that part, its WWE who wants to treat their roster like a two dollar whore.
  9. Stuff like "I have this feeling such and such thing is going to happen and that makes me maaaaad". Trust me, I get that they haven't shown a lot yet, so there's not a huge amount of positive to discuss, but certain members here seem intent on whipping themselves into a frenzy over stuff we have absolutely no knowledge of positive or negative. I too wish we had more info but they have at the very least given themselves more time to work on the game, something unprecedented in the series, so while if they manage to blow it then by all means tear them to shreds (I will happily do so as well), it seems like d of silly to see some people making up hypothetical scenarios and then raging over them as if they're a given when things clearly are at least somewhat different this time around, lack of information not withstanding.
  10. Guys, with all respect, I think some of you make up worrying scenarios in your heads and then get mad over them. I'm guilty of this too of course but been seeing a lot of it lately.
  11. https://caws.ws/forum/forum/417-requests/
  12. As long as it isn't filled to the brim with unnecessary restrictions and doesn't cheat like a mofo like the GM mode of old did.
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