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  1. I cannot believe people are still taking you seriously.
  2. Is the dlc still not "officially" out? Christ, I just wanted to check the new moves before I go get my wisdom tooth pulled.
  3. Did they at least fix the goddamn invisible wall bug on the right side of the ring? Or the moonsault out of ring bug? How about animation issues like certain moves still being slow motion like in 2K20, such as the 450 splash?
  4. That looks more like Boogeymans slam to me personally.
  5. Game soft-locked. Didn't crash, just.. stuck in a black screen after winning a match. Jesus..
  6. Ton of apron springboard to supine opponent moves can't be used as a finisher for absolutely no reason, including the foot-Hooked Atomico, springboard elbow drop 2 (not that you'd want to use that one since its still weirdly slow), and it seems to me they have removed the springboard coup de grace FOR ABSO-*censored*ING-LUTELY NO GODDAMN REASON. Egregious. EDIT: Oh wait,t he springboard Coup De Grace IS still there, but for some reason it does not show up if you go to the springboard tab, only the All tab. Who the hell is editing the information on what shows up in the moveset editor!? Diamond Dust /middle rope flip cutter (not the same as the face lift) is gone too... just... stop. You don't need to remove good moves just to add in 52 more *censored*ing exploder suplexes. Face Lift is there still but of course, can't use that as a finisher either. Im not trying to be an ass, I understand eventually some moves need to be removed. But.. remove the ones that are legitimately awful, and replace them with better animations. Don't remove perfectly fine moves that are still useful. We don't need 7 exploder suplexes, a flip piledriver that looks like it was mocapped in the days of HCTP, or 5 different Gutwrench suplexes that look almost the exact same; especially if the cost is going to be unique moves.
  7. I do all my custom logos in photoshop, yes, although those plates specifically were made about a year and a half ago.
  8. Just realized they removed Zack Ryders elbow drop... *censored*ing... why!? Stop removing moves without adequate replacements!! That was the closest thing we had to Froggy Bow. Especially when we have a very small amount of diving ground moves at the moment.
  9. Tag teams entrance video in universe mode keeps resetting to the WWE logo for no reason even though I keep setting them with a custom video.
  10. Adrian Cutter and Eddie Gross are back God help the Ultraviolence division.
  11. Considering those things don't really have numeric values to copy off of these days (and were horribly butchered further by 2K taking the lazy way out in 2K22 in regards to body morphing) formulas aren't really a thing anymore.
  12. Please, just.. include the goddamn Axe Guillotine Driver.
  13. CROSS-Out

    WWE Drama

    What does this even mean? Like I get it, you don't like AEW and Tony Khan, but still.. what?
  14. You know dude, you are allowed to just be excited for something. Going around calling people who are happy fanboys isn't cool. Village has new original DLC coming, 9 is likely to go into production once it's out. Just let people be happy a game they love is getting remade.
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