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  1. he an ok wrestler they are reaching out cuz he former wwe that allow is worth alot in promotion
  2. one of the hottest free agents haha
  3. They have confirmed that there are three more marvel Spider-Man movies on the way with Tom they're starting filming the fourth one soon
  4. Doesn't matter it would be a bigger surprise if they left they founded the company they're not going to be leaving so it kind of pulling this for them to recite
  5. kind of pointless for the bucks to resign sense there evps
  6. the heel turn was predictable there no way they turn page as he the hottest face they have and no one wants 2 see 2 faces fued the briscos were supposedly backstage with tony what are the odds they be joining they have to really be tone down as they drop the f bomb like 100 times during a match i doubt tnt would allow that
  7. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    haha believing a satire site
  8. Obviously you can't take a joke
  9. Are we sure Nickn kuan Tony kaun not related how thorough is WWE's background checks
  10. Jeff get hurt right after that match though so we couldn't really see where it played out
  11. Have you thought that maybe Vince is playing the long game here and business-wise is smart need to cut back on their roster and everyone knows aw sign people like crazy aew currently has over 100 people signed and they're still signing people on a for just 3 hours of TV time
  12. u do no billion dollar deals are for mult years right 250 million in profits is good when u think how much they spend on travel and production and pay
  13. WWE 2K 22 no roster just crate mode honestly I wouldn't mind just that 500 wrestler slots create a story create a move create arena basically it's just one create game
  14. So I guess he's out of full gear
  15. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    He also said that a bunch of Roh guys signed with aew
  16. It more how he favors the match with his friends in it
  17. Because it kind of shows bias when you think about it since he's best friends with the vice presidents and a majority of the people in the show Especially since no one can define what makes a wrestler good
  18. The Acclaimed's Max Caster and Anthony Bowens have formally challenged Tony Khan to a match at AEW's Full Gear pay-per-view on 13 November. Caster tweeted out the challenge following a post-show segment from this past weekend's episode of Dynamite. There, Khan sent out CM Punk and others to deal with the heel tag-team once the cameras had stopped rolling. That led to the tag match tease. The Acclaimed vs. Khan and CM Punk sounds like something from a fever dream. Could it actually happen, or is Caster just playing around with fans? Some replies on Twitter claimed that it's only a matter of time before Tony pulls on some boots for a match in AEW anyway. Others...well, others think it'd be a huge mistake for Khan to put himself in the spotlight like so many other wrestling authority figures have done over the years. Of course, there is a chance that The Acclaimed are just mucking about and free-styling on social media. If so, then a laugh's a laugh, but some are already taking it seriously. 2021 could be about to get even weirder. Sourced from WrestleTalk.
  19. honesty surprise john Morrison hasn't been on there yet
  20. doesnt mean they didnt get sign he also said this I won't be posting stuff about the ROH releases specifically on Fightful Select because that's a delicate situation, but we will have news shortly on an ROH star who was contacted by AEW shortly after they signed. it also pretty obvious a lot of thos guys will prob be signed i can see them taking briscos bandito and lethal
  21. rumor is they signed a bunch on that list plus the briscos and leathal if the rumors are true roh gave there ok
  22. They're only on there because they're new if you actually look at the results of every dark show big name stars on it are very rare Look at the 2019 episodes compared to the episodes now
  23. I said not really anymore when it first started there was top talent every week now it once and while like this this be a jobber match squash
  24. dont really no what i did in a falls count anywhere match between rvd and bully ray but rvd was taking me backstage i appear on the soft cam side and and empty arena that also somehow glitch into the backstage area
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