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  1. Is MyFaction not working? I been trying to play it since yesterday and the game keep telling I have no internet connection when I do. I just downloaded the PS5 update with no problem.
  2. Is there an expert on women's attire making? The one I am following, no longer take requests for female attires due to their difficulty and burning him out. I don't who to follow to find new female attires.
  3. AegisAvenger

    WWE Drama

    https://www.wrestlinginc.com/972881/charlotte-flair-says-belt-drop-during-wwe-title-exchange-was-accidental/ Last November during the WWE draft, then "Raw" Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and then "Smackdown" Women's Champion Becky Lynch engaged in a segment where, due to the women being drafted to the opposite brand of their title, they would simply switch titles. However, there was nothing simple about the switch, as in the middle of the segment, Lynch reached for Flair's belt and while doing so, Flair ended up dropping it. Flair picked up the title, but this led Lynch to visible frustration and she wound up throwing the "SmackDown" Women's Championship at Flair. "You've got two women that want to be the best, that want to be that top spot," 13-time Women's Champion Charlotte Flair said while on Steve Austin's "The Broken Skull Sessions." "I wish I could sit here and tell you that I did it on purpose, but if people need me to be that bad guy, I'll be that bad guy. Things happen onscreen." "I would never go on a scripted television show and purposely do something on purpose. It was accidental."
  4. AegisAvenger

    WWE Drama

    Is that what lead to the RKO on her in the Royal Rumble?
  5. Fans of Kevin Owens, he is currently being interviewed on LCN (Montreal News). He says he asked for a special request to be in Montreal this weekend. So expect him on Smackdown tonight.
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