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  1. MyRise superstars are coming! https://wwe.2k.com/patch-updates
  2. The default Demon Balor in 2K22, does anyone know which PPV he is based on? It is not from his match with Lashley or Reigns.
  3. Macolm joke about if you don't want to be released, go to NXT UK, WWE will forget you exist. Also says he did ask for his release because he simply lost interest in pro wrestling, for now, he has no interest in doing anything related to it.
  4. Be careful, there already leaks of Multiverse of Madness out now. I just saw a scene that involved 2 characters not shown in the trailers.
  5. Looks like 2K are removing some CAW parts...
  6. This + 8 wrestlers is just too much. It a nightmare for manual target players.
  7. It seem both Biven & Dakota weren't planning to re-new their contract.
  8. Bobby Lashley had a scary fall during a house show but he seem ok after all.
  9. I forgot to thank you for the link. I reported my problem and I am shocked, they rewarded me 15,000 VC for my politeness, responsiveness and help (in providing infos about my bug) with them.
  10. Seem Universe is still buggy. I can't select Becky Lynch (RAW champ) and RK-Bro (RAW Team champs) for rivalry for whatever reasons.
  11. What was the link to report bugs to 2K? I still have the bug that my 4th MyFaction member turns into Brock Lesnar because I assigned him an alternate attire. Which crash the game if I try to play the female MyFaction team because it again try to transform into Lesnar.
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