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Bugs & Glitches Thread

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Editing a tag team entrance for Harper and Rowan. If I happen to select Harper's Ramp Movie, it starts playing his old single's theme. It only plays the first few seconds on repeat, and it's also louder than any other theme in the game.


Edit: It also happens for his Wall & Banner Movie


Edit 2: Yep. Happens with literally any of his movies except the Titantron video

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Another thing I found out is that we have less slots at the name creation and that they removed the option with which you could preview how it sounds when the announcer is calling what you put together.

Now you just select something and if you lucky it sounds good during the entrance (if it works at all).


This is probably a wanted feature but when you change the overalls of a superstar under the roster, the changes you did apply only for the exhibition mode.

I thought it would be the same for universe so I did it there.

Then I went on the universe mode and saw that the old stats still applied and I had to change them there aswell.


BTW: 2K sent me the Default Reply for the Images issue with "Logout of your account and relog", "Restart the game and retry", "reinstall the game" and "delete your Cache" (on a ps4? really?).


On the top of that the 2k Forum admins deleted my post from last night that I had posted with all the Details in the form they wanted under the bug database including the ticket number.


I reposted there now in the hope they will do something.


In my opinion it must have something to do with the fact that they didn't used a new link or Server like they do every year but they rather merged the wwe2k19 with the wwe2k20 logo uploader making both games sharing the same one.

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Creating in-game Superstar attires is completely broken and almost unusable. Almost every single part which doesn't cover the legs has wrong colors.


These legs here are black.




Most legs are just shiny and white, like every single Becky attire or Charlotte attire.




Here's a pic how it looks if you straight copy an attire to another model.




It's ruined. So if you ever want to edit a bottom part or use it for someone else, even if you just import an attire at the very first screen, the legs are broken and uneditable/unfixable.


Top parts are fine, just bottoms are broken.

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Several coloring options are completely broken too. Saw that a few times new scrolling through the attire parts.

Here is one example with Sonya Deville.

If you want to color her top, the second option does nothing but the first does kinda both. It's manageable here but a) I saw parts in the clothing section where it didn't worked at all and b) ruins the color shuffle mode unfortunately.


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We can upload logos but when you download them in game so you can use them, they don't save localy.

I repeated the download like 4 times and it never saves my uploaded logos localy.

Also restarting the game doesn't help with this either.

Due to this I have no materials or face textures for the caws I want to start cawing. :(

Stayed extra up and took free days so I can immediately start cawing and now I can't do anything until they fix this.

Totally sucks!

-this. I cannot download my logos. Hogan's left knee pad cannot change color either. What happened to the day 1 patch?
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Tbh... If day 1 fixes were done so easily, the problems wouldn't be in the game in the first place

There are too many issues for 2K to fully overcome in this title, sadly. Hopefully they'll get it to a point where the biggest issues are ironed out in time.

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People on Reddit say that the game has yet to get the patch and that this is the same version Youtubers played.


Im currently trying to start MyCareer, but the loading screen is stuck.

It had his 20GB day one patch already, thinking that wasn't the day one patch is extremely desperate. ?


The game is officially out, day one patches are always 1-2 days early online, always.

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