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  1. Why does he only have NXT side plates? Don't tell me they haven't fixed the bug, or problem of 22 where for every new created title for that game custom side plates simply weren't working and only worked on all old titles.
  2. Wait, you only get the entrances for the first 2 in the War Games match and the rest just appear in the cages? Well that is fn lame.
  3. Is Becky Lynch broken? Her face isn't moving a single muscle in her entrance, almost like the infamous Bayley entrance a couple of years ago. Second entrance here. Also, Asukas new face model looks awful.
  4. By the way, does the game has Ray Tracing on current gen? Cause the reflection of the titantrons on the floor has this typical "flakey" snowy look when stuff moves fast and that's typical for lower res real time ray tracing and wouldn't happen with baked in reflections. Looking at mode entrances, I'm pretty sure I can confirm this, which is a bit impressive to be honest.
  5. What did they do to Becky . Let's pray she has a second attire in the game with a different hairstyle. New kick out system sounds super interesting, the IGN hands-on explains it very detailed. https://youtu.be/5GsTk2t-SrE
  6. Videos are popping off everywhere now including full matches and hand-ons previews. By the way, double title entrances are back! Even tho this is such a typical 2K facepalm: Titles seem to have the same material/lighting situation as in the last game where they look great in some arena/entrance light situations and awful in others, like the women's championships still look significantly worse for some reason than the WWE championship, just the same as in 22. Hey, at least this didn't get worse.
  7. Not sure if he did Brock, but he did a lot of others including R-Truth and Hogan. Sure he will probably improve, but it's sad that he doesn't nail it initially and we have an announcer again where you can literally feel that he's inexperienced to do to it anywhere else as live and that you can feel and hear that it's recorded in a studio. 🫤 At best, we should have several announcer to choose from, I would love to have more options here, like NXT's incredible Alicia Taylor or SmackDown's Samantha Irvin. I miss games like SmackDown vs Raw 2008 where the devs still gave a shit. That game had 3 announcers and 3 freaking commentary teams. Just crazy to imagine in comparison to today.
  8. Mhhhhhh, the new Announcer, Mike Rome, is better than I feared he would be... But he's still no Greg Hamilton replacement. In real life, yes, but he doesn't sound as natural here as Hamilton did in 2k20 and 2k22, he was the absolute best thing about 2k20. Rome does sound a bit like he's just reading lines in a studio which was a problem for many many years before.... It's not too bad, but it's not perfect either. You can hear better what I mean in this guy's other upload, the Brock Lesnar 2K23 entrance. It's just not really good. https://youtu.be/DYCHBVmMN78 And I still stay at my opinion that the loss of LA Knight as motion capture guy for most entrances hurts the game tremendously, the Lesnar entrance is just boring. Just plain boring.
  9. Man, her heelturn was in JULY what are they doing? We are getting some random and wildly outdated people while others are super up to date like in 22 aren't we? Also, awful model. I do hope they go all in on NXT and give us a lot of NXT people.
  10. Eh yeah, surely not, I greatly praised the game(s) whenever they deserved it and criticized whenever they deserved it, no idea what this kind of shit post has to do here, you can leave your nonsense fanboyism outside the door please. The motion capture in this entrance is extremely mid and in some passages even bad, if you can't see that then I'm sorry. By the way, seeing a comparison video just shows how bad this entrance really is. I mean seriously, for one of the main guys in this game with the most attention since people were hyped for him since 2k22 was freshly out, 2K said they're proud of what they did with him and for that, this entrance is really mediocre. They had so much better ones in 22 with way more care and passion. Sorry for only having a TikTok video as comparison. https://www.tiktok.com/@funnyassmarlo/video/7194542736450784558
  11. Not gonna lie, the entrance is good, but 2 steps behind my expectations. First, no codyvator, come on, how can you mess that up, at least, at the very least, have the camera angled up from down position and have him pop up between smoke like they did on raws without his codyvator, basically like the old Ascension entrances, how does he just appear out of nothing here? That's not good. And then, you once again see that he wasn't motion capturing and since this is the first game LA Knight doesn't do motion captures and entrance captions for more than half the roster anymore like he did before for every game till he stopped with 22, this can only hurt the entrances and it did, a lot of "air" between his walk to the ring where the motion capture guy doesn't do much and it looks a bit energyless, like no enthusiasm. It's still good, but I really expected more, the MC here is extremely mid, sorry.
  12. Oh that for sure, we should get news and videos and Screenshots non-stop from now on (kinda). I'm a bit worried there is almost no discussion here so far.
  13. I'll be honest. I don't have too much hope for this. But then, I don't know what I expected. Don't get me wrong, I loved 2K22. Probably my most played WWE game in a very, very long time, maybe even more than 19 and I thought they did so, so much right with it. But everything we saw and heard and read from 23 so far, looks, to the littlest details, just like 22, in a way other games would simply release a big 2.0 patch for it. The graphics, the engine, the mode descriptions like My faction being back, not even slightly reinvented, even the cards look exactly the same (I swear if you don't unlock the attires and models for every mode this time....). My GM also sounded like just getting a tiny improvement with the little that we know. The main mode of the game also seems to be the same style again which bores me to death since forever. Sure it allows for certain attires and legends, but that's a positive and a negative in itself. Not even mentioning the fact that all these created attires, for no reason, never really come back for the next game, even tho they're created and exist. They could simply keep them added, but they rarely ever do and at best, put them into the creation mode. Watch Rey having 1 attire this year (plus what they use if he's in Cena's story mode) and see the rest vanishing into the past. Plus, we know for a fact that that like 80% of the themes in the game are now downgraded to the new garbage remix versions from Def Rebel (and a lot of ugly renames of wrestler happened) and I am not looking forward to that. Also, what slightly scares me, the game is out in under 2 months, Jesus, shortest marketing for the game ever? If it's out in 2 months, where was the cut off this time? I feel like A LOT of people who came back recently will be missing the game this time. What I am looking forward to tho, are of course potential new wrestlers, especially NXT people like Breakker being confirmed, and I hope they go all out here on NXT guys, already confirmed legends like RVD or Kurt Angle, finally a new match with WarGames and the extended create an entrance mode to be back and I'm slightly looking forward to the announced improvements of the Universe mode. Tho, they lied about that for the last like 9 titles in the last 10 years I don't even start to believe anything here. I am really mixed with what we know so far, it doesn't help that they're hitting us like a brick that it's just there in under 2 months (which means development is 100% finished and they are already working on the day one patch, nothing major can change from here on out anymore) But of course I'm on board and I will be getting it, so let's just hope for the very best here and for a strong community with a healthy CAW output.
  14. Die I miss something? What the heck have they updated the games cover/tile with?
  15. Lol, Doudrops Viper Bomb finisher doesn't consume the finisher.
  16. My uploads on community creations show 0 downloads even tho people upvoted them and definitely downloaded, is there a fix for this? CC uploads is bug infested for me since the games release and not even a new savegame fixed that (Since I lost my old one.....) Anyone with a solution?
  17. Oh no...... I've noticed that today and now I don't know if it was always like this, or if it's a new issue. The eyes of every single in-game model turn super greyish and washed out when you use a custom attire, you can see that in entrances and in a match, in the CAW mode it appears normal so don't let this fool you. I've noticed this today with one of the hidden models and thought it's just an issue with them, but then I started to add alt attires to the new DLC people and I can't unsee it anymore. It's so noticable in entrances it started to really annoy me. Here are a few examples. Does anyone know since when this is a problem?
  18. A lot of the models really grew on me since the twitter entrances. RVD looks like a 100% quality step up just because they moved the eyebrows a little bit, funny how that works and even Sarray looks pretty good in 4K quality while in the low res entrance video I initially thought they ruined her face. And Xias attire just has extreme detail and quality, also funny how much more HQ some attires look in comparison to others. Pretty happy with this DLC drop.
  19. On a positive note, I've downloaded 2 RVD attires from someone who was also offering a render l, I didn't download it cause it was just the current in-game render but after I downloaded the attires I noticed it came with a render attached, so if creator add a render to their attires from now on, it finally correctly works and automatically downloads with the attire.
  20. That's a thumbs down from me. It's one of those that looks like they didn't have the right to use the original face. Barely looks like her, especially the mouth area.
  21. Anyone else not being able to download attires for the Most Wanted Pack Wrestlers? It says I need the pack but I already have it.
  22. I just noticed something no one else has mentioned yet. They completely changed the lighting in the Dijakovic entrance, it's not bright and white/yellow anymore but darker, almost blue with stroboscopic white light. So, they are working on something I guess?
  23. I really hope they fix that. Will make a report later, would be nice if some other people here could do the same.
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