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  1. Ist there a trick to get created arenas working? I downloaded several shows and arenas on Xbox One but all just have no logos/all logos are just white. What am I doing wrong?
  2. CM_EDGE

    Creations Archive

    Man, all these CAWs are almost making me boot up my PS4 version, but I wanted to stick with One cause it's technically a noticable difference this year. A shame nobody else switched over. :/
  3. Ok, this is a new one, every time you add an interference for a match, that match has no entrance music anymore. F'n annoying. I'm so done with this game.
  4. Not that there's anything to download there.
  5. Sweat is also gone in the winning animation and it's also not appearing in every match, in some it works, in some it's still glitched 1.02 like.
  6. The f'n Universe mode still ghost book new matches with people who are already in other matches when you go out of the mode in the middle of the card and come back later. Even after the patch. I just can't anymore. This is the first time I'm so close to f'n quitting the game for the year. And I played them all and never was this pissed off at bugs.
  7. Jesus F*ck it really is like 2K17 again. F'n great that you can have over 10 matches now on a card but if you have more than 10 you can't edit and access them, you can't scroll past 10.... The UM sucks so f'n much this year, I can't believe they broke it that f'n much....
  8. Is the New Day entrance working for anyone? At least in Universe they always have no announcement at the beginning and the trombone is silent.
  9. Watch out, officer Belair is here to arrest you.
  10. Nobody reacting to my fantastic Lee/Riddle screenshots. Ok then, back to tits.
  11. Ok, I'm not insane, the match card In Universe changes and double book people if you quit out of a running card and come back later, had that 2 times now, it seems like the CPU is constantly removing my WWE champion from matches, which is Pete Dunne. Maybe because he's still at the NXT roster too? F'n weird. Anyone else noticed that? Edit: Also, noticed a few days ago that my women's tag team champions weren't getting announced as such in her single entrances, but now New Day in his tag entrances also weren't announced as tag champs (oh and no "Ohhhh WWE Universe" text anymore, the trombone also made no sound). Anyone else noticing the same?
  12. I think the game is based off the 2K18 engine cos you couldnt do that in 2K18 either but brought back for 19 The "Boo/Cheer" option is also gone, as well as the ability to choose which mid match interference you want and when you choose a character in Universe mode, you don't see the logo of the brand they're in anymore, so yeah, would make sense. F'n sucks so bad.
  13. God I love doing photos in this game.
  14. I can't get alternative Attires working in Universe at all. They just aren't showing up. I have assigned it as alternate but when choosing a character or editing the roster, it's greyed out, no second attire.
  15. It had his 20GB day one patch already, thinking that wasn't the day one patch is extremely desperate. The game is officially out, day one patches are always 1-2 days early online, always.
  16. Several coloring options are completely broken too. Saw that a few times new scrolling through the attire parts. Here is one example with Sonya Deville. If you want to color her top, the second option does nothing but the first does kinda both. It's manageable here but a) I saw parts in the clothing section where it didn't worked at all and b) ruins the color shuffle mode unfortunately.
  17. Creating in-game Superstar attires is completely broken and almost unusable. Almost every single part which doesn't cover the legs has wrong colors. These legs here are black. Most legs are just shiny and white, like every single Becky attire or Charlotte attire. Here's a pic how it looks if you straight copy an attire to another model. It's ruined. So if you ever want to edit a bottom part or use it for someone else, even if you just import an attire at the very first screen, the legs are broken and uneditable/unfixable. Top parts are fine, just bottoms are broken.
  18. Third match of the night in Universe and the announcer decided to stop announcing people, great.
  19. excuse meLet me correct that. Whenever I choose an alt attire in Universe, first the render for the match screen is invisible and once the match starts, youre in your default attire Even had Rusev and assigned Lana as a manger and choose her manager attire, and she appeared in her normal default wrestling attire Oh not this shit again....
  20. If you think this game looks bad. Think again. This game is so crazy detailed, it really is "just" the motion blur ruining everything, because everything looks blurry and shiny in motion and even kinda pixelated sometimes, like the Eco title in motion. And since stuff is moving like 90% of all times, the "bad graphics" lays kinda over the good graphics and you just miss it a lot to see how good it can look. I wish we had an option to deactivate that. Video to that a little bit later.
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