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  1. Post Malone doesn't take a whole DLC pack for himself.
  2. Will he buy the Game PLUS the DLC tho now? No? Of course not. Would he maybe buy just the game itself for them? Mayyyyyyybe. So like I already said, they did it the wrong way. Pat & Friends should have been in the marketing for the main game or pre order DLC, but your friend surely won't buy the game plus DLC, no matter how amazing he thinks it is.
  3. Why would I cut anyone in the first place? Just add them and do other DLC. Nobody says what they currently have in the game just stopped at this number because they had no time anymore. You know what people are getting wrong? Nobody buys this f'n DLC because of Pat and his Friends., Especially not because of his Friends, because these casual podcast fans would need to own the main game in the first place. You know what they maybe would buy tho to play silly fighting wrestling with them? Just the game. I don't know how they can get this so wrong.
  4. Lots of text lots of text, yada yada yada. The thing is, they worked on him for last years DLC already, he shouldn't even be a DLC in the first place this year. If they want to put him with his trash group into the game, then put them into the f'n main game and nobody would be bothered. The DLC part is the thing that that's just a slap in the face.
  5. Are we not getting a 2K24 forum section for this game?
  6. Is there any good updated Ilja Dragunov with beard on the CC?
  7. God, please let him have his End of Days theme, oh my god that would be on fire.
  8. New DLC is out, models are all absolute fantastic. You really feel they have extra time for these single characters as when they sit on hundreds in the 12 month between the games. OC entrances are absolute fire and PC vs Pretty Deadly has an incredible dynamic. Very happy. Crowd started to chant "Sour Boy" at one point, lol.
  9. Since when can't you use single letters as announcement for the custom championships anymore? That sucks, only found that out now.
  10. Another patch, another nothingburger. They can't keep getting away with this. I wish we could get more attention to this, they were on a good way last year but the broken stuff this year is just awful and deeply broken and other than last year, they doesn't even show any will or intention to fix anything here this year.
  11. So zero major issues people reported and complained about were fixed. Amazing. Thanks god I have my 101 MyFaction victories already done.
  12. BS? Ok buddy, if you want to open Pandora's box and want to dance, then let's f'n dance. Of course I bought the game and I already spend over 100 hours with it, so I know exactly what I'm talking about. But since it seems that you have absolutely no clue what kind of fundamental problems this game has, fundamental problems that almost every single mode in this game has and how to add them all up to see that it really is in the ballpark of being as bad as 2K20 as a whole. Let me just start, to list some of them to hopefully make it a little bit clearer to you how broken some things are here. Disclaimer, I love the gameplay, as a game, in theory it's a great successor to 22 that tackles a lot of things and tries to improve on every corner. But, so much stuff is broken right now, that it's quite frankly alarming for people who don't just play this casually 2 hours a week. CAW Creation: People have a lot problems to create more complex CAWs and attires since the in-game textures are now also counting to the image/layer count Also a lot of material problems like changing material doesn't cover textures anymore on in-game superstar attires. Some people report certain materials revert back to default when using a character in a match Create an Arena: Completely *censored*ed. 1) When adding logos to turnbuckle & barricades the logo disappears 2) invisible referee when using custom arenas 3) TitanTrons and many parts wont stay where you put them in CAA when you using arena in matches Create an Entrance: Completely *censored*ed. 1) You can't select normal entrances as championship entrances anymore, this means you can only access the little list of special championship entrances. Most people have their normal entrance pre selected in the CAE mode, so they actually come out with it normally, but you can't change them to any other normal title entrance, like Sami heel to Sami face or Lashley 2 to Lashley 1, and some wrestler like Karrion Kross, doesn't even have his standard one selected by default, so there is no chance of giving it to him. Also, this concerns every single CAW people make. None of them will be able to choose a normal entrance for their title entrance. Only from the hand full of special title entrances or which ever are preselected as a preset. 2) Previewing different lightings or pyro can be messed up and resets lighting or doesn't show what you want to preview 3) Can't remove certain screen color effects anymore like black & white for NWO, none goes back to black and white. In general loading a template and messing with the color option can also reset stuff 4) The whole Cody entrance thing and that even alt attires remove his theme Universe Mode: Pretty *censored*ed. Let me quote reddit here: The whole rivalry system is a huge step back in my opinion, not being able to choose the third person in every decision or that I can't set a simple run-in anymore is so annoying and limiting it is literally 1 step forward 2 steps back. Plus the problems with teams and 3 person team entrances and that almost no team in whole UE is set as coming out together and if they are they mostly all have standard default entrances. Changed movesets either don't work in UM or reset back to standard when using alt attires. Alt attire random option under the superstars page is still gone after it vanished via patch in 22. Another general game issue, if you have 4 person stables, these teams COMPLETELY vanish from the create an entrance selection. And if you had them pre set they still work but when you have a 4 person judgment stable and you come out with all 4, only the 3 person entrance plays and the fourth person vanishes. MyGM Mode: Title Match Option is greyed out in triple threat and fatal four way matches when this should work. You see, I've came with receipts, I've made my homework so don't try to call me out again buddy, acting like I don't know what I'm talking about. Basically all the fundamental features I care about are somewhat broken in a way 22 never was and highly goes into a 2k20 direction. Create an entrance, annoyingly messed up, create an arena, super glitched and I haven't even mentioned half the problems people have with it. The whole team and 3 person entrances and 4 person stables thing is SO broken and weird. I don't even what to say here. Universe mode with team and moveset issues and backwards rivalry system and a lot of stuff I haven't mentioned because they never even fixed for this game like sideplates not working on any championship that's newer than the WWE Women's Tag Titles, including them. NXT NA sideplates being misaligned and textures on it being messed up and so much more. I already wasted way too much time with you, so this should be enough.
  13. I swear to god, if we put all the problems of this game together, this seriously is in the ballpark of being a 2K20-2.
  14. If someone uploads their receipt picture, we might be able to all get the code. Because the instruction, on https://ruthlessredemption.com/ says you have to send a picture of the receipt in and write down an e-mail where they send the code to. They then will manually check the receipts and since this is a manual system, no accounts, no automatic code on a receipt, no online purchase, all manual, all these, probably overworked, underpaid temps will do is checking if the requirements are met. Which is the date and what figure you bought and then they send the code out. Nobody will write down any receipt number and counter check with all the other manually send in receipts, there is just no system for that. They will check if the requirements are met and that's it, so we just have to be lucky for someone to share one of these receipts. But so far I couldn't find anyone being that kind, lol .
  15. I can tell you why you didn't. For whatever reason, the first time you start this mode, the game has already created an empty looking save file for the male part in slot one. You probably also never saw the video with WWE superstars talking about their journey that should start the first time you enter MyRise. If you hover over a different, real empty save file you see there is an import option.
  16. You can import Caws this year if you like something from the CC more.
  17. One thing currently annoys me faster than it did in several older titles, which is entrances with props like glasses and hats and how people don't take them off anymore when using alt attires. I remember there was one game where 2K tried to fix this and make items editable from entrances and they still would do the same in the entrance, but I'm a little bit surprised this never got tried to be better and it still sucks in 2021. Carmelo Hayes, Gigi Dolan, Jacy Jayne, Gunther all have parts where they remove something in the entrance and it doesn't work anymore with a second attire. It's annoying.
  18. That's my point. It should be possible, but for whatever reason, it isn't. Hope Woods and Breeze speak up about that when they start their new GM mode season. Also, being forced to 25 weeks with no option anymore to change the length of a season is a big step back.
  19. Try to do a triple threat or fatal four way title match and say that again.
  20. Jesus Christ what a shit show of a mode the Universe is this year. This game slightly turns into 2K20 again......
  21. Jesus Christ what a shit show of a mode: https://www.reddit.com/r/WWEGames/comments/11t722b/universe_mode_is_beyond_frustrating/
  22. Well, only checked out the 2 biggest issues for me currently and the Create An Entrance championship entrance problem where you can't select normal entrances for your title entrance is not fixed yet and the missing championship option for triple threat and fatal four way in GM mode is also not fixed.
  23. You can set them as alternate attires. But if you use an alternate attire with him, he comes without music. Yes even this takes away his song. So alternate attires on him are pointless.
  24. Yes this is a big issue. Make sure to spread the word or report to 2K. https://www.reddit.com/r/WWEGames/comments/11rhd57/create_an_entrance_has_a_horrible_problem_in/
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