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  1. Welp. Glad I have the PC version of 2K19. Gonna mod that thing to hell. Battlegrounds is a hard pass for me and 2K20 keeps finding new ways to piss me off.
  2. Right, so the stay at home order has been extended to the end of May in Illinois. Not that it matters since we still get hundreds of customers in the store I work at daily. Some of them are just shopping because they're bored and don't want to be in the house. And one of my friends was told by a doctor that she most likely has the virus and is in quarantine now.
  3. Plus more dumbasses than usual. We literally have a giant barricade in front of one of the exits that says that particular exit is closed. So of course people walk around this barricade and then wonder why the door won't open. One of my friends mentioned that at the store she works at, someone who she knows tested positive came in to shop. They apparently believe that the virus is all a hoax by the government. Meanwhile, they're going around and endangering everyone else because of their own damn stupidity.
  4. Welp. Someone finally tested positive for the virus in the company I work for. Not the same store that I work in, but not exactly a great sign either.
  5. Well it seems like things are finally calming down. At least in the area where I live. It was dead in the store for once and I could actually take a breather and relax.
  6. So, the entire state of Illinois is in lockdown now. Apparently some people didn't get the memo that the city I live in has already been in lockdown since Tuesday, cause as soon as the statewide stuff got announced, the place I work was slammed hard with customers. Every checklane was backed up into the aisles, the parking lot was a *censored*ing shitshow, and people still cannot seem to read simple instructions about limits placed on certain purchases
  7. I have no idea. I have a friend who works at one and she is not thrilled that theyre still open.
  8. So pretty much everything where I live is closing down. Minus grocery stores, drive throughs, and car dealerships. And I work at one of those grocery stores, so work continues for me.
  9. So had a new one. Music just stopped working completely for menus, entrances, and after the matches. The *Censored*!? I only ever had this issue with 2K19 after modding it to hell. Show music still works strangely enough.
  10. Harper's entrance videos are glitched. A few second loop of his old theme are linked to most of his entrance videos, so selecting any of them causes "Swamp Gas" to play with an abnormally high volume. The only video of Harper's that isnt glitched is the titantron video.
  11. Mike and Maria have two tag entrances listed, but the first one is just the IIconics' entrance.
  12. Create a Show. In the "ETC. Design" menu, the "Stars" selection just shows up as the retro Smackdown displays.
  13. Yeah. It kind of royally *censored*s up my Universe Mode plans if I can't get proper NJPW and AEW stuff.
  14. https://twitter.com/MotN_shadowfox/status/1186899462142283777 Well. I wanted to make a few Bliss attires using her default attire. Can't really do that when random black underwear shows up. Her Harley Quinn attire doesn't seem to have this issue. Ok. Scratch all that. Seems that there are clothing items that glitch up the model causing the default underwear to remain or invisibility in the butt area. As long as these clothing items are avoided, the models work just fine. Not sure which ones are causing the issue though.
  15. https://twitter.com/MotN_shadowfox/status/1186890451615408128
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