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  1. So had a new one. Music just stopped working completely for menus, entrances, and after the matches. The *Censored*!? I only ever had this issue with 2K19 after modding it to hell. Show music still works strangely enough.
  2. Harper's entrance videos are glitched. A few second loop of his old theme are linked to most of his entrance videos, so selecting any of them causes "Swamp Gas" to play with an abnormally high volume. The only video of Harper's that isnt glitched is the titantron video.
  3. Mike and Maria have two tag entrances listed, but the first one is just the IIconics' entrance.
  4. Create a Show. In the "ETC. Design" menu, the "Stars" selection just shows up as the retro Smackdown displays.
  5. Yeah. It kind of royally *censored*s up my Universe Mode plans if I can't get proper NJPW and AEW stuff.
  6. https://twitter.com/MotN_shadowfox/status/1186899462142283777 Well. I wanted to make a few Bliss attires using her default attire. Can't really do that when random black underwear shows up. Her Harley Quinn attire doesn't seem to have this issue. Ok. Scratch all that. Seems that there are clothing items that glitch up the model causing the default underwear to remain or invisibility in the butt area. As long as these clothing items are avoided, the models work just fine. Not sure which ones are causing the issue though.
  7. https://twitter.com/MotN_shadowfox/status/1186890451615408128
  8. So the Bludgeon Brothers entrance is still in the game, but I can't select it with Harper and Rowan. What the *censored*ing hell is going on with this game!?
  9. Editing a tag team entrance for Harper and Rowan. If I happen to select Harper's Ramp Movie, it starts playing his old single's theme. It only plays the first few seconds on repeat, and it's also louder than any other theme in the game. Edit: It also happens for his Wall & Banner Movie Edit 2: Yep. Happens with literally any of his movies except the Titantron video
  10. So in Create an Entrance, it has Evolution's entrance theme listed. But whenever I play it, it just plays The Hardy Boyz Theme instead.
  11. Why is this called Bus Flip? I had no idea this was about the releases when I posted my topic about this stuff.
  12. A bit of an old video that I forgot was on the channel. It's Tony, Jacob, Chris, Will, and myself attempting to start a race in Donkey Kong Country 2:
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