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  1. Clothesline From Hell from 2K19 was soooo good. I like the 2K22 version but to me that's the rare Alternative version you do when there's a big size difference between the characters. The 2K22 version looks bad if you have JBL do it to Undertaker for example.
  2. Here's another hidden feature with the Harley Race 4 taunt
  3. Making it a choice would be cool. It definitely was pretty cool for plain looking items
  4. I feel overall the change to how logos appear on Clothing parts is good. I wasn't a fan of the fact players had to take a part and then use logos to cover the designs but yet they were still embossed through meaning you had to deal with the original logos peaking though. I wonder if they fixed Custom Logo materials? Do they use the material they sit on or do they automatically use the Default material still?
  5. YESSSSS! One of my most wanted moves! The current version is Wade Barrett's from SvR 2011, the HCTP version for O'Haire was in for years and years, I think it got removed around 2K15 or so when they jumped to PS4/XB1
  6. In theory isn't it possible to completely deactivate that feature through the AI sliders?
  7. So apparently you can't edit Trio Entrances in Universe Mode? And the Devs are saying on the 2K Discord that it's "By Design"... #ByDesign is gonna be the new tagline for the series. How can you have any flaws or mistakes in the game when it's all done on purpose?
  8. If it's the same as 2K22 they are separate meters so if both are full the prompt will ask if you want to do your Finisher but you can still do your Signature instead as they are different buttons
  9. So as far as I can gather there's a 2 notable glitches and 1 possible glitch or arguably bad design choice in CAW Mode The thing that is definitely a glitch is the fact Custom Logos don't use the material option they sit on, they will always use the default material of whatever part selected. Only workaround is applying a In Game Default logo over top of the Custom Logo and making it the matching material with the Transparency set to 0. The other is the fact the new Full Square in Game logo (very useful) has a weird artifact when you use the alternate mapping. I can see them fixing those 2 things for sure. The thing I seen that's a bad deign flaw is the fact you can't cover attire details up with logos anymore. Let's say there's trunks with some designs you want but you want to block out the text on them.... the text will still be embossed through your custom logo. So dumb if that's on purpose.
  10. Honestly just expanding the DLC offering is the way to go. How many people beg for update DLC year after year? They don’t need to tie it up in some game mode that nobody wants to play. Just let people buy it and then use it in any game mode.
  11. From the looks of it, the customizable A.I Tendencies seems to be a really great addition to the series. There also seems to be a lot of new situational animations for when moves "hit" but they don't connect as intended (like a Big Boot that almost missed or a Seated Dropkick or Penalty Kick from the side instead of the front but they still sell it accordingly) I'm praying for No Grapple Clinches and CAW Body Morphing though for 2K24 and beyond. With the former especially it's like WHY 2K? It's one of those things where sure there's people who don't care if it's in or not but for the people who don't like it it's a huge bummer, possibly a deal breaker so why continue to implement an extra step to grappling (that goes against the Simulation focus?) Also if they keep Combos, why not allow the players to fully edit the chains? I seen the Combos are the exact same, meaning the ugly Gut Kick where they jump really high and awkward during it, or that elbow to the face, or random Body Punches that almost nobody does will get shoehorned in most options even if the preview doesn't show them.
  12. It's a shame it's set so terribly by default, but I'll always appreciate having the option to adjust everything to make it right/how I want.
  13. But it can be turned off now right? Like if you edit the A.I Sliders?
  14. I agree, the custom logos added to the inaccurate version looks a little better. More accurate
  15. Is there a Universal slider for it in the Balancing Sliders in Options?
  16. Is it the WWE 12 animation? I remember thinking it was removed in 2K22 but maybe it was there all this time if it's in 2K23
  17. Almost willing to bet the Blue ones are edited now too then. Mustafa Ali's tights also are edited compared to the preview image
  18. Nice! Universe got some love. That’s pretty neat that you can choose the actions now.
  19. Aaah ok I can see that happening in theory. They are trying to “run” but can’t so they just keep waddling into the corner type of deal. I think anyone I use that uses Diving Finishers have relatively high stamina and the Level 2 or 3 Ability that reduces how much stamina is spent so that’s probably why I’m not used to seeing that. (There’s also a master stamina slider too but I’ve never changed that) I agree that’s kinda stupid you can’t climb up with low stamina.
  20. I think I got about 2200 hours between the PS4 and PC versions and I don't recall this. Just did a match with 3 finishers to test this out a few times and it was never an issue
  21. Thankfully, Instant Recovery usage is one of the Traits Kody. If we're talking the default roster, I'd have them set Moderate for people like Undertaker, Kane, Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and probably completely off for practically anyone else.
  22. There's a lot I miss from 2K19 but if I had to pick 3 things it would be getting rid of the Clinches (thus having a Strike Button, Grapple Button, and Irish Whip button like 2K19), bringing back Body Morphing in CAW Mode and fixing the Stances. If they had those things I would've bought the game, especially with the A.I. Tendency Logic settings. As someone who doesn't like the Blocking and Combos I can completely turn those off and never perform them myself which is cool.
  23. I don't like that the AEW has Grapple Clinches either but the game doesn't really take itself as a Simulation unlike the WWE games. I love AEW and Yuke's but I'm not sure if I'm even going to get that. If I'm playing a Wrestling game, I want Sim style and 2K19 is my best bet to scratch that itch.
  24. I was never someone who hated on Yuke's. I always counted on them to develop good games. Only games I didn't like from them were WM X8, SvR 08, SvR 09 and 2K15. Every other game they Developed was good to great to the greatest (2K19) IMO. You're not wrong in the sense that people over the years would blame them for certain things though but I think they took them for granted. They are the most experienced team ever when it comes to Wrestling video games. You're entitled to your opinion to like 2K22 but to say it's the "best WWE simulation in the history of the series"? How??? How many times do people do that weird shuffling stance? How many people do Collar and Elbows more than once or twice and outside of the first few moments of a match? How many people link Collar and Elbows into a Chokeslam or a Backbreaker? How many people rest their hands on their opponent's shoulders in the corner before doing Shoulder Thrusts? How many people bend over and tap their grounded opponent's knee and shoulder before performing a Soccer Ball Kick? Starting at the time I linked, for like 45-50 seconds Gigi does that last example I gave over and over and over again. The same thing happens in 2K22.
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