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  1. Just speculation based on the Hitlist video from a month or 2 ago. We know due to seeing the controls that (on Playstation) Square is "Light Attack", X is "Heavy Attack" and Circle is "Grapple".
  2. What's make or break for me is the general gameplay. When we got a peak at the controls it seems a lot changed. A gimmicky "Duck" button, the "Dodge" feature, and seemingly the return of cliché grapples meaning instead of simply lunging for a Spinebuster, you have to lock up with them first and then you let go and THEN hit a Spinebuster which looks terrible and is extremely easy to reverse. On top of that it seems Stamina has been downplayed and the Limited Reversals seem to be gone meaning we could be back to Reversal fests. I want to love this game but I keep thinking I seen everything I needed to see in that Top 10 video they released a few months back (not to mention the controls in general.... 2K19's were perfect that's what a majority wanted) If it seemed like it was going to play like 2K16-2K19 I'd be day dreaming about what new moves we would get too but I oddly am not in that mode right now which is unusual with the game this close.
  3. Isn’t “MyCareer” called “MyRise” this year though?
  4. I get that but I don't know why that guy would imply Hogan would be a controversial pick is what I'm implying. There really wasn't a fuss at all about Hogan being in the 2K20 DLC and he still appeared for them on TV since then so I just assumed he was going to be in anyway.
  5. Hogan was a part of 2K20's Pre-order program as well though, so I can't see people being raged by that other than having the same guy as a DLC offering back to back games which I don't think would make that guy write all that (and if the nWo stuff is true it would probably be Hollywood Hogan). I'm guessing it's Logan Paul because I can totally see everyone shitting on that all over Social Media.
  6. Bad Bunny? Johnny Knoxville? Snoop Dogg? Logan Paul?
  7. Also I’m pretty sure both those images of Rey have never been seen before
  8. TBH a Jackass themed Pre Order bonus/DLC pack could actually be pretty cool if done right. They could give us a bunch of goofy entrances, some crazy moves/taunts, weapons and maybe a Brawl area that reflects something from the show or one of the movies (hopefully with a lot of interactive hotspots and such).
  9. I'm assuming attributes will work the same way they have been for the last few years. I hope those things shown in the CAW mode are just default templates but are fully editable and we still have all the detailed attributes like Arm Durability, Strike Speed, Leg Power etc so characters have unique stats.
  10. I’m gonna be disappointed if you need to lock up with someone to do a Strong Grapple. It’s perfect in 2K19 where Medium and Strong Grapples have their own lunge animations and they simply go for the move. I don’t want it be like No Mercy where you’re gonna Chokeslam someone “BUT FIRST LET ME TOUCH YOUR SHOULDERS!” It’s also extremely easy to reverse the same tired lock up animation over and over again especially with unlimited reversals if that’s what we’re forced into in 2K22.
  11. What if you are trying to do Sheamus' "Brogue Kick 1" that is assigned as his seconday Finisher?
  12. Not sure how I feel about the controls. I feel like 2K19 was perfect and the community very clearly demanded the 2K19 controls in the feedback project. While there is new mechanics, I feel like doing a Block and/or Dodge could've been worked into that scheme. It also seems the reversal stocks are gone. The bars seem to be reward stocks, perhaps for Signatures/Paybacks/Finishers. Forced unlimited reversals would be a huge bummer. Not sure how I feel about the camera. I feel like it looks like the games before WWE 12 when the presentation wasn't as TV accurate (in terms of the Hard Cam). The Fighting Styles stuff is worrisome as well. Hopefully you can freely assign the Attributes/Abilities/Skills for CAWs and don't have to earn them by grinding in the game or being forced into some generic set of attributes. It looks almost like the MyPlayer wizard more than the regular CAW Mode (even know they imply it's CAW Mode). Community Creations button in CAW Mode is interesting. The lighting and arenas look nice. The background of the MyGM Shot when it shows the results of Big E vs. Roman has the Late 2019 Smackdown set with the arches (and it's a image from the game not real life) so hopefully that's in the game! The current set and crowd version of the Thunderdome set are still in too. Edge's model is incredible, went from one of the worst for over a decade to one of the best models ever. The Universe Mode preview is really odd. It makes it seem like it's a mode that follows 1 character although the press release makes it sound like Universe is the same as always but with new features. Hopefully it's the later, and they revamped the Rivalry system. MTX only in MyFaction is a good thing. Hopefully the Accelerator is still in as well so everything outside of that mode can be unlocked instantly so players can use the creation suite to it's full extent and have all Superstars/Arenas etc. available right away.
  13. God I hope the VC is only for MyPlayer stuff and not the base game modes like Exhibition/Creation Suite/Universe/Editing Attributes/Unlockables. It would cripple the game otherwise. I think Greg Hamilton will probably still be in. I'd assume he recorded all the lines as long as the DLC has been set in stone.
  14. I'm opposed to anything that would mean the end of the Yukes engine that VC is trying to keep running. There's so much tied to that engine, I wouldn't be able to take it if we lost that engine and started from square 1 with General Gameplay, Moves, Animation Data and the Creation Suite etc. It would take forever to catch back up and honestly the main series Simulation WWE games is the backbone of my wrestling fandom. I'd probably get burned out on Wrestling without it. So for me I hope WWE sticks with 2K and that VC can get the ball rolling again to pick up where 2K19 left off.
  15. I wasn't specifically implying a Kane Showcase per se, but any Showcase that would feature a Kane match from the time frame the attire was worn. An Undertaker Showcase would be so great and we would get almost every era of Kane pretty much (I'm the biggest Kane mark ever so I would be so damn happy with that). Hopefully if we see a 97-02 Full Mask Kane, his body is massive this time. The 2K16-2K19 retro Kane body was a little too skinny. Also Mid to Late 2000's Undertaker would be dope to see again.
  16. My theory on the odd mismatched Kane attire is this: They re-scaned him and such which explains why his wig and mask look slightly different than his 2K15-2K20 model. They then had references to put his 2013 and 2003 looks in the game but mixed them up when making placeholder models so that's why he has 2003-2010 styled Tights, Glove, and Kickpads (although he switched to Lace up boots in about 2006 or so) mixed with the current Mask, and 2013 Top and Elbow Pads. The 2003-2010 tights were never featured in this generation of WWE games; he hasn't had that attire in a Main Series game since SvR 2010 but they specifically exist in this game which points to the possible inclusion of a 03-10 Kane via Showcase Mode perhaps.
  17. "Rebuilt engine" has me worried. The engine was fine in 2K19, praying they didn't dumb the game down or something. Smoother controls sounds nice, I'm hoping it means 2K19 style and still has the same Mini games
  18. I was never a fan of Create A Finisher. "Oh what's that? You want the Angel's Wings in the game? Well we'll animate it, but break it up into chunks so you can "create" it yourself and have it look choppy". The better logic is they make a real animation and it can have Pin Combos and the Directional Throw trait if necessary, as well as looking smooth. Fire Pro's Move Craft tool is amazing because it's just a more User Friendly version of what the Devs actually use; you can't really replicate that in the WWE games because they use Motion Capture technology instead of assigning sprites different coordinates and such.
  19. I'm gonna cry if that beautiful Pre-Pandemic Smackdown set isn't in the game. I legit think it's a top 5 HD era set
  20. Has the main sponsor ever been WWE 2K for any PPV other than a Oct/Nov PPV?
  21. I don't think the WWE 2K22 cover will look anything like NBA's cover, I think they will do something that looks dark with hints of red and blue (and with that Glowing Red "2K" text and scratchy White "22"). I'm guessing either Drew, Sasha, or Rey will be on the cover (or a combination). I really like the idea going around on here and Twitter about Rob Schamberger doing some art for it. He's super talented and could even make stuff for menus, loading screens and such.
  22. If they went backwards on the Simulation aspects and made the game more Arcade-like I'd not buy it. The direction the series has been going through is great (2K16-2K19 at least). Arcade focus should be applied to a secondary game or series that releases every 2 years or something, while the main series continues to be centered around Simulation.
  23. I think 2K16 had the best marketing. We got nice tidbits from the 2KDev account through either YouTube or Instagram like almost daily through the weekdays; Showing off CAW Mode, new mechanics, new moves etc. They had a lot to show that year I suppose though as 2K15 was really barebones and then 2K16 was the true tone and base of the series for the 8th Gen consoles. A lot of the fundamentals that make a game like 2K19 so great started in 2K16.
  24. I don't recall them actually saying it was going to be on Next-Gen until that though. Unless I missed something
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