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  1. @EJ! You have a lot of good questions. I’ll answer to the best of my ability. In the grander scheme of things, most Danes appreciate our free healthcare system. Naturally, this system is supported by paying the most taxes of almost any country in the world. We have a tax system where those with the broadest shoulders carry the heaviest burden (the rich etc.) However, the right wing politicians know that their voters are the wealthy people and the industries, so they usually promise that the rich will pay less taxes if they vote for them. These political parties still appreciate the healthcare though. The only party that doesn’t appreciate this is the liberal party of Denmark, that claims that we should be more like America. We have a newly elected socialist government, so I’m fairly optimistic. Our healthcare is mostly loved and appreciated. The only issues I have with our healthcare system are the tax evaders who hide their money in Panama and won’t contribute, which obviously damages the system as a whole. The other problem is the waiting times you sometimes have for a surgery in the public system, which sometimes causes the more affluent to seek private treatment for money, thus undermining the system a little bit. Otherwise it is very amazing to know that your country has your back if you get sick. 10/10 would recommend. This has been my TedTalk
  2. In Denmark we have over 500 people who have tested positive so far. Our prime minister has ordered people to take the next 14 days off from work and all schools and daycares have closed down. It is only those who work with something vitally important who can still go to work. Events with over 100 people have been cancelled and we are generally supposed to stay in-doors. The plan is to curb the spread of the disease before it reaches critical numbers. I am eternally grateful to live in a country with free healthcare, that takes Corona seriously
  3. Niffan

    Creations Archive

    Yes, but not with his usual hashtag. I think he used #TheRyeedee
  4. With Tiger Mask 4 I was thinking either his blue and white pants or the red and gold, but basically any current attire will do. You could skin him over a default caw or any in game superstar.
  5. Super intrigued by your Tiger and Liger. Quite a fun that youve used the in game models. Any chance you could be persuaded to do a Tiger Mask 4?
  6. Super super stoked for your Bucks, Bhangra. I am very grateful that you havent given up on this mystifying buggy mess of a game just yet. Youve been one of the pillars of this community for so long, and I just wanted to thank you.
  7. Hes a great New Beginning challenger and a good notch in Naitos belt before Okada becomes champion at Dominion again. Theres no way he wont be champion when he carries the Olympic Torch.
  8. Niffan

    Creations Archive

    I love the concept of someone making a Rikishi caw as some sort of Faustian bargain like: Will you finally let me download things now?
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