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    I've have a pretty wide taste in music. My favourite band is HIM.
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    Rice and curry
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  1. Niffan

    Creations Archive

    Yes, but not with his usual hashtag. I think he used #TheRyeedee
  2. With Tiger Mask 4 I was thinking either his blue and white pants or the red and gold, but basically any current attire will do. You could skin him over a default caw or any in game superstar.
  3. Super intrigued by your Tiger and Liger. Quite a fun that youve used the in game models. Any chance you could be persuaded to do a Tiger Mask 4?
  4. Hes a great New Beginning challenger and a good notch in Naitos belt before Okada becomes champion at Dominion again. Theres no way he wont be champion when he carries the Olympic Torch.
  5. Niffan

    Creations Archive

    I love the concept of someone making a Rikishi caw as some sort of Faustian bargain like: Will you finally let me download things now?
  6. Maybe it has to do with certain CAW parts being attributed to these wrestlers despite not being in the game. Could the Nyla you try to download be using Alundras singlet, wristbands or boots?
  7. All I can say is this: Do NOT attempt to edit Harpers entrance if you value your ears. Harper has 3 seconds of his own theme looped over and over, which is non selectable in any other mode
  8. Wait.. You dont have the 3 second loop of Swamp Gas with a volume so high that itll make you bleed out of all your orifices?
  9. Ah, Dakota is channeling her inner Bob Backlund.
  10. Fair enough Anyway, the reason MyCareer wouldnt load is apparently because I have applied logos to my character.
  11. People on Reddit say that the game has yet to get the patch and that this is the same version Youtubers played. Im currently trying to start MyCareer, but the loading screen is stuck.
  12. My game got stuck in infinity load after going backstage in a Hell In A Cell match
  13. Nakamuras top cant be used for in ring attire when making alt attires.
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