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  1. Ready for the greatest of all time to return. The *censored*ing goat. For better or worse Cena held shit together and carried the company of his *censored*ing back. Cena!
  2. The way he hugged him during the media scrimmage you’d think the second coming came.
  3. The Nerd

    WWE Drama

    I can. But this isn’t about that. The man behind the mask deserves to get his stupid ass cooked all day. I just never would’ve thought out of all the wrestlers rumored to be assholes, that one of the quote on quote nicest guys turned out to be a piece of shit.
  4. The Nerd

    WWE Drama

    That’s fine.
  5. Or just enjoy it for now?
  6. The Nerd

    WWE Drama

    I’m talking about the lack of ratings. You know, the ratings that Tony Khan raved and raved and became obsessed with. Only to have just had their lowest ratings thus far either last week or etc. My dislike for them has nothing to do with them needing all the promotion they can get.
  7. 20 years huh? That’s remarkable. Gotta respect Impact for that.
  8. You mean fans in general are questionable human beings….
  9. The Nerd

    WWE Drama

    Well they definitely need all the promotion they can get. Lol
  10. The Nerd

    WWE Drama

    Meltzer is a jackass.
  11. The Nerd

    WWE Drama

    Are we surprised at this point? The man will turn anything he can into a storyline? This isn’t the time though.
  12. The Nerd

    WWE Drama

    I’ll be glued lol
  13. The Nerd

    WWE Drama

    I’m going to be sick. Oh nvm, he’ll still have creative control. We good.
  14. The Nerd

    WWE Drama

    I love Vince but let’s push it…lol
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