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  1. DEATHLOOP. I’m addicted and not even rushing to kill all the visionaries right now. Exploring, the soundtrack, the dialogue. I am seriously having the time of my *censored*ing life. Haven’t been this in love with a game since Ghost Of Tsushima. Yasssss!
  2. See that’s what my problem is! He won the IC title and then he was in limbo. Even with the briefcase, limbo. It doesn’t feel huge. Idk. Just should’ve teased it more and more building up closer to Mania maybe?
  3. Why is everything WWE does about AEW on this board now? lol My goodness.
  4. I…./wouldn’t have made that booking decision. I’m sorry.
  5. He’s probably one of the ones like many of us that didn’t want him in to anymore. Of course that sentiment has changed. Still, it’s always funny how we got here. Cena is more respected and loved than he ever was in a full time role truly. I love it.
  6. Brock on mic was nice to hear. It’s been corn before but it’s extremely enjoyable for me. Always.
  7. My mouth is on the *censored*ing floor.
  8. These goofy *censored*ers have Jeff Hardy going after the 24/7 title? Lol My goodness.
  9. Loving what I’m seeing more and more. I expect it be sped up a bit on final release with the gameplay even more smooth.
  10. So the usual? They’ll be fine. Shit and all.
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