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  1. WE WANT DIVAS. GIVE US DIVAS. WHERE ARE THE MOTHER*censored*ING DIVAS??????? Their Twitter replies are in hell.
  2. I’m excited but I can’t bring myself to pre-order. I…simply can’t.
  3. Sometimes regression is change for the better in the grand scheme of things.
  4. This is unpopular but I prefer it this way tbh. I see it as more of a chance to perfectly simulate a faster pace or more smoothly transition matches. The guys that played all equally said the matches flow any pace you want it. So the reversal limit being remove in way does replicate what we see in some matches on tv. Especially higher paced matches.
  5. Call me stupid but I’m excited for this one.
  6. I don’t want him anywhere near that company that doesn’t push….oh, nvm.
  7. You guys need to go touch grass. It’s fine. Lol
  8. All these years defending this company and defending Vince has wore thin. Not just on this site either, in other wrestling circles I’m apart of. I can no longer do that. It’s not even fun anymore. It’s hard to get attached or care about a specific performer because who knows when they’ll be gone or given some stupid shit. Bowing out.
  9. Happy for Ali. Deserves better and is talented as hell. Can’t wait to see what’s next for him.
  10. Chris Jericho is washed beyond repair.
  11. NXT 2.0 is a *censored*ing joke. I am sad.
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