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  1. Releasing Samoa Joe is *censored*ing stupid. Smh
  2. WWE don’t deserve Bray. They truly don’t.
  3. My guy! That’s why I asked you, you’re always extremely honest and knowledgeable about the process. I agree with this. Ok so gotta deprogram myself from thinking current engine equals automatic bad game. Want to brush up on gaming knowledge as far as how these things happen and how coding and etc works. 2K19 was definitely a great game IMO. Even with its bugs, there were less crashes, better physics and more enjoyable overall. That’s why I believe with the extra time they could’ve just built upon 2K19 while adding in meaningful matches that work and operate correctly. I’m optimistic.
  4. B-Cross explain me how this is going to work o with the engine. Do you think it’s possible to get a great game on the current engine?
  5. Tis’ a beautiful day waking up knowing our tribal chief is still champion. I Stan.
  6. Pinned both them hoes! Let’s goooo!
  7. They’re beating the hell out of each other. Lol
  8. I need Jimmy to come out later and help Roman retain. Idc.
  9. They did that for WM 30. He better be here to eat that pin.
  10. 10 years ago today Edge had to retire. Cute story. Roman better walk out champion.
  11. Edge with a live crowd again? Yessss!
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