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  1. My World is a greatest of all time theme song. Idc lol
  2. You know what? I don’t give a *Censored* anymore? I side with Punk. Does it matter? No. I’m a fan. My opinion means nothing in the grand scheme but it’s my right nonetheless. Yeah, he shitted on Vince etc and WWE for his reasons that aren’t up for me to defend or demean but to the core he has the ego that’s needed in wrestling. He has the ego that’s important in wrestling. It’s the same ego all the greats had in different ways. Some were willing to put you over more than others were but still, ego creates icons, ego breeds champions and ego makes you a legend in the end. Punk isn’t perfect but I would’ve smacked those three hoes also. The Bucks were jealous Punk drew more than they ever could. They’ve been the wrestling business for a min and they STILL can’t *censored*ing do it correctly. Kenny Omega, is an amazing talent and could be a draw on a bigger stage or if he was presented and produced better. The point is, Punk>>>>>the three of them. I don’t care who was there first.
  3. The game is up my alley gameplay wise. It’s definitely more arcade like than simulation which is especially up my alley. Excited for it.
  4. Bryan Danielson should’ve never came to AEW. What a waste.
  5. Bring Vince back. Immediately.
  6. Who booked Raw last night?
  7. Perfect way to start tbh. Let’s go.
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