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  1. 155,000 more viewers From Forbes and ringsidenews
  2. AEW beats NXT again this week and they actually gained viewers, brining in 957,000 viewers and NXT 750,000
  3. He could lose and they can come up with many ways in the future to make him challenge for it
  4. Sweat is almost non existent after the patch
  5. Great idea, I'll do the same
  6. Yeah and Kenny also mentioned they want it to play like the old AKI games (No mercy/Wrestlemania 2000/etc...)
  7. If you edit the Fiend's moves/attributes and save them in exhibition or Universe then exit the game, all your changes are gone and he reverts back to his default moveset/attribute And post match replays and breakouts have stopped working after the DLC
  8. Their Facebook page is teasing an important announcement which should be now and they wrote "HINT: it's not a video game" Well I hope it is
  9. Thats not a glitch, thats how Towers are. They are like Showcase, they use the games default moveset.
  10. Well that's good and weird Hope this means the option still exists but will be fixed for us who can no longer use it
  11. I still have that actually. I went through the whole roster yesterday updating alignments and crowd reactions lol You can still choose boo or cheer, but the slider is gone. Like you can choose cheer for a superstar and then click on it and it opens a slider to edit how much they cheer/boo the superstar. That slider still exists in your game?
  12. The AI all of a sudden stopped using Resiliency
  13. They are no longer linked. It remains to be seen wether thats a decision they made to unlink them or just another bug.
  14. Glad Finn turned, though Im lowkey hoping he doesnt join UE and instead forms his own Club And am I the only one who actually likes the Forgotten Sons and think they improved a lot?
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