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  1. Im still so sad and furious about how Ricochet and Wyatt were both squashed the way they did. I freaking hate this company/
  2. Seriously, you perfectly build Wyatt and then just have him lose for this old timer
  3. Really happy for Murphys position and hope its only uphill from here on out
  4. Maybe yeah, but for sure he now has an argument to make, he has a reason to directly call out and challenge Taker
  5. The list of new moves look really cool, hope they are not all sped up though The snake eyes/big boot combo sounds intriguing, hope its the Taker one
  6. it should be free for you, I'd just wait till I see that it's available for everyone else, probably in 9 AM PT (7 hours from this post) Ah ok, great. Thanks man
  7. I have purchased the Backstage Pass and when I open 2K Originals i cant play it as it says I have to buy it What is this
  8. Can someone check if the Fiends moveset issue fixed or do we still have to edit and save it every time we load the game?
  9. Its not like i wanna buy them but when i see great caws i wanna download and i can't because it has something from one of these packs its annoying and i end up buying them just to not have to be denied some great caws. And the moves as well
  10. It says improvements to sweat Has anyone tested this?
  11. 155,000 more viewers From Forbes and ringsidenews
  12. AEW beats NXT again this week and they actually gained viewers, brining in 957,000 viewers and NXT 750,000
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