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  1. I don't recall them actually saying it was going to be on Next-Gen until that though. Unless I missed something
  2. The official Playstation YouTube page uploaded the Teaser but the interesting part is they have both PS4 and PS5 listed in the title of the video. Unless it was a mistake, looks like we'll see the series on Next-Gen.
  3. Catatonic Backbreaker:
  4. Sounds like they had Immovable Object and you tried a strong strike/running strike without damaging them enough for the regular selling animation. I think certain standing grapples can cause the attacker to be pushed backwards and they roll back too.
  5. Does anyone know if the patch fixed the back definition options in the body adjustment section in CAW Mode?
  6. There's been a lot of oddities with some of the new DLC moves granting Finishers if they are Sigs, glitched Pin Combos, and dealing no damage etc but it will be fixed next patch apparently.
  7. It now works on the Buzzed hairstyles again, but yeah still looks like some weird highlighter effect on the 3D Hair.
  8. Glitches I'm still encountering even after 1.03 Patch: Create A Superstar: Hair dye still doesn't work on "Buzzed" Non-3D Hair in-game Hair dye comes out too dark and displays improperly in CAW Mode on 3D Hairstyles. Back Definition texture still doesn't change despite changing Back options in the Body Adjustment. In-Game designs reset to default color Trying to use more than 10 custom logos still results in a crash The eye raising/sinking glitch is still present in the Face Deformation section High Heel footwear for Female CAWs has been slightly improved but still has clipping issues The Option to use the Entrance Attire for the Menu Screen Pose still doesn't work Create A Moveset: The ability to Favorite Moves in Create A Moveset is still missing Switching to "N" in the letter navigator brings the selection to "None" instead of the first move that starts with N Game Options: Payback Level 1 and Payback Level 2 Charge Rates are still missing from the Game Sliders
  9. Create A Superstar: Hair dye doesn't appear on the buzzcut hairstyles In-Game, despite appearing correctly in CAW Mode Hair dye on 3D Hair doesn't look the way it does in-game on CAWs in CAW Mode Back definition doesn't change despite changing Back body options in CAW Mode Lipstick and Eye Makeup don't change color for In-Game, only in CAW Mode. They will be default color In-Game. In-Game designs reset to default color Trying to use more than 10 different Custom Logos results in a crash once you enter the Selection for the 11th logo Face Photo face deformation is missing options that were present in 2K19 Face Photo deformation glitches the eyes to raise or lower past their head by editing head shape High Heel footwear for Females has the feet clipping through the heels/their feet don't arch CAW Poses can't be set to Entrance attires despite the option being listed Create A Moveset: Switching to "N" in the letter navigator brings the selection to "NONE" instead of the first move that starts with N Option to Favorite Moves is missing Game Options: Charge rate for Level 1 Payback ability is missing Charge rate for Level 2 Payback ability is missing
  10. Kane doesn't have the Comeback Skill (nor Fan Favorite ability) but if you give him it, he has his comeback in the slot already.
  11. MyCareer is the mode, MyPlayer is the CAW for that mode
  12. Back definition doesn't seem to show. I'm changing the shapes but it's always the same soft looking definition, no ripped back muscles even know it should look different for each choice.
  13. Not sure about all hairstyles, but I used the hair dye on the buzzcut (the one that's been in since 2K15) and then it wasn't visible in match. Can't seem to edit color for facial hair
  14. and as if this wouldn't be enough, several parts like armgear, pants, tops are bugged so one can't edit their material or Color at all anymore. Parts we could edit last year. One goes over the material but it is not selectable and neither is the Color. In other cases you can select a Color but not a material and vice versa. CAW Mode is quite a downgrade then. Losing such basic fundamentals like changing materials/colors/head height/body shine/proper hair dying to gain a few new parts isn't worth it. I wish I knew some of this yesterday before I Pre-Ordered and Pre-Loaded the game. Didn't think it would be THIS disappointing.
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