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  1. It's anytime you reach a loading icon in the Face Customization and Body Customization areas in CAW Mode (which means you can't even make a CAW from scratch as it automatically takes you there after imputing Name Information etc.). If you hit those you'll get the infinite load bug. It's been that way since one of the earliest patches (if not always. Maybe nobody really had enough Custom content to notice back then). You can download a bunch of CAWs but you can only make so many from my experience. At this point it's safe to say it will never be fixed. For several patches now they only added MyFaction stuff and 2K23 is probably 4 months away.
  2. I'm with you 100% here. I played on PS4 the whole time the servers were active, but I recently managed to get a WWE 2K19 Digital Deluxe code and have the game on Steam now so I'm getting a Gaming PC setup in the next few weeks so I can try my best to get around not being able to upload logos for CAWs anymore (in theory I think I know a way to do it and I should be able to get the Emboss and Invisible features to work too). Also Mods in general will be nice; that blinding white menu is getting changed first thing lol. Never buying a game in this series ever again until it's at least on par with 2K19 in terms of Simulation Core Gameplay and Creation Suite. I miss Skills, Abilities, OMGs, Reversal Caps, Chain Wrestling, Close Range Attacks, Grapple Move Lunges, a proper Moveset layout and Good Controls, Under the Apron Position, Rest Holds, The Cat & Mouse Submission Mini-Game, regular stances, Level 1 AND 2 Payback abilities, BODY MORPHING/ADJUSTMENT for CAWs, Freely selectable weight for CAWs and Advanced Entrances. Those are features that play a big part EVERY single time I play the game. 2K22 feels almost like a parody to me, it's absolutely goofy they removed all those great things for Collar And Elbow Tie Ups, Shoulder grabbing, an awful combo system, blocking mechanic and having different buttons dedicated to actions that should share a button (like all Strike attacks should be by tapping OR holding Square) which all leads to bad controls and unrealistic gameplay no matter what. Stability is an issue too. The infinite load glitch is game breaking, and the shadow glitch for some of the new hairstyles was also in 2K20... come on now.
  3. Wild that I can't edit a CAW's Face or Body anymore, or create a new CAW in general as it hits an infinite loading icon after the Information Section is finished. Honestly once you really factor everything in, this is straight up 2K20's brother. It's a buggy glitchy mess. 2K20 all over again 100% (except 2K20 had Body Morphing, Freely selectable weight and better gameplay mechanics).
  4. Anyone who has the patch downloaded, does the Alternate Finisher glitch still happen? The one where you attempt one Finisher and do the other instead? Does it now work properly like it did in the previous 19 games or is it still broken?
  5. A few nights ago I played a couple of matches and the Hit Detection for Combos is brutal. I had a CAW doing I think one of Braun's combo chains and one of the strikes missed 100% of the time. He kept throwing this dodgy looking haymaker above the opponents head every time. I have a CAW that has an Asuka Combo Chain that misses the foot stomp attack about 50% of the time too. Once you miss a combo attack you get grappled by the A.I instantly. After I got a Finisher with this CAW that had Braun's Combo Chain, I attempted his Secondary Finisher and he did his Primary.... I then shut the game off.
  6. Doink is probably my favorite DLC Character. Love the entrance, the Run-In Payback Easter Egg, and the Taunt. DOINK BRAH, MAKIN KIDS CRY BRAH
  7. I kinda forgot he was the one that gave the first clue about the gameplay being different and "borrowing from fighting games/anyone can press buttons and accidentally do something cool".... in that case I'm glad he's gone. I so desperately hope they go back to the 2K19 drawing board and work on giving us the true sequel to that.
  8. That’s one of my pet peeves too when people put No Mercy in the Arcade category…. It was a simulation game through and through. That’s why people loved it so much, it make Smackdown 2 feel like a joke.
  9. All that happened when the game launched was people who wanted that Comeback story so they over praised any tiny positive thing and were just happy to have a new WWE game with shiny new graphics and characters/gimmicks we didn't see represented yet. People were doing full on reviews within the game being 2 days old and saying it's a masterpiece lol. Reality is 90% of the changes are terrible for a simulation game, there's still a lot of glitch, corruption, infinite hang and crash related problems. The fact the game launched without stuff like the distorted Becky Lynch screenshot or the "Referee having a seizure during Showcase cutscenes" clip like 2K20 did made the game seem great in comparison. If they release another game like 2K22 next time, the usual "it's the same crap/casual" crowd will hate it, and anyone who is a long time fan like a lot of us will also hate it.
  10. That’s EXACTLY what I did with Umaga too! I wanted to destroy Mysterio with a Samoan Spike so I played a match and he did the Rikishi Driver every single time I went for it, I quit changed the finishers to the 2 new Samoan Spikes and did the match again
  11. I've never once had an issue with trying to do Alternate Finishers/Signatures in JBI-2K19 by pressing the Finisher Button and a Direction as the modifier. It seems like 2K22 has a mind of it's own as every time I get to play it, I'll try to do a certain character's secondary Finisher and it will always do the same one no matter what. It happened to me several times, I specifically remember it happening to me when I was playing as Umaga back when the Banzai pack came out. The whole controls are a damn mess.
  12. Vertebreaker looks a tad off in the second half, I like the set up though.
  13. No pic or vid of A-Kid's Sigs/Finishers yet and for whatever reason they only showed videos of Stacy's moves. I really want to see Hurricane's new moves. Pretty pumped we got a new Vertabreaker for the first time since 2K15's Kudo Driver
  14. I forgot about that. That’s an issue as well. I made like 3 or 4 move sets when I had a my chances to play the game and I couldn’t believe how slow the scroll is. Should be something they could fix in a patch but it’s still there for some reason.
  15. I’m glad the honeymoon phase has worn off on this game for most people now. I knew it was going to be disappointing from the moment the Hit-List trailer dropped. The Combo System and downgraded Grapple/Strike/Moveset layout mechanics are the biggest problems in the game. It was pretty much perfect in 2K19. The grapple tie ups for almost all positions is just so unbelievably bad. The No selling is bad. No more assignable Skills/Abilities was a terrible choice. Payback choice was better in 19 and Comeback was a Ability. The attribute caps are bad, especially since you can’t freely assign a CAW’s weight anymore. Speaking of CAWs the Body Morphing/Adjustment is completely missing with only templates to choose from which doesn’t get talked about enough. What a monumental step backwards (and despite this there is STILL minor clipping although I never really cared about minor clipping, I’d much rather have customizable bodies.) All this game has going for it is better graphics for In-Game models and environments, updated roster, better Highlight Reel function and that’s about it.
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