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  1. This Survivor Series should have been the return of the "Deadly Games" tournament, to keep the roster interaction at a minimum.
  2. I like his look, BUT the booking is way too WWE for any less-than-great wrestlers to be portrayed well.
  3. These two have a long history together. Okada vs Tanahashi didn't end with a single move either. Plus WALTER not having a designated finisher really prevented his moves losing in value. Throughout the whole match he kept on targeting Dragunov's head in order to weaken the Torpedo Moskau. Ofcourse a few Powerbombs and a diving splash targeting the midsection isn't going to keep a man known as Unbesiegbar down for a three count. Once WALTER properly had him in the Sleeper, it was over. Perfect story with the build up and the history of the two
  4. WALTER (before applying the Sleeper): "MUSS ICH DICH UMBRINGEN?" (Do I have to kill you?) Dragunov (while in the Sleeper): "Das schaffst du nicht!" (You aren't able to!) ----------------------------------------------- That was brutal af

    WWE Drama

    Why do independent contractors in the WWE less rights and freedoms that fulltime employees in other professions?
  6. Matt Hardy & King Maxwell Finlay & Finlay Jr. Billy & Austin Gunn and half of the Lucha Libre world lol
  7. Afaik he groomed someone underage. The actual sexual stuff started years later, when the other person was 20 and Dream 23
  8. After Baron Corbin, Otis & Alexa Bliss... Lil' Naitch is also Dead Meat
  9. Now NXT as a whole will bask in his glory.
  10. Seth Rollins cashed in on Brock Lesnar during the Triple Threat at Wrestlemania. Brock Lesnar cashed in after the Extreme Rules mixed tag
  11. After Baron Corbin & Otis...Alexa Bliss is also Dead Meat
  12. Otis. He was on the Dead Meat podcast recently and talked about the Texas Chainsaw franchise
  13. Plus it's about rape. Rape apologists deserve rude responses
  14. I guess that solves the problem of indy companies making it through the pandemic with limited shows
  15. I wish The Bar reunited after Sheamus' return
  17. Yeah. There is a reason why a few of the Knights were in prison
  18. British Wrestling is built by carnies
  19. Plus Natural Nightmares recieving a title shot it part of the Cody & Brandi Nightmare Family takeover
  20. Because the Miz lost to Bray Wyatt in a match. In kayfabe all of Bray's opponents have changed after losing to him. Irl...It's just their old ECW gimmick again
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