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  1. May has been a pretty good summary of 2020 RIP
  2. A shame. Could have put the title back on the current dude aswell by the end of the night. The title just needs permanent shenanigans to work.
  3. Because that would be a cluster*censored*. Especially with the referees. Imagine having to keep up with who the 4 legal men are and to not miss any tags being made etc.
  4. 6 people aren 't a division. Especially not considering the brand also has tag titles
  5. To boost the division in the future, because the Women's divisions on the main roster are thin as hell at the moment
  6. Or called someone up, liike they did with Austin Theory
  7. By the power of JoMo's WWE contract...WRESTLESTOCK:
  8. Yeah. Not "literally". You're right.
  9. The Men's MitB briefcase is worthless anyway
  10. Seth Rollins got him pregnant too
  11. Pro Wrestling history is damn circle
  12. It's a SmackDown gimmick
  13. You have Beserk up there, so Vagabond would feel right at home
  14. Asuka is now one Raw Women's Championship reign away from having won everything Bayley needs a Royal Rumble win, but that seems more difficult than the Women's Championship
  15. Yeah. But that doesn't count, since Lashley was a replacement. I diid pick Truth there
  16. I tried to get the least amount of points possible! And then this shit happens! Even worse...except for Otis...I initially had everyone picked correctly
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