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  1. Ist there a trick to get created arenas working? I downloaded several shows and arenas on Xbox One but all just have no logos/all logos are just white. What am I doing wrong?
  2. CM_EDGE

    Creations Archive

    Man, all these CAWs are almost making me boot up my PS4 version, but I wanted to stick with One cause it's technically a noticable difference this year. A shame nobody else switched over. :/
  3. Nobody reacting to my fantastic Lee/Riddle screenshots. Ok then, back to tits.
  4. God I love doing photos in this game.
  5. If you think this game looks bad. Think again. This game is so crazy detailed, it really is "just" the motion blur ruining everything, because everything looks blurry and shiny in motion and even kinda pixelated sometimes, like the Eco title in motion. And since stuff is moving like 90% of all times, the "bad graphics" lays kinda over the good graphics and you just miss it a lot to see how good it can look. I wish we had an option to deactivate that. Video to that a little bit later.
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