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  1. Ist there a trick to get created arenas working? I downloaded several shows and arenas on Xbox One but all just have no logos/all logos are just white. What am I doing wrong?
  2. I hope towers die in 2K21. What a waste of important development time and resources.
  3. Its not now? I thought they fixed most of the issues ? Not. Even. Close.
  4. CM_EDGE

    Creations Archive

    Man, all these CAWs are almost making me boot up my PS4 version, but I wanted to stick with One cause it's technically a noticable difference this year. A shame nobody else switched over. :/
  5. Thank you for the list of which new moves belong to whom, seriously, that should be in an updated sticky thread. So useful. But question. Do I have to unlock some of them first? I can't find some for the life of me. Double Superkick should be under strong strikes but it's just not there.
  6. Every single relief looks like a faded paper cut out and you can't make it look any different at all. Material changes doesn't do shit. It was never this bad.
  7. The missing sweat in the celebration scenes is still not fixed. It hurts every time the sweat appears in the last second when the screen stops moving. Also, this happened in an interference:
  8. Well..... It shows up but..... Look for yourself. Bianca is also still messed up, what a trainwreck clip.
  9. Mhhhh maybe the noise adjustments were very title specific or I just picked the right entrances, causes there is zero change with the Raw, SmackDown, NXT Woman's championship (god does it look horrible) and Woman's Tag Team Championships. They all still have the same noise in movement and horrible wrong colors. But, the Woman's Tag Team Championships finally have an announcement! Becky Lynch's '15 Night of Champions attire is still locked behind the edit mode and unusable in playing. Speaking of editing attires, all of Becky bottom parts are still not fixed. If you want to edit any of her attires or copy her attires to someone or to a different model of her, most of her legs are still the in this pinkish color for whatever reason. Why is that a thing anyway? The dark dots on these pictures are her real leg color by the way. By the way, the CAC mode is horrible. I don't know what they did but it's impossible to recreate real championships. All the relief pictures just look like bad jpegs, there is no way in getting them to look like metallic things. The material options does nothing to them. So, it's basically an unusable mode.
  10. So, Mr. Detail goes testing now. First notice, some title colors has been adjusted. The NXT title and World Heavyweight Title look great now, color wise. Also the extremely ugly motion blur noise effect has been reduced slightly as it seems, not much, and it's still there, specially on everything non title like trons and metalic gear, but in my test entrances it was slightly better, still wish it would be completely gone, titles looked so good in 2K19, this shit is ruining them completely when in motion. But maybe I can fix that with custom titles now. Speaking of, Jesus Christ the default gold color looks horrible on everything that's not the WWE title in that mode, it's way too shiny and dark, have they even looked at this? Kofi still has his title over the jacket, not fixed. Keith Lee is also still absorbing his title. By the way. Zero adjustments on the Intercontinental championship. It's still glowing unnaturally and the noise is at max here. Look at this shit. Oh ending the first observation on a positive note, the WWE title is finally announced as WWE championship.
  11. No, Universe will still be broken in more than 2 hands full of problems. I don't expect them to even fix half of them, if any at all.
  12. Ok, this is a new one, every time you add an interference for a match, that match has no entrance music anymore. F'n annoying. I'm so done with this game.
  13. Have they changed something with 1.03? I thought the tag team problem of not being able to change to the inactive partner was fixed but I'm playing a women's tag match right now and the back/touchpad doesn't work again. Also there's a new option when you press start called input setting but it's greyed out??? And that's not the option for which person you want to play that's above that.
  14. Not that there's anything to download there.
  15. Sweat is also gone in the winning animation and it's also not appearing in every match, in some it works, in some it's still glitched 1.02 like.
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