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  1. Lol, Doudrops Viper Bomb finisher doesn't consume the finisher.
  2. My uploads on community creations show 0 downloads even tho people upvoted them and definitely downloaded, is there a fix for this? CC uploads is bug infested for me since the games release and not even a new savegame fixed that (Since I lost my old one.....) Anyone with a solution?
  3. Oh no...... I've noticed that today and now I don't know if it was always like this, or if it's a new issue. The eyes of every single in-game model turn super greyish and washed out when you use a custom attire, you can see that in entrances and in a match, in the CAW mode it appears normal so don't let this fool you. I've noticed this today with one of the hidden models and thought it's just an issue with them, but then I started to add alt attires to the new DLC people and I can't unsee it anymore. It's so noticable in entrances it started to really annoy me. Here are a few examples. Does anyone know since when this is a problem?
  4. A lot of the models really grew on me since the twitter entrances. RVD looks like a 100% quality step up just because they moved the eyebrows a little bit, funny how that works and even Sarray looks pretty good in 4K quality while in the low res entrance video I initially thought they ruined her face. And Xias attire just has extreme detail and quality, also funny how much more HQ some attires look in comparison to others. Pretty happy with this DLC drop.
  5. On a positive note, I've downloaded 2 RVD attires from someone who was also offering a render l, I didn't download it cause it was just the current in-game render but after I downloaded the attires I noticed it came with a render attached, so if creator add a render to their attires from now on, it finally correctly works and automatically downloads with the attire.
  6. That's a thumbs down from me. It's one of those that looks like they didn't have the right to use the original face. Barely looks like her, especially the mouth area.
  7. Anyone else not being able to download attires for the Most Wanted Pack Wrestlers? It says I need the pack but I already have it.
  8. I just noticed something no one else has mentioned yet. They completely changed the lighting in the Dijakovic entrance, it's not bright and white/yellow anymore but darker, almost blue with stroboscopic white light. So, they are working on something I guess?
  9. I really hope they fix that. Will make a report later, would be nice if some other people here could do the same.
  10. They need to put this stuff into the main game and not MyFaction. I would even be fine with having them to unlock first via MyFaction, but then unlock it everywhere.
  11. Now there's literally, only mid card titles left to make this mode "complete" and really good till the next one, would be odd if this little thing stays missing till the next game.
  12. Well, I knew why I bought the nWo edition directly. It was pretty clear to me that this was the best price choice with the nWo pack and season pass included. (Plus on Xbox purchasing US currency for that saved 20 bucks on top) Jokes on people who had interest in both but didn't buy that edition, like why?
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