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  1. I hope they immediately remind Bo that he's still banned.
  2. WWE has no-contests in Hell in a Cell matches now. So no match rule is safe anymore
  3. Matt Hardy & King Maxwell Finlay & Finlay Jr. Billy & Austin Gunn and half of the Lucha Libre world lol
  4. Afaik he groomed someone underage. The actual sexual stuff started years later, when the other person was 20 and Dream 23
  5. I hated when Cody Rhodes' "Beautiful Disaster" turned into "The Disaster kick"
  6. After Baron Corbin, Otis & Alexa Bliss... Lil' Naitch is also Dead Meat
  7. Now NXT as a whole will bask in his glory.
  8. Seth Rollins cashed in on Brock Lesnar during the Triple Threat at Wrestlemania. Brock Lesnar cashed in after the Extreme Rules mixed tag
  9. After Baron Corbin & Otis...Alexa Bliss is also Dead Meat
  10. Otis. He was on the Dead Meat podcast recently and talked about the Texas Chainsaw franchise
  11. Should have gone with "The Worst Show Ever" instead
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