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  1. Usually contracts should cover things like this, with health related delays being covered by them
  2. The main event segment literally was about it being the last time ever and, most importantly a "empty building". It's not even going to be in Full Sail or the PC
  3. Snape kills Dumbledore at the end of the sixth book
  4. Oh shit lol Just caught up with the last show
  5. Reigns vs, Goldberg was predicted to happen with or without the title. The title is a completely different picture. Infact...him challenging the Fiend in SA threw alot of predictions off
  6. If anything...Bray winning was more wishful thinking from us viewers. "Surely they wouldn't waste the Fiend's build up on Goldberg..." "Don't be ridiculous. Even the WWE wouldn't do that." And then they did.
  7. The moment Goldberg's return to SmackDown was announced, people predicted Roman vs Berg
  8. I kinda want Rowan to lead his own faction now aswell
  9. Yep. Seems to only happen in MyPlayer though
  10. I have the opposite problem. Whenever I try to do a standing submission move, I just do a snapmare instead
  11. btw...Evil Uno said "Focus on my eyes". Did that during his promo and... he didn't blink during the promo at all
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