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  1. It entirely depends on when Logan had the idea for his attire. We got an almost accurate Fiend in 2k20 because Wyatt showed 2K his design
  2. MVP workshop has uploaded Ospreay, Goto, KENTA and Tanahashi
  3. It would seem that the position is gone entirely
  4. You can change entry intervals, but that is about it.
  5. Shinsuke Nakamura’s 2K20 pants have a spiking polygon glitch on the back. It annoys me how many parts have clipping or graphical issues.
  6. Snatched your beautiful Ohno up and had a lot of fun making some neat Chris Hero alts. Now I’m just realising how great the combo system is going to be with Ohno/Hero and I’m assigning him all these forearm combos and suplexes
  7. It is still so damn weird that Io Shirai’s moonsault doesn’t work. Furthermore using any Bump in The Night related crowd signs will restrict people who don’t have “DLC Pack 10” from downloading your caw. Apparently some people on Reddit couldn’t download my caw because of this. I defaulted move-sets and everything, but turns out it was the ‘Bump’ crowd signs that did it.
  8. He says it’ll probably go up tomorrow!
  9. My Emeritus versus Aaroncantmosh’s/Traitorcerealguy’s Jonathan Gresham. I can’t believe how good caws look in this game too. Such a photogenic game.
  10. Use a private session when logging in to upload logos. That solved it for me
  11. Happened to me as well with create a move set after fooling around in CAS
  12. Hes a great New Beginning challenger and a good notch in Naitos belt before Okada becomes champion at Dominion again. Theres no way he wont be champion when he carries the Olympic Torch.
  13. Niffan

    WWE Drama

    Nah.. He wasnt much of a peacock. First attire (2014): The dark blue with white patterns from his KENTA days Second attire 2014-17: Kawada esque black and yellow shorts and kickpads that he debuted at R:Evolution Third attire 2017-19: Black shorts with a simple brown trim and logo
  14. Turns out that Sony told NJPW that they would have to pay a fee to use the song on NJPW World. Jericho didnt know about this until later, and he said that he would personally have paid the fee.
  15. See WWE? This is basically how little it takes to make a character interesting again. Never underestimate creative freedom
  16. Its just a scene that happens to be located in UK. Besides it would be too constraining if they only had UK talent.
  17. Fire Promoter is super fun but has a bit of a learning curve! I accidentally ran a show with the 6 no name wrestlers I started with and blew my budget on WALTER.
  18. So who have you all got in terms of mains? I personally love Kirbys playstyle and theres hardly anything better than smashing your enemy with a fully charged hammer.
  19. Ouch! That New Beginning USA card is looking like a very subpar ROH show.
  20. I imagine he would fly out to American AEW shows once or twice a month at maximum.
  21. As long as he shaves that godawful bleached goatee, then I am all for it. Honestly I am not surprised. It makes a lot of sense. He is a Japanese citizen and is unlikely to leave Japan. I imagine that his commitments with AEW will allow him to stay in Japan for the majority of the time. I only see Omega becoming a big event/PPV attraction with a very limited schedule.
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