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  1. Yeah but they were pretty much booked as filler the whole time they were with NJPW. And I liked the chickens**t heel vibe they gave off when they first went to Japan which I know they can't now because they are loved. But I've just been underwhelmed with them in AEW same with Kenny. You can pretty much call all the spots of every match they do and they are almost in the same order. But I understand the not winning, being office and all.
  2. Add Shelton in could see some solid tag matches for them in AEW. Ibushi, Osprey, ZSJ, Jay Lethal and for some wierd reason.....Ryback.
  3. They are making Spears look so weak against Janela. No one should be selling for stunt. PAC v Page is overdone now. I love the bucks but now I'm seeing them so regular compared to their NJPW run you can see there isn't a lot to them character or in ring wise. I know they are trying to establish people but feels like I'm watching the same matches every week. Good stuff: Cody, MJF, Jericho, Darby and the luchasauras return. And they finally had an actual squash match (moxley and nakazawa).
  4. Yeah I thought the same. Way to bury the only thing in the company that has any interest. Finn has never been a good promo just not his bag like Bryan he gets over in the ring. I saw they renamed the 7'3ft guy 'big Jordan' can see him debuting at takeover to be Finn's bodyguard.
  5. Just me or anyone else think that Cody's big announcement is going to be a let down. Gonna be something like " I'm now using the Rhodes name " or something to that effect.
  6. Since the patch I've actually got more glitches. Whenever I do a falcon arrow the commentary adds " falcon arrow through the table " never happened before. Multiple crashes in universe. Never had them before. Warping through the ring is now a common occurrence. Hit detection seems to be worse. ..... death stranding is out soon. Won't be touching this till the issues get ironed out or I'll just give it as a Christmas present to someone.
  7. As much as I'm sour on the idea, an authority heel figure might be a good foil for people to get over, kahn with a heater tag team or a giant Do promos " AEW is existing because of me etc " have a babyface ( my pick would be darby ) to rise up for the people. Simple booking but would fly and give talent a rub.
  8. Didn't think it would be long before khan put himself in the show. He will be an on-screen authority figure before the year is out.
  9. Have to admit, I've enjoyed this first round of dlc, liked the story and the extra towers. Nice set of moves especially the slingblade dropkick thing. My only issue is I wish there were more unique theme music and trims for the new characters.
  10. Is it already online? It's on the PS4 store with a download button
  11. Anyone having trouble downloading bump in the night pack? Whenever I click download it does nothing
  12. Had a tag match miz and Elias Vs new day in universe, maryse walks Elias down to the ring instead of miz. Finish the match then move to the next match of strowman Vs Kane and the " oh walk with Elias " chants carried on.
  13. Started the showcase. Bit annoying the objectives like " do hair pull mat slam " and no moveslist to look at in game.
  14. I love Keith Lee but everytime he does a promo I just think of Doug Judy in Brooklyn nine nine. I can see this being a way to turn the undisputed era face. Have Finn join for a few weeks then a heater and someone yet to debut come out then turn Finn again. Ideally I'd love a Finn, ohno, Cesaro and dijakovic faction. Or Finn, Dain, sheamus and Devlin
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