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  1. It's quite amazing how Universe Mode has regressed, isn't it?
  2. This issue should be fixed by simply using Pattern A on all LED screens, and using Easy Entrances for CAWs. You shouldn't have to do anything else. Nope. CCArena's video screen settings is ignored (in that you can tell it to not have a video on a screen and it still will), and overrided by the entrance video settings in each CAW's C-A-Entrance settings. At least, that was still the case this morning when I had to turn off all of Abyss' videos except for Titantron/Ribbon in CAE so that my IMPACT Wrestling 2014 arena didn't turn into complete arse. I was also frustrated to find-out that even though we can have a 4v4 match in 2K19, there isn't a 4man entrance. How... odd. You'd have thought that we'd have at least got one for Undisputed Era throughout the various patches and DLC's that 2K19 recieved throughout the year. Strange, i've never had this issue. I always leave CAWs video settings untouched (ie. don't turn them off) and it's been ok. The only time I have issues is Advanced Entrances.
  3. I honestly wouldn't bother, dude. Was fun for a couple of days, then I realised all the matches felt the same, very sluggish in comparison to 2K19, and very dull. MyCareer is fine if you can get past the dreadful graphics and audio, and the fact the male character is beaten so hard in to the ground. Only cool new things are custom weapon wheels (and unlockable weapons), and ability to use tables in HIAC. That's it. If you can live without the above 2 points, leave it. Everything else is superior in 2K19.
  4. Must admit, I put it down about 2 weeks ago and i'm not really finding any desire to go back again. This has never really happened to me with a WWE game. I went back to 2K19 and was pleasantly surprised at how fluid it felt in comparison. 2K20 just feels pedestrian and clunky, gameplay wise.
  5. You get blood? I've had zero, even after busting someone open.
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