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  1. created championships are doing it to me and a Cody caw by Bhangraman on the PS4 side.
  2. https://twitter.com/TheShiningDown/status/1212216796700430336 There is a workaround. Change your console year to 2019 and it will be back to normal.
  3. Anyone crashing for just getting into CC? What is 2k doing now?
  4. An average drug test can be about 100 dollar which is way less than a hotel and plane ticket. The trip itself is no walk in the park either. Primo would probably take the hit rather than cover his expenses. Cost effectiveness.
  5. For what exactly?To find an alternative option to adhere to the drug test. Flying from Puerto Rico to the United States is not a walk in the park and it can cost more than the actual test.
  6. I get it with Primo but wouldn't he think to contact someone before he got that letter? 2 months is quite a long time.
  7. Facepaint using downloaded images didn't work. I had to use it as a tatoo on my LOD caws. I can also confirm that 10 logo crash glitch.
  8. I agree. Anyone with 2k20 wouldn't be thinking about pre ordering 2k21. I can care less about next year whether this game is fixed or not. They are not taking my free money anymore.
  9. Common sense not to pre-order 2k21. Not even thinking about it after this poor launch.
  10. Hogan's championship entrance is missing. Also if you edit his ring to Luke Gallows, he's gonna look pretty twisted like a pretzel.
  11. Wasn't there supposed to be a day 1 patch? This is a poorly released game so far. It needs to get fixed.
  12. -this. I cannot download my logos. Hogan's left knee pad cannot change color either. What happened to the day 1 patch?
  13. Bhangra. You can use my Hogan nwo t shirt version. It has a higher resolution and uploaded separately fron my Caw.
  14. Remember when Sable dropped the Women's title?
  15. Cody should have been a main eventer. It all went downhill since his tag team run with his brother. How does one go from i-c champion to jobber? He had to have backstage heat.
  16. Barrett at least was a i-c champion. But his shoulder injuries always nagged him. Sandow was a good worker for whatever WWE had for him. Those are two major stars lost with Sandow being wasted by creative.
  17. If it was a mutual thing from Sandow I would understand. The man was very over with the crowd. I wish he kept the Mizdow gimmick and dragged the storyline longer. It seemed whenever he gained momentum, he was shut down like Cesaro.
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