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  1. I’ll definitely be tuning in more regularly now. I’m excited to see what’s cooking!
  2. I have a new found respect for Tony Khan. Keeping Punk means he has a set of balls after all. Those 3 losers and Jericho trying to politic to have Punk not return didn’t mean shit in the end. Lol
  3. Personally, as someone who isn’t the biggest AEW fan in general I’m excited for the game. Arcade style is up my alley and it seems deeper than the event with Uno and Cassidy.
  4. Because Tony has been booking so good in the last few months? Lol Vince being back in charge doesn’t negate the shit hole AEW has been.
  5. I just couldn’t watch something I hated or didn’t like. I’m usually a unicorn though so there’s that. It’s your right.
  6. Or just, you know, not watch the show. I mean that’s literally the answer. Lol
  7. And there you have it. A new reason to feel for Cody and watch his story more. Exactly.
  8. Triple H will also remain in charge of creative. :)<3
  9. Wonder if that’s why Roman went over ultimately.
  10. Not for WWE it’s not. Lol This isn’t some hole in a wall.
  11. The moment is what you as fans make it. You’re just as part of believing what a moment is and isn’t.
  12. Cody can literally be built back up or even more sympathetic. Gunther can be built with Imperium against Bloodline. This isn’t new. Anyone can be built up to beat him. It’s wrestling. Lol
  13. Off work tomorrow so me and the boys are knocking down shots and turning up!
  14. Was there any doubt? Absolutely not. It’s best for business.
  15. How sweet it is baby! Let’s gooooo!
  16. Edge can honestly go at this point. I don’t see the point anymore.
  17. No title change so far? I’m not liking this. Not liking this one damn bit. Lol
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