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  1. Loving everything I’ve seen today for the most part. New pin system will probably work better for me. War Games look fun as hell. Most the models look the same or still good. The lightning is definitely better. I hate Charlotte’s hair and model however. Roman looks damn good. Best model is still Brock and Cena for me.
  2. I’m fickle. Cody doesn’t need both titles. He can have the WWE Title but that Universal Title belongs to Jey or Sami. Idc.
  3. Enjoyable but nothing super special. It’s fine.
  4. I’m extremely unsure of how I feel.
  5. Bray’s theme gives me heavy Korn vibes. Love it.
  6. I want to be so petty but I won’t. Im just happy that Cody is being showcased and appreciated by crowds again.
  7. Loving this rumble so far. Very good.
  8. I love when the starting two are two men who just want to kill each other and already have beef. It adds to the Rumble.
  9. Starting with Men’s rumble? Yeah this isn’t going to be what I want. Lol
  10. It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrr for me. My favorite ppv of the entire year. Royal Rumble always gets me hyped. Ready for that Cody W.
  11. The ONE thing Kid Rock was good for.
  12. This show is booked on steroids. It’s the best Raw episode I’ve seen in years.
  13. This show is just too good. What is happening tonight? Triple H you definitely booked this.
  14. Sir, this is a Wendy’s.
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