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  1. I really wish they showed when Liv got real weird with Nattie.
  2. Im actually at the top level right before a update for once.
  3. Rick O Shea needs his facial hair back.
  4. Good thing some companies are stepping up and donating shit. I saw one car company was gonna start mass producing masks to donate to hospitals.
  5. Don't forget he fired the pandemic team his first year. You need at least a month in certain area's to get everything under control probably two for Cali, Florida and New York. I think about moving to Canada alot and this might be the nail in the coffin if they are even accepting people looking to leave the country.
  6. Pfffffffffffft he acting like a ton of indy promotions didn't do that shit first.
  7. This game is so relaxing. Already cleaned my island up of weeds and my museum is gonna be open soon.
  8. Meanwhile until a few hours ago Biden was MIA through all of this.
  9. Was just in Wegmans and it seems like a normal sunday rush. nothing really sold out minus chips.
  10. Feel like NJ was pretty decent in locking themselves down.
  11. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Also really hate the thought process that someone isn't working hard cause they aren't succeeding? In theory hes shitting on everyone living from pay check to pay check right now cause everyone is struggling.
  12. https://www.vicetv.com/en_us/video/the-montreal-screwjob/5c1a9819be40777bca5f53bf?playlist=57a204a28cb727dec795136b&utm_medium=&utm_source=&utm_campaign=stream+dark+side+of+the+ring+season+1%2c+for+free They put the whole first season up for freetos.
  13. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    He acts like if he was the size of a regular dude he would be in a better position that he is right now. Yeah he works hard but he does have one thing working in his favor.
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