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  1. That's *censored*ing weird too that the top star needs a entourage of people to stay on top. Top face that is, Jericho with the Inner Circle is fine, its like Triple H with DX and Evolution back in the day.
  2. I can really see it being a ton of fun. Okada v Cena would be a *censored*ton of fun too. Cena to me became enjoyable after his match with Punk, that seemed to be the change in his untouchable character which kinda worked really well that night to help that match be incredible. He seemed to be totally up for keeping up with Punk and had a ton of awesome matches with him after that and i really appreciated that he decided to put on his worker boots in a more worker centric era that was happening.
  3. It is weird cause a few people in AEW who could talk have managers and Shida is still learning english and would florish with a manager and doesn't have one.
  4. I really don't know who i want to win that. I don't want Cole to ever lose the belt but i want Dream to be the face.
  5. Man imagine having EYFBO and they aren't the centerpiece of your tag team division.
  6. Guess MJF gonna win the belt whenever he challenges.
  7. How wild would it be if EC3 and Drake were behind the people doing the kidnappings?
  8. They really should go into her twitter DM's and go after the people who harassed her, every single one. Im still angry about this. We as a community failed her.
  9. If what she is saying is true open her twitter DM's and go after the people who were harassing her. *Censored* these people.
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