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  1. Its really not stupid. I know where all the cops in my town are at most times because they don't patrol. Someone a few weeks ago unloaded a whole ass truck and left a seabox in the middle of the road on a main road. We also have actual video evidence of a cop in my town beating a 17 year old like he was trying to win a UFC belt with another video of the two cops talking about how *censored*ed up the incident was. Defunding would be taking resources from the cops and putting it into stuff that would more easily deescalate situations. Dealing more with mental health aspect of why some crimes are committed.
  2. The problem with Malcom is hes so good hes legit going to overshadow whoever he manages. Noone gives a *Censored* about Rust but people love Bivens.
  3. Balor could have been the GOAT if they just let him always be a heel and never did the demon stuff.
  4. I saw a fan responded to her tweet like maybe you need to look in the mirror and she was like nope its politics. Exactly why she keeps running into issues.
  5. There is so much going on and its all *censored*ing hysterical.
  6. Do yourself a legit favor and click this tweet and watch every video in the entire thread.
  7. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    But my whole thing is if this dude didn't do anything wrong there would be no reason for him to change as a person at all and find god and go to sex addicts anonymous. I mean good on him for changing but don't say you did nothing wrong and try to play victim than also say you need to change your ways while also suing a ton of people for defemination.
  8. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    So wait he didn't do anything but is still a sex addict?!
  9. All i was thinking the entire match was i should go watch Roddy and Kyle's Guerilla Warefare instead.
  10. Honestly everyone killed it tonight. Main event was stellar.
  11. Probably gonna be Taya since Taya and Anna Jay together is too much hotness.
  12. We don't have that in the states yet. I got Pfizer and had just soreness so far. Heard the second shot is hell.
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