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  1. Thats just dumb, what if someone gets seriously hurt in their fight.
  2. God i hope it comes in black. Personally for me dualshock 4 was the best controller i have ever held.
  3. I never heard the Hunter Red story and its *censored*ing amazing how he worked that dude. New Jack is *censored*ed up but legit one of my favorite wrestlers ever. Ill never forget around the time of One Night Stand there were a ton of ECW tribute indy show and Jack was on one of them and he cut a promo saying the promoter wanted him to "wrestle" and not do hardcore shit, and after like 3 mintues of "wrestling" he looks at my friend next to me who is cracking up and goes "OH YOU LIKE THIS?!" then goes "*Censored* THIS HIT MY MUSIC." and goes full New Jack. THEN he cuts like a 10 minute rambling promo about anything he can think of and is cut off by the promoter as he starts ohtalking about how Devon Dudley is a rip off bitch.
  4. I really hope we didn't see the end of Styles and Cena.
  5. God damn i keep getting generic islands that don't give me much.
  6. This is the greatest thing i have ever seen in wrestling.
  7. Lets be honest, in the condition Taker has been in the past few years this was the best way to get something entertaining out of him.
  8. It wouldn't be bad but none of the recipes i have gotten are appealing to me so i just have a ton of eggs in storage.
  9. 4 summerslam cards and a gothic from it.
  10. That Masterlock challenge would have been so good live.
  11. Good news is there are a few different vaccines in development.
  12. So the numbers are rising, but the tests take so long its hard to judge. The mayor of my town got a positive test today but took the test seven days ago so he went through all the symptoms and is on the mend. Cuomo said that the positive tests are rising but the amount admitted into hospitals are starting to lower a bit.
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