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  1. Liv? Liked the PPV. The womens War Games wasn't mad it was just really long, AJ and Balor ruled. Rousey's match was dogshit, which i think was a ton of problems first being noone believed the women slotted into the title match a few days ago was going to win, two crowd just doesn't give a shit about Rousey. I loved the triple threat so much and alot of it had to do with the ending sequence being so *censored*ing smooth. The mens War Game match was good for the story alone. Im old and i was freaking out at the end wanting the ppv to end so i knew Sami was safe. The best thing about this story is i have zero idea where its going. Is Sami gonna dethrone Roman? Is he gonna turn on the Bloodline down the line when it actually matters like maybe if Owens is challenging for the belt?
  2. The way The Elite are trolling wouldn't surprise me if Punk is back.
  3. I think the titles were on the liine, and the matches will probably be good but you did the trios titles cause you had a ton of trios teams and now you hold up the division for two months.
  4. https://twitter.com/DrainBamager/status/1594184506902450177/photo/1 No idea it was announced during the PPV yesterday with that match counting in the series.
  5. Also since its a best of 7 series im sure each one will take a pinfall at some point.
  6. Don't think he lost stock, a pinfall is ok to take every once in a while . And like i said there was *censored*ery.
  7. Why did every match have some sorta *censored*ery involved with it. Like give people clean title wins.
  8. The weird thing to me is they keep posting about the result and are in the mindset of like "well people who are complaing don't even watch" but like that means people are aware of your product and not watching for a very specific reason that's easily fixable. The only reason i could think that he won the title is that hes not gonna leave for any other company so hes the safe choice for them? Cardona is probably gonna go back to the WWE, Aldis has to be signing somewhere which leaves noone else really. Powerrr should be back on youtube, they brought some really good talent to the dance and offered something legit different, it was such a easy and enjoyable watch every week.
  9. I want to buy the bok choy blessed by lil kazu.
  10. The Paige promo sucked because she just listed things she did that weren't impressive. Like you wrestled the Garden and O2 but didn't headline. Britt was right that she built up that division and tons of women are trying to slide in and take her spot and shes still there. Hope we don't see Paige get seriously hurt. Was gonna go to Full Gear but im not paying crazy prices for a PPV with matches from Paige and Jarrett in 2022.
  11. Its what happens when everyone sucks your dick and you keep winning booker of the year.
  12. ROH getting alot of TV time is weird.
  13. Also Eddie Kingston was right:
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