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  1. Why would they do that. Honestly they should build to the Rock at Mania.
  2. Samoa Joe screaming on commentary is killing me.
  3. Syndicate was the perfect length and size for a AC game i loved Odyssey but was kinda off put but how much i was going to have to do to beat the game and eventually fell off.
  4. The heel turn we never expected.
  5. For someone who takes jabs at Triple H alot, Cody really wants to be Triple H so bad. Big entrances, surrounding yourself with talent to make you better. Also lmao at the dude who said Cody looks like Vampiro.
  6. She has shown in other promotions that she is a really good wrestler tho.
  7. Oh my god don't even joke that Bo-lieve is going to be returning.
  8. Silver closing the coat to hide Alex Renyolds was the dumbest thing i have ever laughed at.
  9. Grimes should be the world champ. Dude is so amazing.
  10. I popped huge for Dlo getting wild and yelling "YOU LOOKING AT THE REAL DEAL NOW"
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