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  1. Few weeks behind on NXT but how y’all feel about Dream coming back?
  2. Why not just hold it in Florida somewhere then near the beach? Florida openly lets them run so why not stay
  3. My girlfriend said it’s AEW invading
  4. Damn that Retribution thing was pretty wild. I’d honestly say they caused more chaos than the Nexus tbh. My biggest pet peeve though is they look like a bunch of high schoolers lol. They’re sooooo short. I honestly have no idea who anyone is though.
  5. I..kinda free. He just seems so anxious and unsure about what he’s getting into.
  6. Bushy.

    WWE Drama

    I really don’t know if people should be concerned for him or ignore him.
  7. Yeah it’s definitely more like this than Brawl for All lol I mean..I guess I didn’t mind the segments. But what exactly is the end goal? To create a new star? Because they certainly didn’t do that. I definitely thought they made existing stars look tough though. But then all the 40+ year old dudes literally destroyed the young ones that stepped up to them. It’s like, I’m glad they’re taking The Hurt Business seriously, but they totally punked out young guys too. edit: also forgot 50+ year old Shane McMahon being the MC for the new, hip, “RAW Underground”.
  8. Have you ever seen Brawl for All in its entirety or just the docu special on it?
  9. AEW needs to stop with these former WWE signings. Cameron, who was never good and hasn’t wrestled for 4 years ? Why? Sign Rusev and let that be the end of that for a long time.
  10. I agree. And he’s so self righteous and cocky. He really believes he’s a “god”.
  11. BRUH NOOOOO. I’m gonna miss her dyke look
  12. Gonna miss you Might actually get me to watch a few of her matches in Japan if she does them.
  13. I hate how they couldn’t make her farewell seem at the very least nice.
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