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  1. Bushy.

    WWE Drama

    He’s against a COVID shot but will pump his body filled with steroids lol
  3. Who said it was though ? I still think Page winning at Full Gear is the better call, but I’d have been fine if they wrestled at All Out too. But who’s to say they don’t find a way to get him back as #1 Contender ? No one knows right now and it’s exciting. I could see him having a gauntlet and beating all of the Elite like Kofi had to do in 2019.
  4. Why do you have to be contrarian to literally everything. “Cross” didn’t have a “one off”. He literally wrestled last week and beat Keith Lee. You’re just gonna pretend you didn’t know that ? and Nikki Cross’ gimmick sucks. I don’t care if she came up with it. People like her, but she’s still getting booed and mixed reactions since she won the belt. So again, another bad example.
  5. He doesn’t honestly believe that though. And a guy like Breeze is such a bad example. Look at all their former champs that were ruined. wouldn’t be surprised to see Keith Lee jump ship soon. And Adam Cole whenever his contract is up.
  6. Triple H should leave WWE and join AEW. Not even joking. His efforts and time creating NXT are being wasted. Everything this guy creates Vince destroys. I’d be feeling helpless if I was him.
  7. Fax ! WWE suck rn. I can’t blame him at all. He’s just expressive and people don’t like that. I guarantee if anyone that’s not a WWE loyalist watched his AEW steams they wouldn’t say that. He’s so chill and positive.
  8. Is it weird that I still call Lashley’s Hurt Lock the Full Lashley ?
  9. This company is so dumb lmao. Charlotte is gonna win again too because we all know champs are chumps.
  10. They made him look so bad. Honestly, would I be jumping the gun to say they ruined him already again ? Vince really hates NXT.
  11. It’s crazy because he is, but I haven’t been interested in him in years. I just don’t find his in ring work compelling anymore at all.
  12. Also, them bringing back all these WCW guys is awesome for me because I’m watching them 25 years ago in their prime every week lol
  13. It’s just insane how AEW has invigorated my passion in professional wrestling so much. I’m glad I’m not a WWE stan and have been able to enjoy other companies since I started watching. Because you know that’s a tall task for others
  14. Just bought this Punk shirt. I had the original white one from MITB 11, but I think I sold it a year ago because it was too small and had some bleach stains. Gonna rebuy that one maybe next week. And I’m excited to see what his AEW merch will be
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