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  1. PLEASE GIVE ME A SHANE THORNE PUSH PLEASE man, can you imagine a Buddy Murphy & & Shane Thorne tag team or singles matches ???
  2. I used to not be attracted to her but the past year she’s looked really damn good to me idk what it is
  3. Y’all wanna keep the 3 and a half hour 2 night Mania’s or bring back the 1 night 7 hour extravaganza?
  4. Just noticed they both have that blue light near the bottom lol
  5. Yeah I’m doing the same tbh. Was watching the past few weeks to see the build for wrestlemania because I was going but even that’s been awful. Legitimately nothing to be excited about Raw anymore. I still listen to like 4-5 wrestling podcasts so I stay up to date though.
  6. Ahhh I thought Cassidy too. Their original names remind me of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler.
  7. The updated gold logo looks great. Every update to that keeps getting better. I hate that they brought back the giant 2016 X though. And the demon on top ? None of it makes sense at all. Way too cluttered. And it clashes hard with Raw & SD’s logo.
  8. The IIconics in AEW would be fun. Without looking it up, it was Jessie McKay & KC Macintosh right ? Or something like that I actually remember when they signed and got their WWE names and people crapping on the “Billie” name. Damn..time flies. I also remember people saying Billie was a good wrestler pre-WWE, but she never really showed that lol
  9. Twitter is sick. People calling for Velveteen Dream to be fired is cool, but now they’re lumping in Devlin, Riddle among others even though the accusations have been refuted.
  10. Thing is I rather her as a face. She’s a good heel, but they haven’t tapped into that ultra sympathetic baby face of hers I know she has.
  11. Random but I hope we get SDS in AEW
  12. This company *censored*ing sucks. well having time to cool off and digest the news, I hope all the releases make WWE regret their decision and eat shit. Look forward to some dream matches.
  13. Dakota Kai could’ve been one of the biggest baby faces and underdog in a Bayley esque roll had they gone that route. I thought a few years ago the ultimate long term story was to have her dethrone Shayna. Sucks she’s basically a heel/tweener sidekick now. Her turning on Raquel would be dumb as well so they shouldn’t do that. Really don’t know where they go with her from here. Unless Raquel becomes a clear heel and I don’t see that happening rn either.
  14. What’s your weekly wrestling schedule?
  15. Lmao what’re you talking about ? She got released for ego/attitude problems. Reportedly the no sell to Thunder Rosa that one match and shading other women on the roster. She hasn’t even been good since Lucha Underground which was like 4-5 years ago at its peak. Clearly she’s the problem and this loss isn’t going to change a thing.
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