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  1. Bushy.

    WWE Drama

    Damn. That’s so sad. I remember people speculating they thought it was because she was recently sick.
  2. I agree with you. I don’t necessarily play the game for “a challenge”. Even though I can win on legend difficulty with ease. I much prefer to have a simulation style booking exactly how I want the card to go.
  3. Yeah I have no idea. And it’s been like that for almost a decade now. Truly ridiculous stuff.
  4. Yeah, Bianca Belair is my favorite women’s wrestler of all time and I’m not mad she won, but it was time for her to drop the belt and I feel like Asuka is pretty much useless now.
  5. Didn’t even do an official prediction and I think I got every single one wrong tonight.
  6. Wanted a weekend getaway so got a Airbnb to host a WM party for this weekend.
  7. Not defending him, but I don’t think people seriously caught that.
  8. Just played my first match. The advanced AI setting’s definitely makes the game feel more simulation based. I can already tell I’ll enjoy this more than 22.
  9. Oh damn. Well, thankfully there’s still other stuff from him that he uploaded I want to use.
  10. Was gonna wait to buy the game, but the hidden arenas Status uploaded to CC had me get this on impulse. I’d be pissed off if they get removed but the time I was ready.
  11. That’s good ! One of the things that made me stop playing 2K22.
  12. Finally got a new section a week before release lmao
  13. Nah, it’s a cop out. If they want to get them in other modes of the game, they can. But they don’t want to.
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