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  1. Great show last night Hopefully this is what gets their ball rolling again. Excited for what’s next for the first time since All Out.
  2. AEW does way too many worked shoot promos. I feel like almost every main PPV feud is centered around mentioning a wrestlers past in WWE, and how they politicked their way to a top position, etc. Like it’s one thing for it to be MJF’s shtick, but Britt Baker coming out with her stuff against Sarayah, not mention the sandbagging stuff. It’s too WCW/TNA-esque.
  3. Skipped out on watching the show again. Seems like I didn’t miss much ??? And how the *Censored* does Jeff Jarrett have a match on the PPV? Lol. Idk what the *Censored* is going on with this company rn but they need to snap out of it. Because currently, I’m not even watching the shows.
  4. Probably because a snarky one liner is no where near as bad as literally starting a brawl backstage lol
  5. I’ve always known Cabana was an Indy legend. Hell, in my early days as IWC smark I popped when he joined WWE as Scotty Goldman without even seeing his work, only based on his reputation. But actually watching him? Yeah. Never did anything for me.
  6. AEW is straight up turning into WCW lol.
  7. Yeah I don’t either. I get not liking any guys of the Elite, but comparing some dumb one liner that went over mostly everyone’s heads until Punk brought it up months later, to a guy going rogue on a company media scrum and then immediately following that up with throwing the first shots in a heated backstage brawl ? Yeah, no.
  8. Can’t believe I agreed with every single thing PTW said on this page. Crazy.
  9. Really haven’t been feeling the shows. Stopped watching Rampage a month ago, and I still haven’t finished Dynamite from last week. Desperately need the Elite to come back, Adam Cole & some other guys to get my interest reignited again. I also would like a visual reset for the show. Everything just looks so damn dark and boring.
  10. my interest in this company is dwindling by the week.
  11. Never thought my love for this company would die so fast. I take back whatever I said PaperThinWalls.
  12. Damn… finding out Fight Me left put like a nail in the coffin for this site. He was the lifeblood tbh.
  13. Don’t blame anyone who’s a diehard AEW fan for completely shitting on the company is ran rn. And for the haters, can’t blame them at all for the criticism. The shows & PPV’s are still all enjoyable, but backstage is just a complete *censored*ing mess. They’re in absolute shambles rn and TK is a spineless coward. This needs to end with Punk & Steele being fired. Don’t even care about how much of a fan I am of him. Wrong is wrong. Dude is a cancer to wrestling and he’ll be the death of this company if they keep him.
  14. I’ve been a fan of CM Punk since 2007. That’s 15 years. I literally cried real tears when he returned a year ago in 2021. It is without a doubt my favorite wrestling moment OF ALL TIME. But, this dude is a cancer to every locker room he’s a part of. He’s got to go.
  15. Also gotta say the match graphics itself looks sick. They always kill it. Love the moving graphics they had on TV too !
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