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  1. I don’t know if it’s unpopular or not and I don’t really care, but I love Aleister Black’s new theme. hot take, but off of one listen I like it more than his old one which is a classic.
  2. Waiting for someone to crack the unlocker on switch & PC because I’m not grinding to unlock anything. Don’t have time or interest for that.
  3. Idk what happened to Ivelisse but she’s legit terrible now. She was so much better in LU and that was only a few years ago. How do you regress that much at 33 with 16 years of experience?
  4. Yeah I definitely agree. But the shows rn don’t even make any sense. They contradict continuity week to week and even in the same show. They ruin every call up. Smh
  5. BROOO WTF MAN NOOOOO RIP Animal .... this one hurt.
  6. This show is so bad man. None of it even makes any sense lmao.
  7. Also, if anyone has ever played NBA 2K Playgrounds, the menus and feel is almost exactly the same. I knew ahead of time because “Playgrounds” “Battlegrounds”. Both are arcade takes on the series, but yeah they definitely feel alike.
  8. Wow lmao. I really wonder wtf someone did that.
  9. Man the graphics for this look amazing on my PC.
  10. Lmao Just played it for like 5 minutes on switch. I can’t be the only person who hates random controls schemes like the one in this game right ?
  11. Really excited to play this but I heard it has a repetitive moveset.
  12. Miro should be the last one for a while.
  13. Man this weeks NXT was great.
  14. Man I’m sooooo excited for Miro/Rusev in AEW. That’s definitely one of the main guys I’ve wanted to see in the company since the start. Could see him as world champ one day for sure. I also hope he’s able to work out a deal with NJPW. So many great matchups there for him.
  15. Bruh Garza & Andrade have been doing the same disgruntled tag partner storyline for like 5 months now. Enough. Either stay together as a team or break up. I’m over it.
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