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  1. Evan Bourne vs CM Punk. God damn I feel like I’m 13 again
  2. Man for the love of god, can we get Lee on TV please. And Ruby stuck on YouTube already sucks. They need to do better, especially with the introduction of the new TBS belt.
  3. I don’t mind what he’s doing now, I just want his AEW theme back and for him to ditch the wrist tape.
  4. Great move ! Hope they get Braun & Murphy too. Lowkey Bray as well lol
  5. Watching Rhodes to the Top. It’s so weird seeing people like Reka and Renegade on TV now that I’ve met them in person multiple times lol.
  6. Finally met Zicky last night at my local Indy. Love the guy. Definitely one of my favorites and I hope he goes far.
  7. Yes. Not sure. I definitely wanted his ROH theme but I’m glad his AEW theme ending up clicking. I thought his solo NXT theme was horrible.
  8. Getting the reDRagon theme back melted me
  9. Just seeing this now my bad. The reason he’s one of my favorites is because I started watching Nitro from the beginning, so I’m very familiar with him. I was more so saying I didn’t see him wrestle while he was active.
  10. Top 3 episode of Dynamite. That show was great.
  11. I’m really mad the TBS Championship looks a million times better than the Women’s World title lol I don’t even care if it’s a copy and paste, it looks better.
  12. Arn cemented himself last night as to why he’s one of my favorites of all time and I never even seen him wrestle in his day. He’s the only reason I bought a 4HM shirt a few months ago
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