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  1. Good god. I did NOT expect that Becky announcement.
  2. It’s just weird because you never see that. Him turning face wouldn’t make sense.
  3. Huh??? Seth face turn? When you ever see heels & face shake hands
  4. Seth’s Messiah easily his best look ever. Probably my favorite in WWE tbh
  5. Why this chick telling me he’s had this theme for 3 weeks smh
  6. Damn I never new Seth got a new theme lmao
  7. I hate Tamina and I don’t care for Bayley
  8. Had a little photo shoot the day of Mania since obviously we couldn’t go.
  9. Really looking forward to this show. Gonna get pizza and drinks for it.
  10. Never thought my girlfriend who I got into wrestling in August of 2019 would have watched more wrestling than I have lately lol. I’m so behind. I still listen to podcasts though. But I haven’t watched much.
  11. I’ll definitely be getting this for switch & maybe PC if they make a port for it. I don’t mind MT when they’re done like the WWE games. Just extra content you want instead of play to win. Would make a fun addition to my library splitting time between Smash, AC & whatever else I play.
  12. Wow. So glad I decided to start modding WWE 2k19 for PC last year instead. There’s no way in hell I could be playing vanilla 19 with CAWs or 20 on consoles til fall of 2021 lol Maybe its time for you guys to make the jump too.
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