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  1. Bushy.

    Creations Archive

    What do you guys use for WALTER’s entrance/champion entrance ?
  2. Never liked Martinez’s look but this is definitely somewhat better.
  3. Santana Garret looking sexy asf
  4. Adam Cole is not 6 feet tall
  5. I don’t care what anyone says, Swerve is one of the smoothest and most crispest wrestlers I’ve ever seen. Literally everything he does just looks fluid. And it’s not a pun on his Swerve name or anything, I remember thinking that when he was in Lucha Underground.
  6. Nah Swerve you gotta delete that attire bro...
  7. I still haven’t been spoiled.
  8. Same ! Listening to WOL and Bryan Alvarez is saying how he’s not good in ring and the no selling sucks, match with Roddy was bad and too long. Wtf? I expected him to be way worse (I’ve never seen his Sam Shaw work in TNA), but he’s actually a pretty good wrestler. His moves look solid and his punches are believable. Not to mention he’s able to stay completely in character the whole match. I don’t know what the ceiling is for him, but I look forward to watching him on TV all the time. Definitely in my top 5 favorites rn.
  9. I’ve liked all those stories tbh. really looking forward to NXT tonight !
  10. As a guy who prefers simulation style like 2k19 over arcade style like HCTP, I’m absolutely loving this. This game just looks like a lot of fun. Being able to boot this up and have a quick 5 minute session of whacky wrestling on my lunch break seems promising. Also, the visual style is really appealing to me. Looks visually better to ME than All Stars. Just the fact that we have different environments alone. and release date in September ?
  11. Love the cover. Goes well with my Switch library.
  12. Man I put the US title in 2k19 and must say I’m really feeling it. Wish there was more blue at the LEAST. Biggest thing I hate is the “United States” being way smaller than “Champion”
  13. They definitely got the giant champion from that.
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