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Remember when... 2


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Do you guys remember DDP getting a new theme in 2001 right before WCW died? I was watching some 2001 WCW and was pretty surprised to hear it. Now I'm even more annoyed he got that terrible WWF theme.


I guess that Nirvana drummer dude finally threatened to sue or something? It's actually pretty good. I wish they had hired a more competent musician to do their theme songs because a lot felt lacking.


Jimmy Hart and Howard Helm were...okay, but there's not really any themes by them I'd consider "defining" that aren't rip offs of real songs.


Goldberg's theme was stock music, the nWo's theme was also stock music, DDP's theme was a rip off etc. Sting's Crow theme is great, probably Jimmy's Magnum Opus tbh


This one is much better than the atypical theme they gave guys, though lol


tbh 2001 WCW was a HUGE improvement compared to 2000..it was actually pretty good. Still, paying for Michael Buffer in 2001...why.

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"You support an unjust war."


When the "heel" is the face. lol


I remember seeing his first vignette in the grocery store and thought "ah this is good, he's a wrestler who just happens to be from arabic background". I was really upset when they decided to go the way they did with him, it was a big mistake, and as for the angle that finished it - tasteless.


Shame it finished Mark Copani's career as well, I thought he was quite talented. I can't believe they couldn't have found something for him later on.

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