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Remember when... 2


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Remember the original Titantron? I loved that thing. Raw Is War was such a huge improvement over 1996 Raw. Unfortunately though, it seems like the first screen was kinda washed out.


I remember the episode where Big Show tore it down with Austin.

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Is there a better demonstration of how out of touch WWE is/was with their fans? I absolutely loved this moment though.
I mean, here they are, hyping "the biggest main-event ever" to decide the undisputed champion between Randy Orton and John Cena, and the fans are basically rejecting it.

Imagine if WWE wasn't so hellbent on suggesting the idea that Orton and Cena are the closest thing to Rock/Austin of this generation, and CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were given that position instead in the last few years?
I know it is said a lot but not capitalizing fully on Punk and Bryan's popularity is one of the biggest missed opportunities in the last decade, and the fact that they didn't even get to reach their full potential is quite irritating.
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I'll throw one even better, liontamer: the WWE's constant push of Roman Reigns when he clearly wasn't ready dating all the way back to when they broke up The Shield for no reason.


Want proof? Royal Rumble 2015.

It's not that he wasn't ready...it was just so unorganic and forced...


Plus the Authority factor.


And the Shield wasn't broken up for no reason. The WWE has been in the need for fresh main eventers and the Shield did everything they could do as a group. Breaking up the Shield right then was a good decision.

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Dustin Rhodes' suspected child abductor/molester gimmick in WCW?




The one and only.


I know this was during the time that I had given up on WCW but I can't believe I didn't see this when it first happened.

This was hilarious. :lol:

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