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  1. I did not play 3 but I used to play the Gundam Musou series, so I was familiar with the concept. Not sure if it's better than 3 but leveling up seems to be improved from what I read and some in game mechanics like air combat got added. It starts with Alabasta.
  2. Yeah i got it. Only played a few hours so far but i like it a lot.
  3. Never knew he broke Nancy’s back before killing her, absolutely horrific.
  4. Amsterdam Avenue perhaps? Oh nvm didn’t see the dates below the image.
  5. I just see a black i think you quoted the wrong thing.
  6. Hair dye is now completely *censored*ed up on creations before the patch.
  7. Yeah I actually thought my game crashed yesterday when it took that long until it finally loaded.
  8. Is it just me or did the loading time in the caw display menu become a lot longer since yesterday's patch?
  9. Smackdown is being relocated to the PC this week. https://twitter.com/ryansatin/status/1238199885838430208?s=20
  10. Sucks that Dakota lost but Raquel is a beast. Finally someone in the women's division that actually comes across like a legit monster.
  11. Because it actually affects the league. Now if someone on the roster gets the virus it becomes a different story all together.
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