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  1. Regardless if Roman is right or not, what is he supposed to say? Both as his current character and a top WWE guy.
  2. I feel like Moxley has regressed as a character. I wish he still had the Ambrose sarcasm and fun with an edge. Right now he just feels like he is playing an angry man for no reason. I don’t want last heel run Ambrose but just an edgier face Ambrose
  3. Smackdown is also going to be on a different channel. They could have a much lower rating than normal
  4. Roman doesn’t need a new challenger until after Survivor Series, which tbh I could see them giving him a predictable defense like Ricochet at the Rumble. Reigns is kinda in coast mode until the possible Rock match
  5. It makes the brand vs brand even more pointless at Survivor Series. Why have brand vs brand right after the draft. I would either move the draft after Mania again or implement the draft into Survivor Series where the winner wins a pick for their show
  6. Becky Charlotte Liv Usos Priest Reigns
  7. I think what helps them is that they had Big E announce it and they went through with it. Usually they advertise something and find a way to get around it which I thought would happen with the cash in. If WWE just follows through with what they advertise and promote then they will be better in the long run.
  8. I agree that’s what will happen. Vince brought back the Demon so quickly for merch. He doesn’t actually see money in Balor himself
  9. I think the injury is legit. What better way to bring in a new era than having someone new win the title off the “old guard”.
  10. It’s also the first week of MNF
  11. He is also in the football and soccer business and you have to be willing to let people go in those fields. I’m sure when the time comes or if it is needed he will let someone go. I don’t think you will get the yearly cuts like WWE does.
  12. I loved GM Mode but a mix of Universe and GM Mode would be the best. I want actual storylines and feuds to play out that effect the show
  13. I had no doubts he was going to AEW before this but Cole as a manager would have been a slap in the face.
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