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  1. I’m so glad the main event wasn’t spoiled for me. Made the match and moment so much better. I’m not a fan of double champs but I’m interested to see how they move forward.
  2. Wonder if Vince was thinking, where has that Heath been all these years, meanwhile he was a barely booked ones yet act. That whole segment is why reality based wrestling works more now than ever.
  3. I thought he resigned for a few years. The whole his last big contract rumors
  4. I guess it’s also an easy way to cut contracts and save more money also saw Dream was in an accident today so that might delay the release a little
  5. Text and voice messages can’t be altered? I feel like what was said on the previous page. He is accused using just enough “evidence” to put it in your wad that he is guilty. Nothing in those text scream grooming to me. It opens the door a little but I don’t automatically go there. I also still believe in innocent until proven guilty. If all the allegations are true than shame on Dream and good riddance but I’m not there yet
  6. I really do think Dream is more ignorant than predator
  7. Jaime Noble tested positive. so sloppy might not be the best way to put it. My point still stands that the virus does not care what company you work for. AEW could also do better at limiting groups by not having a lumber jack match or pull a parts or have someone spit in someone’s face. Again testing is not foolproof. The UFC fighter that tested positive the weekend of his fight a month or so ago tested negative one day and the next tested positive. Also before I get accused, I am not defending WWE or being a WWE apologist, just see a lot of people(not specific to here) shit on everything WWE and sees AEW as people who do nothing wrong.
  8. Most likely to replace an actual taping
  9. Testing isn’t foolproof. You can test negative one day but test positive the next day. I just feel like AEW is getting a little sloppy with it and I could see it biting them eventually. Of course I would love to be wrong but I take the stand that it’s not over yet and we shouldn’t ease our precautions just bc some things are reopening
  10. Adam Pearce also QT Marshall was also pulled from Dynamite last night because he was exposed. Said to be from a non wrestling friend
  11. I know it was a joke but AEW isn’t immune. Just because they had everyone tested before having them come back does not mean that someone couldn’t have caught it since then. Yes AEW handled it better but the virus doesn’t care what company you work for.
  12. I’d rather Cesaro and Sheamus feud again. Cesaro can be face and maybe finally be elevated. I know it will never happen in WWE but Cesaro should be in the main event
  13. Shotzi Blackheart is on Tinder
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