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  1. I hate brand vs brand when it’s right after the draft. Not like brand vs brand is that great either way
  2. Escobar Rhea Lumis Priest- Trick or Street Fight Io- Shotzi’s Choice
  3. R-Truth vs Gulak for the 24/7 title on the kickoff show via Gulak’s IG
  4. Barrett in 2010 like stated above and Cesaro after he won the Andre battle royal. Dude was over af
  5. The Sheamus feud was perfect mix. Same old Big E but when he needs to get serious he is a monster.
  6. Wouldn’t mind Jordan being a manager for Gable. Jordan could help Gable get back to the level they were as a team.
  7. R-Truth Jeff Hardy The Miz Sasha Banks Drew McIntyre Roman Reigns
  8. Oney and Burch were a good face team that always lost the big one. Love the heel turn especially if McAfee sticks around as their manager.
  9. I feel the same about this story. I really want to see Jey win which I never though I would say even though I know it won’t happen.
  10. The draft would mean so much more if WWE actually kept the brands separate. Brand supremacy is dumb for Survivor Series when it’s a month after the draft. The Royal Rumble should be the only time the rosters touch. And don’t even get me started on the stupid wild card rules
  11. Basically it’s up to the show if they want a whole tag team or group. That was allowed in the rules. Raw didn’t want all of New Day, they just wanted Woods and Kofi. Smackdown wanted Otis but did not want Tucker. On the flip side Raw wanted the whole Hurt Business so all 4 were picked. It’s just based on who the show wanted.
  12. It’s whatever they want it to be. The “rules” stated a show can pick a whole team unless they specifically choose a member. Rey and Dom are considered a team and with New Day, kayfabe wise Raw only wanted Kofi and Woods
  13. https://www.pwinsider.com/article/140307/wwe-star-removed-from-raw-roster.html?p=1 Mercedes Martinez is going back to NXT
  14. Owens and Bray were a step off the whole match.
  15. I was just wondering where Lars was
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