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  1. I like the 2 nights. 1 7 hour show is a drag no matter how good the content is
  2. I wonder if we will get the MITB on top of the office building as an arena.
  3. I just hope AEW starts to slow down their booking. There was no reason Hardy/Darby had to be falls count anywhere. The feud really just started and that was a blow off type match in a couple weeks. I assume the feud isn’t over due to all the run ins but they really need to let stories develop and not just throw away gimmick matches
  4. One thing to keep in mind whenever someone gets released like this, it’s always possible they went to them to take a pay cut first. So maybe someone like Joe was asked to take a pay cut and said no and they said ok we are going to have to release you. It happens in sports like the NFL every year.
  5. If Vince strips down the writing and approves the final results, there isn’t much the writers can do.
  6. People blaming Johnny Ace? He is just the messenger. Vince approves everything.
  7. Joe could be injury related but either way thought he did pretty well on commentary. I def see Chelsea Green going back to Impact
  8. Let Kai be the face the heels beat to get to Reina. Eventually you can have Kai turn in Reina when she’s sick of being a punching bag. It could work but not right away
  9. I think Bruce gets a bad rap. He knows when to push Vince and when not to. If Vince wants to go with something and that’s final, Bruce does his best to make it work. I know he is seen as a yes man but going with what your boss decides does not make you a yes man
  10. Tyson looking more like Holyfield these days
  11. Graves back on both shows? Ugh he is much better when he can focus on one show
  12. Eh it’s what I get for not really watching Raw and Smackdown and just reading results haha
  13. Fans make such a huge difference for WWE. I easily enjoyed the show just for having fans there.
  14. Bunny/Priest Rollins Braun Naomi/Lana(also win the titles Night 2) New Day McIntyre Belair Orton Owens Riddle Ripley Big E Edge
  15. If we are talking pre order bonuses, I think Bad Bunny is a safe bet for the celebrity pick. Punk is the last big preorder 2K has. I can’t think of another besides Owen which won’t happen.
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