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  1. Will prob move it to Tuesday or Thursday those weeks. USA has been flexible in the past
  2. Can they just change 205 live into a secondary NXT show. I know it basically is but outside of the tourney there seems to be no flow between the 2 shows. Making it a second show would give the more inexperienced superstars get some reps on a WWE produced show while then the main NXT can take its time with the higher players on the card without the show feeling too packed like it does not sometimes.
  3. Probably so they can still keep the roster smaller for each day but wouldn’t surprise me if the 2 night thing becomes the norm
  4. How is DLC announced when so much of the game is unknown?
  5. I think Raw/Smackdown need fans the most. Vince may say that they are a television product and all the production values would say that but I truly believe Vince and company are still struggling on booking a show without fans. Everything just seems off. Now I’m not saying fans will fix all of the problems but I think Vince will have a better gauge and at least try to go with the audience or go against them but either way it makes him try. Everything on Raw and Smackdown feels like it’s just going through the motions.
  6. I only listened to the podcast version and just hearing Big E get emotional got me. Haven’t felt like this about a wrestler death since Eddie. The love everyone had for Brodie is amazing.
  7. Not what I want but something I could see happening. For who I want, I’m good with Hangman or Darby
  8. I have a feeling it will be Cody. I know he can’t challenge for it now but if the Impact storyline continues for the majority of the year, I see AEW turning to Cody to get the title back.
  9. Didn’t appreciate Wardlow until his interview on the AEW podcast. He is a cool dude and I agree, I see Batista potential.
  10. I don’t think boring is fair for Kross. It’s similar to when EC3 was in NXT. He just doesn’t fit the style. NXT has been built on the “Takeover worthy” matches. Kross is made for the main roster. In NXT his ring work just stands out more as different due to the style we are used to.
  11. Kid is already a natural promo. Not scared or timid at all. I can def see him staying with it as a dream and becoming a wrestler. We know as long as AEW is around Brodie Jr will have guidance and a real shot
  12. I feel so bad for someone like Tatanka who literally dressed in full ring gear only to stand in silence backstage. At least put him in a quick squash. I’m sure T-Bar could have used a quick win.
  13. Kross Thatcher Raquel Escobar Balor
  14. Probably just looking for a ratings bump with no football competition
  15. The tweets aren’t great but I wonder how many of those people were just trying to make a clever tweet but kept watching. There’s no doubt in my mind that AEW had to gain something from the lead in
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