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  1. Literally a minute in and I have tears in my eyes. Might be more difficult than I thought.
  2. I get that they might not have been allowed to be out there but their answer to that was to stick a bunch of them in a small room. Kinda defeats the purpose of not having people together.
  3. Nice I just reached 1/4/99 myself. Watching all the shows including ECW and PPVs
  4. Not really sure what they cut out, it was still a hour and a half. They left in the old matches on this weeks episode
  5. The Hulu version is pretty good. A little more compact. Also just realized no proper Raw after Mania this year.
  6. I say Rock vs Hogan also. You still have the awesome stare down moment from Raw when they made the match but the other 3 matches are better.
  7. I gotta be honest, I laughed when Byron responded “Hell Yeah”.
  8. If anybody could pull it off it’s Truth. He got over by talking to an invisible kid.
  9. Every sports has been cancelled, I just don’t see how they move forward with the show.
  10. NBA just suspended their season due to a player testing positive. I just don’t see how they let WrestleMania happen.
  11. Bryan Black Street Profits Carillo Braun Baszler- order- Logan, Natalya, Liv, Ruby, Asuka Miz and Morrison- order- LHP, Ziggler/Roode, Heavy Machinery, Usos, New Day
  12. Moxley MJF Bucks Hager Darby Nyla Pac Dark Order
  13. Cant be too mad about the Saudi shows. WWE is pretty transparent, the theme song is always When Legends Rise. The legends are always going to win in Saudi.
  14. Ive heard Truth say in interviews that when he is given something he makes it work. Now he doesnt just do it blindly but he will put his spin on it. Vince probably love that and it shows that guys can still do that but due to fear they just follow the script.
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