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  1. The former Babatunde looks to be getting a push, unless it was a one off. And tbh Lashley, MVP, and Shelton are all legitimate. A lot of people hating on Ziggler being involved but he is also legitimate. It’s easy to forget their real life abilities when WWE forces corny characters and bad booking.
  2. Reports going around that Rock is now co-owner and put in 15 mil. It’s almost like Ballers coming to life with Rock taking on the NFL.
  3. I could easily seen them using Kingston to get Santana and Ortiz on their own. It might not happen until the FTR/Young Bucks feud is over bc I feel the titles will he added to that soon and then Santana and Ortiz can be next in line.
  4. What’s weird is that I’m pretty sure Myers has recent students that worked some AEW Dark matches. Plus he does have the connection of MJF and Statlander being formers students also. I thought Myers was a lock for AEW. Impact probably is a better schedule for him regardless of the virus.
  5. Can they please sign Kingston and put Santana and Ortiz back with him. I don’t want them to feud like in Impact but I want Santana and Ortiz to be moved away from Jericho. They don’t really fit as the comedy henchmen when they can be so much more and Kingston can help get them there.
  6. Might have been easier for WWE to acquire the rights. Most Indy promotions are probably looking for the quick pay day
  7. I see some people think Bliss was revealed as Sister Abigail on Social Media. It was obv just to mess with Braun.
  8. There are many things wrong with WWE but imo the worst is their formula leading to PPVs. I wish WWE became more unpredictable. Tbh I’d rather hotshotting, albeit good hotshotting if it means unpredictability and good TV
  9. Rollins Wyatt Asuka Bayley Crews New Day McIntyre- Extreme Rules
  10. I agree, I miss Impact Santana and Ortiz. They were legit main eventers as a team and the could be the best part of the show
  11. I really want to like Omega and the Bucks but with AEW being my first real exposure there is just something missing for me. The Bucks matches are good but I want to see them really get into something. Omega I want to see get that singles run. I’m over the will they won’t they get along thing with Page. Page is actually the one I’ve enjoyed the most out of the group since AEW started.
  12. I feel like one person said Stone kinda looks like Khan and the sheets ran with it
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