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  1. I was so happy to see how NXT had that triple threat Tag team match. I literally made a post about a week ago in the Show Discussion thread that I wanted to see multi tag matches done that way. It just made so much more logical sense to have one member from each team in the ring.
  2. Maybe the wrestlers had their own deals and Impact pulled them because of that. Maybe Impact is going to try and negotiate being a part of the deal to give the rights to use their contracted wrestlers. I’m sure they want to make money out of it.
  3. Heel Team Balor Kross Lee Charlotte Cole
  4. That’s an amazing list of talent and yes I include Bo Dallas in that compliment.
  5. In both cases he was surrounded by people who always lost. A group is only as good as its weakest memeber.
  6. I’m cool with Garza getting a challenger of the month title match with Drew
  7. Seems like something they can have as a cinematic match. Especially with the Inner Circle involved
  8. I miss relaxed Cena that we got I would say since 2016 after the draft. He just seemed like he was having fun again. Now Top Guy Cena who was doing anything to protect his spot was god awful.
  9. Xavier Woods has the same injury so I hope it isn’t as bleak for him also.
  10. Random thought, why in multi tag team matches like triple threat and fatal 4-ways, why do they always have 2 people in the ring. I feel like it should always be 1 person from each team in the ring at a time.
  11. I listen to the Busted Open podcast and I ended up having to skip when Mark Henry is on. His opinions seem very simplified which makes him ramble and say a lot of stupid stuff.
  12. Makes me hopeful for DLC in the future. Seems like the sky’s the limit roster wise.
  13. Probably something like they will be part of the Wild Card thing
  14. It’s an easy story. Tournaments make the weekly show matches mean something and I’m sure Sami Will feud with whoever wins the title. I have no problem with it
  15. I wouldn’t even be for so much for the Taker looks tbh. All the different superstars they can add. Kinda like Austin’s, was more hyped for the random legends we got that year.
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