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  1. Balor Ronda Bloodline Team Belair- 5th member Nia Jax Rollins
  2. I have a weird feeling Nia Jax will be the surprise team member
  3. It’s not like Theory was taking over things in NXT, he was a comedy character, albeit a very good one, but Triple H must see some sort of ceiling in Theory but I wouldn’t be surprised if his current run is due to them countering all the Vince stuff and indirectly making it look like Vince took a L picking Theory as the new chosen one I also think the MITB contract should be retired for a bit or at least change it to maybe the winner getting the Main Event of Summerslam like the Rumble is for Mania.
  4. I think he just fits WWE better, kinda like Cody
  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is similar to the WCW Korea show where no tickets are sold.
  6. I agree and regardless of the feelings about the country, the crowd was a huge plus this show. They were up to date with storylines and into everything
  7. Sucks he got hurt. I actually wanted to see the Paul brothers vs the Usos and I would even be ok with them beating the Usos to further Reigns getting annoyed with Jey again
  8. I still enjoy AEW but I big blow for me was how they handled Cole/Fish/O’Reilly especially Cole. Dude had so much momentum and they cared more about playing to a YouTube show from years ago that not everyone saw. Also hate all the ROH taking up time, there’s a difference between keeping the brand relevant until he revival and just plain overdoing it and it’s currently the latter. TK really should hire one or two people to book and then he is the filter because what he is doing is not working for me and I’m sure I’m not alone.
  9. O.C. Braun Lesnar McIntyre Asuka/Bliss Usos Reigns Belair
  10. I mean how would most people react if 3 best friends barge into your locker room. I’m sure the Elite were not going to pick a fight but I bet they were fired up
  11. I’m cool with MJF just being MJF, he doesn’t have to be heel, face, or a tweener. Just let him be the character and the fans will decide when to be on his side and when not to be.
  12. Honestly I just want Punk signed so he can be put back in the games. Other than that I don’t think it would be worth it to have him on screen, even with the new regime. It’s not like Punk was ever a Hunter guy obv.
  13. Waller-Blindfold match Perez Creed Rose Lee Breakker
  14. Too many titles, too many wrestlers, trying to showcase 2 brands, and no sense of direction. I think it’s time for TK to assign someone else to book, he’s just not that guy and the honeymoon period is over especially with WWE getting better and better every week
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