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  1. The company must be hoping Roderick Strong’s contract is up soon because I can’t think of any other reason why Marina keeps getting time on Dynamite. Awkward in matches and the “stoned faced killer” just doesn’t work
  2. Attitude Era 2.0 just go all in…jk this shit is wild
  3. Pretty weird that Stephanie leaves right before this comes out
  4. Good on AEW to end up doing the right thing. No one is to blame but Jeff at this point. I said it on the WWE post but at this point I’m more worried about Jeff hurting someone else because of his actions.
  5. I’ve lost hope that Jeff will correct himself. Just afraid of him hurting someone else at this point.
  6. Judgment Day Ezekiel Lashley Cody Moss Theory Belair
  7. Maybe it’s just me that finds TK unlikable. Sure I appreciate what he is doing and has done some good but overall he rubs me the wrong way. I think on paper like you are saying, yes MJF should be full heel because for the most part the ex WWE guys have been fan favorites that were misused. The one small thing is that they are leaning on the WWE thing. Now if he just generally said “your favorite free agents” maybe he would have got more boos. But based on execution and delivery, it was a very face promo because everything MJF said was true and he continues to back it up. He is the first heel in a long time where he says something and then backs it up.
  8. Imo I think it’s because TK isn’t super likable. Sure he is the leader of a company that is primarily popular but the man himself isn’t. So that mixed with MJF speaking mostly truths, you have a baby face promo. People also want to cheer MJF bc he is so good. They boo mostly to go along with his character since we have enough “cool heels”. Now saying all that, I don’t think MJF will continue as face in this story or turn face anytime soon, outside of Long Island of course
  9. Tony D and goons Pretty Deadly Toxic Attraction Grimes Mandy Breakker
  10. I think Cole did, he needed something big since coming in and losing to Hangman. Baker did not need it. Should have went to Toni or Ruby
  11. Some people are going to complain but from a business standpoint, AEW needed to do this, they have big meetings coming up with TNT and they are still trying to get a streaming partner. They needed someone like Punk as their main champ to sell to the masses
  12. I’ll never understand why these matches don’t have 1 person per team in the match at a time. I hate when a team has both guys watching
  13. If they ever patch Universe, I reached the month where I can’t make PPVs. So now I wait
  14. I hope it’s RA Hurricane and not current Hurricane
  15. It’s more difficult this year due to not having Greg Hamilton to record new lines for anyone not in game already. Unless 2K paid to use him but I can’t see WWE allowing that
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