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  1. I can’t see Roman leaving Smackdown. Drew probably moves to Smackdown, maybe Rollins back to Raw
  2. Anybody else think this might be Jericho’s swan song? Like I can see him saying he always wanted to do a death match and him wrestling Juventud is a cool callback. I can see him putting over MJF one last time.
  3. MVP: “Please welcome the newest member of the Hurt Business…”
  4. Loving Bad Luck Corbin and even more intrigued in an Owens/Corbin team. Just fits for me since Owens used to be a heel and can’t be trusted just as much as Corbin.
  5. Wouldn’t mind if the controls go back to the old set up. I just liked the feel better. Honestly it would surprise me if they do make that change and make it seem new and improved.
  6. Pretty good for where they are at in the process. The thing with Hassan is that he is one of WWE’s bigger what if’s. His character was polarizing and people were interested in how far he would have went if he wasn’t taken off TV. Was a shame they couldn’t find anything else for him to do. Always thought he was pretty solid and I enjoyed to hate him at the time.
  7. No harm no foul tbh. They tried it and it didn’t work. At least it was only a couple matches and not the whole show
  8. Wouldn’t mind a rematch with Britt but Thunder Rosa being the heel
  9. Please bring it back, love that theme
  10. I want to guess that maybe Scarlett will be added if Kross starts losing but that still doesn’t make sense since you already have an established act in NXT. NXT just doesn’t matter to WWE and it’s a shame.
  11. Nothing wrong with that imo
  12. I’m so ready for top guy Big E I wouldn’t worry yet about Balor. It was his return and the first night with a full crowd. I’ll let it develop and will worry if his promos revert back to smiling Balor
  13. Crowd was great. Missed WWE tbh and hope the crowds stay hot. i also like the new stage. Like a modern version of the Attitude era titantron. Sometimes simple is better
  14. Mysterios Viking Raiders Rhea Reigns Lashley Big E Liv Morgan
  15. I think Darby has a little bit of Jeff, Sting, and Foley. If you saw Foley on the Broken Skull Sessions he said that guys/girls should use what they have seen and filter through it and make it their own and that’s what I see in Darby. Yes he has aspects of other characters but he also super original too
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