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  1. Willows my man, how ya doin' bruh

  2. Bryan Black Street profits Almas Braun Shayna Miz & Morrison
  3. Raiders Garza Mansoor Roman Lashley Rollins and Murphy Miz & Morrison Bayley The Fiend Brock
  4. People cheer the shit out of Undisputed Era anyway so whatevs. Morals dont exist to most wrestling fans when it comes to heel/face actions tbh
  5. The rape face on some of those guys jesus lol
  6. Dream is not a face ever in his promos lol hes an arrogant prick
  7. Balor Dakota Broserweights Rhea Keith Lee Adam Cole
  8. Damn that lashes segment was difficult to watch. I was so hooked tho
  9. Yeah that one and Triple Hs in 2002 were insane
  10. Sheamus Roman Andrade Lacey Becky The Fiend Charlotte Drew McIntyre
  11. For real like i hate that the Destroyer is done by like every dude that comes back for a match and is like "hey look im not old!" I absolutely hate it and i hate that sometimes its a setup move too.
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