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  1. It's weird because he was All Lives Matter a couple of years ago. Usually people are set in their ways.
  2. So they're going to give me prescription drugs because I have too much noise in my head, which makes me feel like I'm some kind of a weirdo, so I won't tell anyone in real life, but it might help me study a lot better now, so it might end up being a good thing in the end. Also, as it turns out, I'm not entirely all there. So there's that.
  3. I wanted to go for two pairs myself, but that would leave me broke, so nah. I have contacts in, so it eases the strain on my eyes if I can just wear glasses for a day.
  4. I got glasses too. Have to pick them up next week. I'm actually excited for mine tbh, not a bs-moment.
  5. I like the red light. Just not during the entrance.
  6. Cedric Alexander probably outta there too, retweeting ACH still
  7. I thought she was younger, but she's 34 apparently.
  8. What's the opinion that his peers have of Riddle? Heard he wasn't as well liked as you'd think.
  9. Not saying I disagree with any of that, it's just the extra shit he's piling onto it. Well he does like anime But I like ani- yeah, okay yeah, I see what you mean.
  10. Yeah, ACH *censored*ed up when he started calling Jay Lethal Uncle Tom and decided to drag Kofi's name into the mix. Really impressive to become the bad guy when it starts with your persona being used for a blackface-shirt, but he managed to do it nonetheless. Now he comes across as a *censored*ing weirdo, despite something *censored*ed up happening to him. Wonder how Cedric Alexander is feeling, he backed ACH at first and might be scratching his head now.
  11. You'd almost think it's on purpose, it was that obvious.
  12. It is part of the point, it's why a lot of people are jumping on him. Because he's going about it in a corny way. If it was by default, then it wouldn't matter what he says and how he says it, but it isn't by default. His presentation of what he wants to say turns people off. A different approach would've garnered different reactions. But he doesn't have that kind of charisma, so yeah, sucks for him.
  13. Andrade needs to do a face turn, so that he can tranquilo it all the way up again and then do a heel turn, so that he can keep the tranquilo and still have it make sense with Zelina telling him to get focused back in NXT. As a heel, it wouldn't make sense for him to go back to that, but as a face it would.
  14. Dentist said my dental hygiene is *censored*ed up. Inflammation at the gums, so.... I'm going there tomorrow and I'm going to get *censored*ed up again.
  15. Me enough to keep talking about it. Toni holds both the Australian and the New Zealand nationality, with one of her parents being an Australian and her being born in Auckland, New Zealand and she might qualify for the English nationality through her grandparents, but that one is a guess. Also, she didn't move to Australia at the age of 10, she was that old when she first got into wrestling. She moved some time earlier.
  16. Brock Lesnar's booking seems designed to piss people off. It's annoying because Lesnar really doesn't need to do much to be the best thing on tv. It should be so easy to push him without playing into other people's legitimate grievances, but it never happens.
  17. Imagine being woken up at 3 in the morning because someone's arguing with her baby daddy over the phone and then oversleeping to miss an uni lecture. *Censored*s are crabs yo.
  18. NXT Divas Season Heel Cole was god mode though.
  19. Yeah... My "analysis", which was the one sentence. Deep. I don't find it funny because it misses the mark a lot. That's it.
  20. I've been over Truth for a long time, at least Drake is still funny and original in the sense that he's been doing this only since the 24/7-title, but Truth been stale for years. Also, Oney Lorcan's Twitter reminds me of someone from 4chan who just got there and tries to talk in a certain way to fit in, but it doesn't work.
  21. holy shit, you're back? How are ya? (Also, I'm posting this on your profile, because I'm not sure if you get a notification if I just reply to the comment on my profile)

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