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  1. you're braindead for closing the forum about Chavo causing Eddie's death in 2007 when there's a lot of people who feel that way and a lot of evidence to that effect!

  2. Our shitty Canadian Netflix also has it. But Ima wait until the season is over so I can binge!
  3. Taker had a concussion. Doesnt count. But I see your point...
  4. Saw a bunch of fatties bitching about Naito and claiming that he is going into business for himself by saying he is above the title.
  5. Thanks. That is actually super interesting. Subtle but the good kind of subtle. Def going to tune in if they ever wrestle.
  6. I understand if its long and you do not want to type it out. But whats the just of their storied history? I heard there is even a romantic touch to it? Not making a joke...just to be clear.
  7. According to Omega on TIJ, he did not want to have a random match with Kota (which was the original WK match) because there was no story. He acknowledged their history but felt it would still be thrown together. He also said he does not care about just going out there and having a good match if it does not mean all that much. I like him a lot more after hearing that. Wish more people thought like that tbh.
  8. Except you're forgetting that they are still acting in these shows.
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