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  1. Never made sense to hire him in the first place. He's a guy that hates the state of modern wrestling and the style that most of the guys on the roster do. Plus he just doesn't have the energy for it anymore. Why would you hire someone like that? Even if it's just for name recognition, it's not worth it, because he just drags the show down with his apathy for everything
  2. ArmVD

    WWE Drama

    They already did. Last month apparently, shortly after they put the original up. Also, spot the grey version in the top row: I get that in black, it's not a good look but it's not like they just released that one. Problematic? Sure but in this context it comes across more like a shitty rush job like most of those new NXT shirts they dropped before going live. Also, Myles really does come off like a whiney bitch in his Tweets about this. "Just be happy you're getting paid merch, boy"
  3. I guess te saving grace is Tom Holland will still be playing Spider-Man. At least for the next one. Seeing as he's my favorite live action Spidey, that's a small win for me
  4. Doesn't bother me in the slightest. I want to feel bad for her because this is obviously going to end badly for her, but she's being so stubborn and stupid about it that I just don't care. I tried *shrugs*
  5. TIL my wife's aunt is being catfished by a guy claiming to be Seth Rollins. We've shown her pictures of Seth and Becky's engagement. Her response: "Oh that's just a publicity stunt. Becky Lynch is a hateful woman. He won't marry someone like her"
  6. Pretty sure Insomniac already announced a sequel is happening
  7. The more things change, the more they stay the same, I guess. Remember when Taylor Wilde was working at a Sunglass Hut while she was Knockouts Champion?
  8. Didn't he retire in blue?
  9. "I can't wait to get back to the Broken Skull Ranch, you piece of trash!"
  10. Aleister Black's Black Mass was originally the name of his tag finisher with Michael Dante
  11. He used to be in a tag team with Ethan Page. I only saw one match with them in PWG because on the show I watched that they were on, Page turned on Alexander right after the match
  12. TIL that Cesaro referenced El Generico in his feud with Sami Zayn in NXT. I only watched the matches from the feud, so I didn't know what all was said during it
  13. I just read Spider Island, and the Future Foundation suit had bigger eyes like that. Unless you're talking about Bagman
  14. The thing with Smash is it's designed to be a party game first and a fighting game second. It's meant to be played with 3 to 7 other people with chaos happening all over the stage
  15. Hurts my heart. There's still a chance it could be in Silver Lining
  16. That's what it's modeled after. Or rather the suit from the PS1 game was modeled after the MK1 suit from the comics, which this was modeled after
  17. One of the suits got revealed in a thumbnail for the new trailer
  18. Sabre Jr. turned them down due not wanting to go through NXT, Ospreay would have been severely restricted if he signed, so that's probably why he turned them down. Heck, Hangman Page turned them down recently. Wrestlers on the indies love the freedom to do whatever they want, and use whatever moves they want. If anyone like Kenny or the Bucks did go to WWE, they would get most of their moves taken away due to WWE questionable rules. No doubt, and they dont allow people to have the same moves usally its so dumb I get that people don't like moves being taken away but most people seem to think WWE takes moves away just because. The WWE schedule has more dates in it which means less time to recuperate after a match. Which means high impact moves have a greater chance of injury. I would love to see Kevin Owens use the Package Piledriver as his finisher, but I know why he can't
  19. It gives me the option to select it in the DLC tab in game but then it acts like I haven't purchased it and the PS Store it sends me to is blank
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