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  1. Never made sense to hire him in the first place. He's a guy that hates the state of modern wrestling and the style that most of the guys on the roster do. Plus he just doesn't have the energy for it anymore. Why would you hire someone like that? Even if it's just for name recognition, it's not worth it, because he just drags the show down with his apathy for everything
  2. And I think Syn Sophia have said they would do another wrestling game, but no one has approached them. Hopefully AEW approaches them
  3. ArmVD

    WWE Drama

    They already did. Last month apparently, shortly after they put the original up. Also, spot the grey version in the top row: I get that in black, it's not a good look but it's not like they just released that one. Problematic? Sure but in this context it comes across more like a shitty rush job like most of those new NXT shirts they dropped before going live. Also, Myles really does come off like a whiney bitch in his Tweets about this. "Just be happy you're getting paid merch, boy"
  4. Really wish they went with the VA from Spider-Man for Taskmaster. This one sounds whiny, IMO. Hard to take him seriously
  5. I guess te saving grace is Tom Holland will still be playing Spider-Man. At least for the next one. Seeing as he's my favorite live action Spidey, that's a small win for me
  6. ArmVD

    Today I Learned...

    Doesn't bother me in the slightest. I want to feel bad for her because this is obviously going to end badly for her, but she's being so stubborn and stupid about it that I just don't care. I tried *shrugs*
  7. ArmVD

    Today I Learned...

    TIL my wife's aunt is being catfished by a guy claiming to be Seth Rollins. We've shown her pictures of Seth and Becky's engagement. Her response: "Oh that's just a publicity stunt. Becky Lynch is a hateful woman. He won't marry someone like her"
  8. MJF is smart about that stuff. All the podcast and YouTube interviews that are free are completely in-character. If you want to see out of character interviews, you have to pay for it on Highspots
  9. Pretty sure Insomniac already announced a sequel is happening
  10. Remember when Perc Angle told Booker T he wanted to have bestiality sex with his wife? They did? I thought they just had the same shitty theme during their entire run
  11. The more things change, the more they stay the same, I guess. Remember when Taylor Wilde was working at a Sunglass Hut while she was Knockouts Champion?
  12. And now we know why. He said the last 6 years were the worst of his life, so that podcast fell in that time period
  13. https://youtube.com/watch?v=DGbcJy9Nsx4&t=2420s Because of all the people that got tired of Okada near the end of his long reign, and also due to the fact that I'm only a casual NJPW fan, I forget just how good Okada is sometimes. What a *censored*ing match
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