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  1. Cass McCombs - The Lonely Doll:
  2. TIL that Saurav Gurjar was a part of a stable called RDX with a bunch of TNA guys in Ring Ka King (TNA's Indian offshoot promotion) in 2012.
  3. TakeOver: Dublin postponed until October 25th.
  4. Porcelain Raft - Drifting In and Out (Live on KEXP):
  5. I'm happy to see that Lee signed and him being The Exalted One is cool but I hope he gets a new attire. The singlet with the big logo in the middle of it is meh and his pants make him look like Hallowicked. His Bludgeon Brothers gear was good.
  6. The Pipettes - We Are the Pipettes:
  7. Kyla La Grange - Love You Better:
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