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  1. Cora Jade Tony D'Angelo Mandy Rose Carmelo Hayes Bron Breakker
  2. Emma Blackery - How Soon Is Now?:
  3. Replace him with the guy they originally wanted for the group, Lio Rush.
  4. Date: August 16th Singles Match (2 Points) Roxanne Perez vs. Cora Jade Street Fight (7 Points) Santos Escobar vs. Tony D'Angelo If Escobar wins, Legado del Fantasma is free from The D’Angelo Family but if D'Angelo wins, Escobar will be banned from NXT 2.0. Singles Match for the NXT Women's Championship (7 Points) Mandy Rose (c) vs. Zoey Stark Singles Match for the NXT North American Championship (7 Points) Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Giovanni Vinci Singles Match for the NXT Championship (7 Points) Bron Breakker (c) vs. JD McDonagh
  5. WrestleMania 40 would be XL so I'm guessing they'll use that at least. I saw the idea of a Two-Fall Triple Threat Match being batted around which I'd be all for.
  6. Kat Cunning - Supernova (tigers blud):
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