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  1. Think my favourite part about is that it had a real heel that managed to make me hate him. Like I actually cheered for the faces...
  2. Def up there as well. Topped off a fantastic trilogy.
  3. The Disaster Artist is my favourite movie of the year. Easily.
  4. Yup. Although I really wish I played it before Fractured Truth.
  5. Youre wrong. Carpenter would be down for sequels as long as he gets paid. Thats practically his motto (and his own words from a recent interview).
  6. Lol Im just saying it makes sense to make more.
  7. Close to a 70% aint bad for the 8th film in a franchise. If youre going by critical reception... If youre not, the audience reception is even higher. So either way, the qualitys really not that bad. My point still stands that there is no logical reason not to make more.
  8. It got good critical reception and it made a shit ton of money. So there is really no logical reason for it to stop...
  9. Haha saw that dude in a movie called The Interior and thought the exact same thing.
  10. Which is a good thing. People like to complain about reboots by saying the original is good enough. In a case like this, the original sucked so there is literally no reason not to try again. No need to be sour, WNX. Sure, it doesn't always work out with the latest Hitman being a fine example of that but there is certainly no harm in trying.
  11. "Mom and Dad" is Cage's best film in years. Absolutely loved it (saw it at TIFF).
  12. Never heard of it. Surprisingly. But yeah, The Rock, Batista and now Cena are legitimate movie stars at this point.
  13. John Cena's enough to make me check it out. His performance in The Wall wasn't bad at all.
  14. He's a celebrity cameo or part of the cast? 5 minutes. Annabelle: Creation (2017).
  15. Still haven't watched Ghostbusters 2016. Wonder if I ever will.
  16. Sharknado 5 (2017) FT. JOHNNY MUNDO.
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