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  1. Our shitty Canadian Netflix also has it. But Ima wait until the season is over so I can binge!
  2. Taker had a concussion. Doesnt count. But I see your point...
  3. Saw a bunch of fatties bitching about Naito and claiming that he is going into business for himself by saying he is above the title.
  4. Thanks. That is actually super interesting. Subtle but the good kind of subtle. Def going to tune in if they ever wrestle.
  5. I understand if its long and you do not want to type it out. But whats the just of their storied history? I heard there is even a romantic touch to it? Not making a joke...just to be clear.
  6. According to Omega on TIJ, he did not want to have a random match with Kota (which was the original WK match) because there was no story. He acknowledged their history but felt it would still be thrown together. He also said he does not care about just going out there and having a good match if it does not mean all that much. I like him a lot more after hearing that. Wish more people thought like that tbh.
  7. Except you're forgetting that they are still acting in these shows.
  8. I understand if you are personally tired of the group Gen. That is cool. But there is still value in keeping this faction around and you seem to be ignoring very valid points...
  9. Yeah and not to mention that they would have less of an excuse to come up with new designs...
  10. I don't see the logic in posts like that tbh Gen. Their merch sells. Probably more than they ever have. They even sell track pants lol. Whether or not you see it as an accomplishment or not, them being popular enough to have merch in stores like Hot Topic is a major accomplishment. Now you can fire back by saying that their shit will still sell but that is all speculation and there is literally zero point in taking the risk.... Not to mention that I legitimately have met people at bars who wear the shirts yet don't even know they are wrestling shirts. Just "looked cool". So no, the shark has not been jumped. I'd go as far saying far from it. To see the work he put into it makes it all the more special too. https://twitter.com/CodyRhodes/status/948960944649994241 Whoa. *censored*ing awesome.
  11. Marty had the best entrance on the show. Any opposing views there?
  12. But thats the thing though. The concepts have not been done to death. Most of the stuff is super original. There are a few episodes that stick to tired tropes or cliche themes but the majority differs from what you see in mainstream films.
  13. Please don't compare the two. I'm a massive horror mark and I can't get into American Horror Story. Only season I made it through was Hotel. I'm not bashing anybody's opinions (I promise) but I don't know how we can treat Black Mirror like it's a singular show within a singular genre. Simply on the basis that every episode is wildly different. Like say you watched 4 episodes...those have nothing to do with other episodes aside from being technology based in some way, shape or form. Do you know what I mean? Like if you're into romance, Hang the DJ and San Junipero are brilliant. If you're into horror, Playtest and Metalhead come into mind. They mix and mash several genres. Twisty thrillers, White Christmas and Black Museum.
  14. Yeah. It's just as good as the first. If not better... Instead of going the expected route, they managed to make it just as eerie and disturbing somehow. Check it out Gen!
  15. No, I just wasn't sure how you took it. Although I will say my personal favourite was the 4th.
  16. Nobody is arguing anything lol. We're just informing each other that we heard different things. Of course it doesn't matter.
  17. Like forums? When I type "New Black Mirror Episodes RANKED" on Google, Black Museum and Hang The DJ were usually in first.
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