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  1. Creep would look delightful in that.
  2. She has technically never had a real consistent run. Probably one of the most uneventful careers I can think of.
  3. Legit question. Has she spent more of her career active as a talent or injured?
  4. If theyre hot and nude, sure. To me, everybody is just another person. If I can LEARN from somebody or benefit from hanging out with them, that is a little different. But for basic social interaction, an autograph or a pic, I wouldnt pay a dime.
  5. Yeah that is dedication. Hell, if you really wanna spend that dough, you can get 5 lap dances with that money with a lady just as hot or hotter.
  6. There are some celebrities who charge $350 + at Fan Expos. And people are crazy enough to pay it...
  7. Thats insane. I mean, I spend $50 like nothing sometimes but just to greet and shake another persons hand is not something Id do.
  8. Yeah but he wasnt a great Indy guy or woman wrestler so we should hate him.
  9. You say that yet the entire last paragraph says otherwise
  10. Exactly why he is my favourite. Even at his worst, I'm still super entertained by it. He also has personality.
  11. Eh, he hates Booker. Not surprised by that post. But I do hate how hardcore rasslin fans (including most dirtsheet podcasters) have a hard on for hating Bookers commentary because it isnt serious enough.
  12. The Booker hate is getting old Classiq. Come on bro.
  13. Yo I feel the same. 25 still working at GNC and in Uni. Come on man.
  14. Im just saying and in the nicest way that I possibly can...is that what you are saying isnt even a proper opinion. You cannot call an apple an orange. It just isnt. And if you try too, you just look silly. Compare that to this.
  15. But if an entire event is centered around a match and it involves the majority of the roster, how do you not see it as a spectacle match or event? Thats like saying you dont personally see a piece of cheese as a piece of cheese.
  16. Yeah and its objective tbh. Not to mention that the physical aspects of the match arent exactly easy. Going over the top rope may seem easy since we see it all the time but there is a serious risk of injury that comes with doing so. Hence why we see the less athletic folk being gently put down instead of sent flying out... I know Steve Richards, for example, had concerns about the girls getting hurt trying to toss each other over. And before people jump on him for that (despite his intentions being positive regardless), the women battle royals used to be second rope.
  17. All three of those guys seemed to have potential. I thought Jindrak would be huge when he was on SD.
  18. I had fun with God Paradox. *Censored* the reviews.
  19. I actually liked this dude during the 2000s. It was because of his gimmicks (Billy & Chuck, the biker) but was he considered a good wrestler? Im assuming bang average is the answer.
  20. Dont worry Assault. I did not get annoyed by Vickie. Im a big marky mark of hers.
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