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    After a spell away from watching WWE, I'm back. Manchester United, and spending time with my daughter.

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  1. Love that RVD spot on. Great face build on Y2J as well.
  2. Epic work, like him. But I must confess I first read his name as "King of midcard" !!
  3. If you go back to 19, there's a fair chance all my creations will still be up. I never took them down anyway. Shame that the "Spaceman plancha" isn't in the game, as in 20 it's Edwards' main OMG moment.
  4. Outstanding creations man, well done. Hope you're doing better in yourself now.
  5. I wonder how long WWE 2K19 will be free on PS Now for? Have you thought about going back to that?
  6. As I said to you on twitter, that Roman Reigns is absolutely spot on. Phenomenal job.
  7. Nice work BX. I've only really dabbled with 2K20, so disappointed in the bugs and issues this time out.
  8. I misunderstood that rankings table, I assumed the top ranked guy was the Champion (El Loco). By the way that was "fake" arrogance - in character with Edwards' attitude. I'm thinking of him being a more "RVD" self assured babyface. Anyway thanks to Brokebottle for giving us a canvas to showcase our creations. Hopefully it shall return in 2k22. Although have you considered going back to 2k19 now it's on PSPlus?
  9. Meh, I guess Mike Edwards had to put SOMEONE over eventually
  10. Do I even need to say anything? You know man, you know.
  11. Outstanding, that Gargano gear in particular is next level.
  12. @Gamevolt Seriously man do you watch WWE with your laptop open on Photoshop in case AJ debuts new gear? Superb work as ever.
  13. Mike Edwards is World Champion? Sweet.
  14. My all time favourite AJ attire, and you nailed it. Phenomenal and rated by the man himself.
  15. Shinsuke is on point, great work again.
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