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  1. @Gamevolt Seriously man do you watch WWE with your laptop open on Photoshop in case AJ debuts new gear? Superb work as ever.
  2. Mike Edwards is World Champion? Sweet.
  3. My all time favourite AJ attire, and you nailed it. Phenomenal and rated by the man himself.
  4. Shinsuke is on point, great work again.
  5. Hoping he gets HBK on there. Both have been really good so far. Both Taker and Goldberg came across really well. I would love to hear Austin and Shawn talk about Mania 14. There is one with Shawn on Austin's other network show, Stone Cold Podcast. Thanks, I'll check that out.
  6. Yeah, I kind of feel that paying the extra for a season pass should give you the option to unlock everything. Mind you I've been pretty vocal about my contempt for this year's DLC model in general.
  7. Hoping he gets HBK on there. Both have been really good so far. Both Taker and Goldberg came across really well. I would love to hear Austin and Shawn talk about Mania 14.
  8. Papa Shango's "darker side", he was already setting fire to people and making black goo come out of their foreheads!!
  9. Don't know if this has been mentioned, but you can't download any alternate attire made with the hair / beard glitch anymore because the hair now appears with a lime green netting effect over it. Found this out when I downloaded a short haired Daniel Bryan.
  10. Great work, the mask with "please stop me" is a touch of genius.
  11. One sentence - Vince didn't "get" them. They were just an LOD rehash as far as he saw, I doubt he even watched/watches NXT.
  12. I hope that's a hint we might get the Ascension. Looks pretty naff from what I've seen on Youtube, really don't like this fantasy angle over realism and updating the roster.
  13. The thing that killed TNA more than anything else was that they made a lot of the same mistakes as WCW - Chiefly they got Hogan involved in creative and his little circle. In those days the product even looked the same as WCW. The 6 sided ring went, the usual suspects got hired, the emphasis was put on names over the "TNA Originals", like Joe, Daniels, Styles etc The only company where Hogan is a benefit is in WWE, because they're big enough to keep him in his box. But to go back to the point of the discussion - a p*ssed off wrestler with something to prove can be very damaging to a former promotion - provided they're allowed to have free reign. Ryder for example is a very charismatic guy, and lots of people would follow him if he moved somewhere where he was allowed to shine. WWE want to avoid giving this embryonic potential rival any weapons they can.
  14. I doubt it now they're in full on "war" mode. They're desperately trying to hold onto anyone semi decent to keep them away from Cody's mob.
  15. Anyone else just wish they'd concentrate on adding people not on disk like Walter instead of this fantasy stuff? Having said that, I loved "Mass Destruction" as a made up move.
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