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Monkey D. Jiggy

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    Kurosaki Ichigo
  • Birthday August 22

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    Hiphop/rap music. Favorite artists of the moment: Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples, Casey Veggies, A$AP Rocky, Travi$ Scott, Drake, Mac Miller and Tyler, The Creator.
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    WWE, although that isn't saying much..
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    Rice. Tartar. Powdered Mashed Potatoes. Victory.
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    Cape Verdian, Brazilian, Portugese, Spanish
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    Orphan Black
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    I forgot.

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    Vegapunk's Lab
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    Sports, writing, gaming. Even though I don't write and I don't game atm.

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  1. Late af, but happy birthday to Jeb and Ziggy
  2. Thanks again. And for what it's worth, I'm doing slightly better the last couple of days.
  3. Thanks for the messages. I don't really care anymore if it's embarrassing and I don't like to express it, I feel like I'm attention seeking, but you know what the thing is? Life has been really hard for me for a very long time. I've been stressed out since I was 3 and started worrying about my place in life and also having to deal with the fact that one day I'll die and I've basically been alone since then. I've never had a birthday party. I blame and despise myself for not being able to figure out how life works. Then I made a friend. Then she died. This study year, since September, I finally started to actually improve in life and be super social and connect to people and then corona happened and I've been stuck at home since and I lost all of that. By myself again. Some years ago, I stayed inside out of free will, now it's forced upon me at the exact moment I really didn't need it. It's unfair. A lot of things in life are, I'm aware. But honestly, right now, I give myself until the final chapter of One Piece gets released. Probably some years away, maybe 2, maybe 5. If things are still shitty by that time, I'm dead the second I'm done reading it. I don't have confidence there's anything in life in store for me and beyond One Piece, there's nothing in it I can look forward to. I'm not even sure if I can make it until the end. I'm in contact with professionals, but I don't tell them that part. I'm just really tired of waiting for better days, if even only to experience a single one and then not even getting that. Good days aren't owed to anyone. It's never guaranteed I can turn it around. But I can't deal with that fact either. Not anymore.
  4. Keep forgetting if E is the one who is also Dutch, but happy birthday nonetheless. Anyway, I'm inactive because life sucks, corona sucks, I got diagnosed with depression and if I wasn't hellbent on at least making it until the end of One Piece, I probably wouldn't even be around anymore. So I'm pretty much unable to enjoy anything. Hana Kimura killing herself didn't help either, that one hit me hard too. At some point you stop caring about hiding stuff I guess.
  5. Only love Jiggy my brother


  6. It's weird because he was All Lives Matter a couple of years ago. Usually people are set in their ways.
  7. Same, saw them live as it was happening. I'm genuinely distraught over this death.
  8. I'm done with this shit. It's just one awful thing after another and now Hana *censored*ing killed herself.
  9. For better synchronization between the desktop site and the mobile site when it comes to the avata- I dunno nvm
  10. I non-sarcastically liked Dan Matha('s theme song). The only loss bigger to me would be Dexter Lumis.
  11. I'm honestly the most shocked about Anderson and Gallows. If those two are out, I'd assume most aren't safe.
  12. Heard Lance Storm closed his school for a job he got sacked from in a matter of weeks.
  13. Might take longer than people realize for business to pick back up again and who knows the state the WWE will be in when it does.
  14. Like close to 9 years. Anyway, this is new.
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