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Monkey D. Jiggy

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    Kurosaki Ichigo
  • Birthday August 22

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    Hiphop/rap music. Favorite artists of the moment: Kendrick Lamar, Vince Staples, Casey Veggies, A$AP Rocky, Travi$ Scott, Drake, Mac Miller and Tyler, The Creator.
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    WWE, although that isn't saying much..
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    Rice. Tartar. Powdered Mashed Potatoes. Victory.
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    Cape Verdian, Brazilian, Portugese, Spanish
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    Orphan Black
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    I forgot.

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    Vegapunk's Lab
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    Sports, writing, gaming. Even though I don't write and I don't game atm.

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  1. Only love Jiggy my brother


  2. It's weird because he was All Lives Matter a couple of years ago. Usually people are set in their ways.
  3. So they're going to give me prescription drugs because I have too much noise in my head, which makes me feel like I'm some kind of a weirdo, so I won't tell anyone in real life, but it might help me study a lot better now, so it might end up being a good thing in the end. Also, as it turns out, I'm not entirely all there. So there's that.
  4. I wanted to go for two pairs myself, but that would leave me broke, so nah. I have contacts in, so it eases the strain on my eyes if I can just wear glasses for a day.
  5. I got glasses too. Have to pick them up next week. I'm actually excited for mine tbh, not a bs-moment.
  6. For who is unaware, the usual sources for ehm.. illegal scans got hit with massive lawsuits (they won't admit that they did, but they are) and they'll stop releasing the shonen series. So no more One Piece, MHA and all that on Friday. A legal alternative is waiting for mangaplus on Sunday evening for the Europeans, Sunday night/Monday morning for the Americans.
  7. I like the red light. Just not during the entrance.
  8. We never had Pokemon Z. Just putting that out there for no reason.
  9. Cedric Alexander probably outta there too, retweeting ACH still
  10. I thought she was younger, but she's 34 apparently.
  11. It's funny because they said they hated the whole breeding-culture, ditching Pokemon and discarding this and that, just to get that perfect 1 Pokemon and now they have this. From what I've seen, this is shaping up to be the worst main game in the entire series.
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