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  1. King RyderFan

    WWE Drama

    Honestly, thinking this more, I think WWE does have a slight point here, but they’ve gone completely the wrong way about it. I mean, let’s run down the notable incidents we’ve had: AJ Styles talking about how his son doesn’t watch the product AJ Styles talking about how his son doesn’t watch the product Natalya and her sister showing more than a little skin on their YouTube channel The Zelina/Bianca fight on the former’s Twitch Several talents, mostly the women, answering weird/creepy cameos, like “who would you give a wedgie?” AJ Styles talking about how his boss got his friends fired And that’s only from memory. As a brand, WWE have sponsors and an image to keep. Do you really want Natalya to be promoting the company when she and her sister are wiping cream off each other’s chests? Or do you want to have footage of one of your top names admitting the product is shit and their family doesn’t watch the show? Don’t get me wrong, I think WWE are going completely the wrong way about it, but there needs to be a line drawn somewhere.
  2. King RyderFan

    WWE Drama

    This strikes me as more than a little bit on the illegal side of things.
  3. Why are people acting like the Iiconics are gonna split? They’re obviously going to do some ridiculous stuff to get round it, I can already imagine it in my head. ”Last week you saw the end of the most dominant tag team ever, but not to fear, as I have found a new tag team partner! Everyone please welcome Millie Jay!” *Peyton points to a woman who is obviously a masked Billie Kay.* Later on, near the end of the match, as they are about to win, Billie’s mask falls off, causing the ref to DQ them.
  4. So...all of Lesnar’s merch has been suddenly pulled from WWEShop.com. Any bets on the why? Stuck in Canada? UFC bound? Not wanting to wrestle without fans? Contract dispute? Any of these could be possible.
  5. Nia in the Tamina shirt, great continuity.
  6. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! *censored*ing finally! Congrats Tyler! Congrats Dango!
  7. Wait, when did the Spirit Squad retur—oh wait it’s just the Street Profits.
  8. King RyderFan

    WWE Drama

    Ignorant statement. Stalking can happen to anyone. Age, race, gender don’t matter. On another note: https://www.twitter.com/SonyaDevilleWWE/status/1295164230593843200 Happy to see she’s OK. Having a stalker is NOT a fun experience. Hope she gets all the help she needs.
  9. Honestly, I was already 50/50 on this before, and the lack of NXT and an already outdated roster pre-release makes this 100% a miss this year for me.
  10. Remember when someone Rick Rolled Vince McMahon during RAW?
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