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  1. Oops. Sorry, I dropped this: https://www.twitter.com/whatsthestatus/status/1525836368622010369?s=21&t=N9iJ2Rdiq35KXUCBp3qXAA
  2. It didn’t take long for “certain influencers”, to use Status’ words, to snitch to 2K & get about 70% them removed. Ugh.
  3. Funny thing I just realised. The “American Patriot” theme is just Chris Nowinski’s old theme. Haha.
  4. One thing I’ve noticed is that movesets tend to default to other moves in certain situations, most likely to avoid animation errors. For example, if you are on the top rope, and your opponent is too close for your top rope diving animation to play out properly, but too far away to kick away, you’ll do either a double axe handle or a hurricanrana instead.
  5. Nice to see Universe mode crashes every five minutes while MyFaction works perfectly. #Priorities.
  6. Not really. Before it was 280 logos regardless of their use, be it renders, tattos, show logos, whatever. Now, it’s just 35 renders, you can go crazy with literally everything else.
  7. In terms of the submission system I really miss the one from 2K16-2K20. It was the fairest one we’ve ever had IMO. The button mashing one we have now is WAY too predictable IMO. At least give us the option to switch between the two.
  8. That moment when former WCW Crusierweight Champion Syxx cannot compete for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship…
  9. I really hate the new submission system. What was wrong with the old one? At least give us the option to choose between the two.
  10. I’m getting really sick and tired of getting a black screen whenever my opponent hits a signature or finisher on me in MyRise.
  11. And I cannot upload my fixed movesets. Guess 2K doesn’t want to admit their defaults ones are dogshit.
  12. I’ll take modern versions of legends myself.
  13. Universe is ridiculously unstable for me. I can’t even load into a show without it crashing.
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