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  1. Honestly, I’d say Lesnar losing to the Old Turd at Survivor Series did more damage than Roman beating Taker a few years later. Up until SS, Brock really did feel like something special IMO, and losing to a guy who hadn’t wrestled in over a decade really hurt that.
  2. ...aaaaaand someone just posted Hana’s self harm wounds and suicide tweet on another forum I visit. *censored*ing people seriously. Ugh
  3. Very well if I had to guess. Seriously, this entire situation sickens me. She was only 22. She had her whole life ahead of her, and there are so many things she’ll never get to experience now. Getting married, having kids, being a grandparent, growing old, etc. All of that taken away from her by some low life cowards who hide behind a keyboard. *censored*ing disgusting.
  4. https://twitter.com/wwr_stardom/status/1264043551718961152/photo/1 *Censored* cyber bullying. I hope everyone who reads this realises that every mean tweet you send to someone famous online does have an effect. I’m gonna save this tweet as a warning to others who think it’s funny to harass & bully people online. Hana had so much potential, now it’s never going to be realised.
  5. Remember how awesome the SmackDown division was back in 2016? They only had 6 then. Quality > quantity.
  6. For those of you not aware, recently Combat Zone Wrestling, or CZW, has been selling their women’s matches to either a softcore porn site or someone who is marketing the matches with sleazy titles. LuFisto comments on the issue here: Honestly, I feel this is disgusting behaviour from CZW. Women wrestlers apready get enough creepy and pervy stuff online from “fans”, we don’t need a company adding fuel to the fire. UPDATE: Just found CZW’s response: https://twitter.com/combatzone/status/1262537212136226817
  7. Right, since the update happened a couple of months ago trying to add a quote to my post completely messes it up. I can’t add any text outside of the quote bubble and multi-quoting is like trying to get a five star match out of the Great Khali. It’s getting beyond annoying at this point.
  8. ^Season and GM Mode really should be switched. Ugh.
  9. “Congratulations! Your SGT. SLAUGHTER has evolved into a MIKE ROME!”
  10. Disagree. There is a common theme there, being based around modern day WWE at the time with a dose of legends thrown in. I fail to see how Brian Myers, Nikita Koloff and the bWo all fit together. On another note though I hope we can edit the names of the guys in there. I wanna change Nick Aldis to Mangus, Big Stevie Cool to Steven Richards, and a couple others.
  11. I think no-competes just stops them from physically showing up in another company, things like merch deals and video game appearences don’t count.
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