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  1. So…the right decided to knock out power to 40,000 people just to stop a drag show. Blatant terrorism.
  2. My condolences man. No one should be passing away that young.
  3. Or not in the game at all, having pulled a Cody and returned just too late to be included.
  4. This has been one of the biggest laughs I have had all day. Back the Blue til they come after you and your stooges and cronies huh?
  5. @Doink! What’s your opinion on this? You right wingers are aware how pregnancy works, no? Killing the mother also kills the fetus you claim you want to protect with all your life.
  6. Almost a month after this stupid ban and I’ve seen and heard more than a few stories of women almost dying because they cannog have medical procedure, but hey, at least those babies that aren’t even born yet are not being murdered anymore! Ugh. *censored*ing bollocks is what that is.
  7. No. Not the MyGM save data. The custom rosters. Go to the screen where you select your custom rosters for MyGM, and delete any rosters there that include them.
  8. You need to either delete the custom GM mode roster or set them to “inactive” there.
  9. Are you *censored*ing serious? Seperate a baby from its mother, and it can breathe, its heart can beat and it can live somewhat fine. Removing the clump of cells from the womb and it dies almost instantly. I’m not conflating anything. You’re the one towing the transphobic line of your genitals determining your gender.
  10. There is a MASSIVE difference between a clump of cells that can’t survive outside of the womb and a living breathing human that can. Yes. Trans women are women, trans men are men. As I said earlier, what’s between your legs (your sex) does not identify your gender.
  11. Except…life starts at first breath, not conception. You aren’t killing anything, just a clump of cells. What do you mean? There’s a massive difference between sex and gender. If anyone’s being transphobic here it’s you. Your gender isn’t decided by what’s between your legs.
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