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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/_SlayZelinaSlay/status/1292220687717982212?s=09
  2. Doubt it. The only people that haven’t washed up somewhere else are The Kanellises, Rusev, Rowan and Sarah Logan. Sarah’s preggo, and Maria & Mike haven’t shut up bashing WWE since their relase, so that only leaves Rowan and Rusev.
  3. King RyderFan

    WWE Drama

    It’s not WWE Drama per se, but a lot of wrestling YouTubers have had their accounts shut down due to false copyright flags. DashingRKO619 and AJUniverse have both been hit from what I understand.
  4. King RyderFan

    WWE Drama

    If Marty’s take is accurate then I’m honestly more than OK with him not being charged.
  5. I agree real change doesn’t come in only match types, there are so many things that add up, but I just feel like WWE is way too organised, there’s no real spontaneity anymore. We have Hell in a Cell matches in October, TLC matches in December, War Games in November, etc. If we’re getting the same base matches, why can’t they be varied up a bit? Instead of the first table ending the match, why not have so whoever can put their opponent through the most tables in a certain time wins? Regarding RAW though:
  6. I’m not saying go for completely meaningless angles, hotshot booking or “will Goldberg follow the script?”, but if the time comes, why not change things up a bit? For instance at the Hell in a Cell PPV in October, why not do a match in the Cell with Last Man Standing rules instead of the usual pin or submission? Also, I fail to see how they are so convoluted if you can very easily create most of them in the 2K games.
  7. Why do I have a feeling there’s gonna be a shock to the system tonight?
  8. Please tell me he sticks around as face authority figure. Having the inmates run the asylum and make their own matches is beyond stupid.
  9. Two things: A: Mandy is/was over, Corbin would get heat for eliminating her from a match she isn’t in. And before you bring him Becky, 1: Mandy wouldn’t have even been in Corbin’s match and 2: Mandy wouldn’t have done anything to Baron beforehand, unlike Becky. B: For the next couple of years, Vince controls the crowd. We aren’t getting proper fans back for a while, and if WWE want something to be booed it’ll get booed. Also, related to point B, since we’re not getting fans back, there’s no better time to start throwing crazy ideas into the pool in terms of match types, two Royal Rumbles, Ironman Tables, I Quit inside HIAC, even hanging Money in the Bank off the roof of WWE HQ, you name it. At best we get something new, fresh and full of cool spots & moments. At worst it’s a convoluted and stupid cluster*censored*, as you put it.
  10. Hahahahahahahahahaha good one. Do you really think that’ll happen when we have idiots trying to turn wearing a mask into a political statement? Honestly, I doubt a vaccine is coming anytime soon either, as we don’t just have to make it, we have to produce like 66 million of them if we wanna vaccinate the entire UK. Muur’s got the right idea, we need to accept COVID is here to stay sadly.
  11. Why not? With no crowds around, now’s the perfect time to experiment. If it works, it’s something you can go back to again. If it doesn’t, at least you know for the future.
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