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  1. After how much I hated GTA V, my excitement for a sequel to RDR plummeted. Please, please no forcing multiple characters at the very least.
  2. Finally watched Zootopia and I really enjoyed it. I tend to watch movies like that when I need cheering up and it did help.
  3. Isn't Triple H widely known for being the common denominator in some of the worst/most boring WM main events ever, though? WM 18, WM 25, WM 32. All just awful. 21 gets a pass cause of BIG DAVE and the fact that at least it launched WWE's other top guy into superstardom like planned. Their re-match in the Hell in the Cell was fantastic, however.
  4. Dog got home from the vet after getting a growth taken off her foot and is all good. 14 and still kicking it like always.
  5. Been feeling nostalgic so I've been putting in a lot of hours on WCW/nWo Revenge and WrestleMania 2000. Gonna finally finish Silent Hill 4: The Room soon.
  6. Can we just make this the general puroresu thread? It's barely active anyways and I wanna talk about All Japan too. Kento Miyahara is the GOAT, God bless.
  7. Reading that ROH is *censored*ed but I dunno why.
  8. Wasn't mentioned there, but Tanahashi is right that Americans love meme wrestlers.
  9. Didn't Del Rio burn his bridges in a lot of places?
  10. NJPW World is broadcasting this only in Japan. Rev up those IP Changers.
  11. Yes. But a spoiler rule is for spoilers. For things that haven't happened yet. In that case
  12. Is there a spoiler rule here? Not even sure if it constitutes as one, but figured I'd ask first.
  13. Oh yes it is. They're promoting him as the Ace again and he never got his 2nd match with whatshisface. He's gonna win the case.
  14. Shibata is a madman. Shibata and the dads vs NOAH could be the hottest NOAH's gonna be in YEARS.
  15. Tenzan/Ishii was MOTN. Sanada/Tana was close. ME was what it was. Marufuji tho.
  16. Debuting Nakamura at WM would have been a great way to get as many international fans eyes on him as possible. Oh well.
  17. Finally found that Diesel Mattel figure I've been wanting at a decent price.
  18. Nobody wants that. I've heard from enough japanese fans that they're happy that this story ended the way it did and that Okada finally got over. I was just saying that cause I just got done reading Meltzer's Twitter where he was discussing it. He was personally open to it, but eh..I don't wan tit. I hope it is done, but you never know really. I'm going to go ahead and say Tanahashi and Naito for the finals. Either that or Naito and Shibata. By https://twitter.com/D_TaPla
  19. Even though it's probably the financially smart choice...I really don't want to see Tanahashi win the G1 and go on to face Okada at WK. Again.
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