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  1. How can that happen if they are both on the same side of the bracket?
  2. Da hell... I thought for sure Liv would've been in the finals against probably Shayna
  3. I cant say I've ever been impressed by Toni Storm.
  4. Well its pretty safe to say that Sami wont be making the finals with them taking place at Crown Jewel.
  5. There is some interesting match ups in the bracket.
  6. I have a lot of fun watching NXT
  7. I’m all in on this guy ciampa better watch out
  8. I’m surprised Mustafa and Mansoor aren’t getting a tag title match here, given Mansoor’s heritage.
  9. I’m kinda glad tbh I didn’t like that pairing at all.
  10. Does Belair win the title at Crown Jewel and they do that dumb title switch with Charlotte?! OR does Becky go to RAW and switches with Charlotte?
  11. why is the new day competing if the draft doesnt start until after crown jewel?
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