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  1. I enjoyed this segment. I'd like to think Asuka disrespecting Hurt Business might lead to Naomi "signing" with them and being Asuka's first challenger post SS.
  2. Hey everyone, I was thinking about some key moment in the past couple of years in which wrestlers should have won and would like to know some moment that you think a wrestler should have won. One of the key ones for me is Samoa Joe either beating Lesnar for the title, or beating Styles for the title.
  3. omg it looks soooo bad then they zoom into the crowd
  4. yet he still got drafted and Andrade didnt...
  5. Hmmm okay so I watched the first 4 seasons and stopped as suggested by many many fans. I did eventually read what the last 4 seasons were about and I did seem quite weak. I am not sure I will be on board with this revival. We'll see.
  6. The Boys has got to be one of the most wild shows haha holy shit
  7. I hate being a tag team wrestling fan. I’m ready to give it up.
  8. I like this FEEL THE GLOW HURT.
  9. Sasha has been in every (all 2 lol) women's HIAC matches and lost all.
  10. GIVE ME MORE I WANT 8!!! hahahah
  11. Yo at first I thought the way the names are laid out over the blue and red was the draft results haha
  12. damn i find ember moon so lame it would be good if she actually portrayed a character that reflected her look not just be a wrestler that dresses like that
  13. I guess the WWE PC is still the WWE PC and CWC is just the broadcast area of it for NXT.
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