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  1. I seriously do not care about a Superstar's rating in these games. Can I just have the full roster and some gameplay now?
  2. Is Miz and Edge in the Rumble as well?
  3. Way too many tag teams in this years Rumble
  4. I really think either Brock or Roman are winning the Rumble. Who ever loses their title.
  5. I think Naomi eliminating Sonya and Charlotte to win the Rumble would be great!
  6. Cross console community creations .
  7. Great trailer So keen to learn about this character
  8. I don’t really care who or what the cover looks like. In saying that, that cover does look nice real or not. Should be a good few weeks!
  9. Sonya going make Naomi entrant number 1?
  10. I didn't hate the ending either. I think it could've benefiting for some more episodes but what happened at the end needed to happen I think.
  11. How many times are they going to split up the Hurt Business?!?!
  12. With Sasha out injured, I’m not sure who will win the Women’s Royal Rumble match. I’d love to see them continue Naomi’s storyline and have her eliminate Sonya to win and then face Charlotte.
  13. SORRY??!?! they announce the alumni?!
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