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  1. Not better but definitely harder and different. It makes it way more satisfying to land a trick that you’ve been attempting many tries pretty much like irl. Controls will take some time to get used too, it seems intimidating at first but it works. Each analog stick controls a different foot and the shoulder bumpers act as your shoulders would react irl with weight distribution when you’re tunring on the board while riding. Keep in mind this is from a very small company and there are still quite a few weird physics issues but nothing too crazy that will ruin the enjoyment. The best way to discribe the game is a very hardcore sim that is not aimed at casual players who just want to pick up and play. Getting good will take some effort much like actual skateboarding.
  2. Skater XL. *Censored* this is as close to actual skateboarding I’ve ever seen in a video game. love it.
  3. Sounds legit that source, thesportster.
  4. Tokyo Sports have a good track with this sort of news so it seems very likely.
  5. I don’t even know how I managed to do this.
  6. E#37

    WWE Drama

    I’m not sure but it was bad enough for her to set all social media accounts to private.
  7. E#37

    WWE Drama

    Alexa set her Twitter to private to escape from comments she got yesterday and now they are trying to hack her Twitter. WTF is wrong with some people.
  8. That's wrong on so many levels lmfao.
  9. Mark Henry once competed in a celebrity dunk contest.
  10. E#37

    WWE Drama

    Sunny is now going after Impact’s Jordynne Grace.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecXHmy5h2XE Nvm, not official.
  12. E#37

    WWE Drama

    Wow Sunny want completely off the deep end. Smh.
  13. That Norman Smiley wrestled a match in ECW.
  14. Well someone is about to get fired for that.
  15. I wish it was once a week, I think it started 2 days ago but now everytime I open the app it asks me to sign in. It's getting kinda annoying now, lol.
  16. That Nick Dinsmore AKA Eugene wrestled as an enhancement talent in WCW.
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