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Remember when... 2


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"I'm gonna kill him anyway".


Seth Rollins pre curb stomp to Edge and his neck.


Best Seth moment, ever. Obviously not scripted. Completely cut.


Legend. This is why I will never take to Rollins being a face.. He's a demon. Lol.





I meant I know what it is, but everything I've heard from it sounds really *censored*ing weird. Not bad. Just weird. Like Johnny Curtis chloroforming Matt Striker. Or Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd feuding over an action figure

This legit sounds hilarious. Is there anywhere to watch it online?


- Remember when Tazz yelled 'HOLY SHIT' on a live PPV?


The whole backstage situation with them was *censored*ing incredible. The way he looks at Fox with the rag in his hand at the end is so great. This is the Johnny Curtis i want. Shirtless, but wearing a jacket just doing weird shit all the time. Theres also another part where they try and find who stole Striker which involves Curtis being scared of black people, bitching out Alex Riley, and spotting a while Justin Gabriel before hes is even inframe.

Let's Get Weird.


Legend!! Fan of workaholics and genuinely funny mofo. Pray they give him Breeze a push.

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Remember when Michael Cole (I think, maybe Tazz) tried to explain why Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam's tag team move was called 4:20? Said it was because they have four feet/legs plus their collective shoe size or something. :XD:


I do remember that.

It didn't even dawn on me that they were making a weed reference on TV.


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