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  1. Hayes- Hayes/Crews/Hayes Chance/Carter Dijak New Day Perez Breakker
  2. Cody Rhodes about to take over my menu jukebox again 12 years later.
  3. I’m thinking Cody wins, Cody can even win the title because you can still eventually do Rock/Roman without the title. Sami I think will team with Owens to beat the Usos for the tag titles.
  4. Wyatt Belair Reigns Men’s- Cody From #15 Final 4- Cody/Sami/Walter/Theory Eliminations- Walter Longest- Theory Shortest- Gable Women’s- Asuka from #25 Final 4- Asuka/Raquel/Becky/Shayna Eliminations- Ripley Longest- Morgan Shortest- Maxxine Dupri
  5. I could see Carlito as a possibility just because of their early Smackdown rivalry but Chavo sneaking in would be cool.
  6. The year Cena returned to the Rumble from injury, was there anybody cool in the final 4-6? Kinda like how Haku snuck into the Austin showcase.
  7. Can’t have his first match with Owen Christian and the Hardy’s are probably out Not the best timing for an Edge Showcase
  8. Actual storylines in Universe would be great. Like in a match slot you can select to have a story segment and then a cutscene would play. Whether it’s in ring or out of the ring. I love Universe but we need some out of the ring content to make the mode feel whole.
  9. No problem with Cody being announced before hand. Triple H wasn’t a surprise in 02 so it’s not like every injury has to be a surprise entrant.
  10. Oh man, a returning Big E pinning one of the Usos is all time moments right there
  11. I really don’t want his reign to end. I’m curious how long they can take it. Will they start flirting with the WWWF reigns. That would be something in this era.
  12. So more info came out, apparently it was breach of contract but due to an agreement with Mattel where her content was too much. Also saw that WWE warned her and asked her to stop but she didn’t.
  13. It’s not about the actual content as far as I can tell. I think it’s more about the income stream that wasn’t approved by WWE. It’s a breach of contract. I’m sure the content didn’t help but that wasn’t the main reason.
  14. Unfortunate situation but can’t blame WWE. It’s obv more about the 3rd party income stream than the actual leaks. I’m sure she will be back at some point
  15. Alba Frye Pretty Deadly Breakker Hayes-4 Perez-3
  16. Just catching up now, did I hear right, was that the Keith Lee version of Mia Yim’s theme they used?
  17. Balor Ronda Bloodline Team Belair- 5th member Nia Jax Rollins
  18. I have a weird feeling Nia Jax will be the surprise team member
  19. It’s not like Theory was taking over things in NXT, he was a comedy character, albeit a very good one, but Triple H must see some sort of ceiling in Theory but I wouldn’t be surprised if his current run is due to them countering all the Vince stuff and indirectly making it look like Vince took a L picking Theory as the new chosen one I also think the MITB contract should be retired for a bit or at least change it to maybe the winner getting the Main Event of Summerslam like the Rumble is for Mania.
  20. I think he just fits WWE better, kinda like Cody
  21. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is similar to the WCW Korea show where no tickets are sold.
  22. I agree and regardless of the feelings about the country, the crowd was a huge plus this show. They were up to date with storylines and into everything
  23. Sucks he got hurt. I actually wanted to see the Paul brothers vs the Usos and I would even be ok with them beating the Usos to further Reigns getting annoyed with Jey again
  24. I still enjoy AEW but I big blow for me was how they handled Cole/Fish/O’Reilly especially Cole. Dude had so much momentum and they cared more about playing to a YouTube show from years ago that not everyone saw. Also hate all the ROH taking up time, there’s a difference between keeping the brand relevant until he revival and just plain overdoing it and it’s currently the latter. TK really should hire one or two people to book and then he is the filter because what he is doing is not working for me and I’m sure I’m not alone.
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