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  1. maybe each pack next year will have a fictional Hollywood character. Already have rumors of Rocky(also added to a mobile game) and now Robocop
  2. So are KO and Sami dropping the titles before this show or are the tag titles just not going be defended
  3. I could see Balor so that Judgment Day rebounds from the Bad Bunny story. Also a possible makeup from Balor becoming the first Universal Champion
  4. Has to be the quickest the brand split rules were thrown out
  5. Only way a second world title works is if they really stick to the brand split. No cross overs or special rules or inter brand matches outside of the rumble. If you have real separate shows then the two world titles works
  6. I think he keeps just the WWE title design. They love that design to give to sports teams and it’s great marketing
  7. This feels like an April Fools day article
  8. It would be but selfishly I just want Punk back
  9. Day 1: Trish/Lita/Becky Rey Rollins Profits Owens/Zayn Rhea Theory Day 2: Brock Ronda/Shayna Edge Asuka Roman Sheamus
  10. I know I’m crazy to hold out hope but it’s pretty convenient that people are talking about the issues between Punk and Moxley and are getting away from the issue with the Elite. Maybe Punk returns to help the Elite against BCC.
  11. Gargano Schism Fyre/Dawn Hayes The Family Dragon Lee Stratton
  12. I actually see the potential of Cody losing and turning heel
  13. That would be wild if all the EVPs are in WWE
  14. Not sure how I feel about the new system. I like playing with more surprise and random things to happen. I can see how this feature will be great for streamers or people who create/share their stories but for someone like me who just plays for fun I don’t need to choose when or what exactly will happen
  15. There’s no way they can make Sami that up to date and then turn around and say they can’t make MyFaction attires part of the whole game. Like MyFaction could be amazing if we can unlock updated attires throughout the year.
  16. That pop for the Jey/Sami hug was great. Made the turn pop even greater. Can’t wait for the reaction when Zayn and Owens finally embrace
  17. Every model should be playable like the old days but it will never happen. I would love to use announcers and security guards.
  18. Elite won me over in the match. Not a huge Bucks fan but that trios match was fun
  19. I think the biggest thing against Saraya is her confidence. I think she has struggled with that her whole career and the injuries and long layoff have exasperated that.
  20. Bron/Creeds Gacy Jacy D’Angelo Meiko
  21. Prediction: The Waller/HBK stuff leads to Gargano defending HBK and getting back Waller for attacking him when he first left.
  22. WWE/AEW have to get Dustin at Mania somehow right? Multiply time people have brought up Cody’s brother. Hell maybe put Goldust into the HOF this year too
  23. I’m surprised Jake Roberts has never been removed. Even with his AEW stint
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