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  1. I’m actually ok with that in this scenario. Not like any other women’s feud would be featured properly. Wouldn’t be surprised if Charlotte came back to wrestle Asuka and then Asuka finally beating Charlotte on the big stage
  2. I know the Usos really improved when they were repackaged during the Smackdown Live era but I never thought they could hang in a main event story like this. Great job by Jey recently and Jimmy tonight
  3. Asuka Street Profits Cesaro/Nakamura Riott Squad Bayley Lashley Reigns Orton Jeff Hardy
  4. Love Joseph Park. Talking Smack > Raw Talk always and forever
  5. How is Smackdown so much better than Raw when basically the same people are writing it. That Reigns/Uso segment to end the show was great.
  6. Yeah Roode is too big of a star to be sneaking around. Bo Dallas would be amazing. Always loved him in NXT rewatched the vignette and I’m even more convinced it’s Bo. Talks about building NXT and being around for years. The only thing throwing me up is the 2 titles. Was Bo ever tag champ too?
  7. That’s not Mia Yim, their name is probably A-Jax or Whiplash
  8. I’m thinking it’s going to be Grimes. He technically has a victory over Balor already. Thatcher just lost to Priest, KOR is going to be tied to Ciampa, Kushida will probably be paired with Dream, and it’s too early for Reed
  9. The whole gimmick wasn’t great to begin with. The whole turning back on soldiers thing was very Vietnam era and doesn’t fit today’s society standards
  10. I’m pretty sure Cody’s mom is Hispanic or at least has some in her. Could be wrong though
  11. Could be Chelsea Green. Couldn’t get a great look at the face when she turned but she was already doing the snap during her entrance.
  12. You know how WWE works, she will def be on Smackdown. Probably have Otis bring her in to mess with them directly
  13. Is anybody else not able to play NXT UK with sound
  14. I’ve really been into Cedric joining the Hurt Business. Solid promos the past 2 weeks
  15. Miro has been very outspoken about WWE on his Twitch streams. I feel like it couldn’t be avoided. I hope it doesn’t become the norm for his character or others that will make the jump in the future bc most of the time it is pretty cringe regardless of how WWE treated them.
  16. If Miro keeps getting reactions like that he won’t be with Kip very long. I have faith in AEW right now to run with someone as a face or heel based on fan reaction.
  17. I was only able to catch the main event and something felt off. Probably one of the cons on doing an outdoor show even in the pandemic
  18. So is Dijakovic going to change his name since Vince doesn’t like 2 people with the same name. I’d rather he just go by Dijak if not going back to Donovan
  19. Pretty much a matchup you get when you sim Universe mode
  20. The Bucks match was set up on the last Dynamite. Bucks and Jurassic Express won an 8-man tag you face each other for a future title match.
  21. I understand what WWE is trying to do but they really shouldn’t. All these avenues only help them in the long run. I feel like WWE forgot what really made them successful, having fans be connected to the roster and feel like they are someone they want to get to know. These avenues only bring more eyes to the product and probably help with moral bc some of the roster feel like they are getting over despite not being on TV. WWE should capitalize on this, not restrict.
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