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  1. If Hook wasn’t so over I’m sure he would be regulated to Dark like Brock Anderson. The crowds just love Hook
  2. NBA has their own version that’s been going for a couple years called MyTeam. You can also look at FIFA or Madden Ultimate team to get an idea of what the mode is like.
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if people have multiply attires due to Myfaction. The cards are probably based on different matches hence different attires
  4. Cross platform creations is great ill prob pre-order the deluxe addition. I assume the NWO content will be available at a later time
  5. I remember at the time people were surprised Punk’s updated look was in WWE 12 so I don’t see why Brock won’t have his new look.
  6. Matt just isn’t interesting right now. Feels like he is in limbo as a character and is trying to think of the next thing to hit like Big Money or Broken. He also had a terrible group that didn’t make sense with Private Party and Butcher and Blade. Was in terrible, never ending feuds with Dark Order and Best Friends. Plus I think people feel he has hurt the Private Party act more than helped. Private Party went from up and coming over faces to a henchmen heel team with no direction.
  7. 2.0 is on par with FCW and original NXT(Full Sail), I would even say RA era OVW. There is going to be some bad stuff that doesn’t click but there are going to be some gems. The Black and Gold era was great but I will admit it started to run its course and needed some sort of shakeup. Now 2.0 is a drastic change but it still serves its purpose and I’m interested to see how the positive acts of 2.0 do when they get called up. May be handled better then the Black and Gold era imo
  8. These were Triple H’s guys. Vince and company probably want to fill NXT and the PC with guys that have the same vision has him. Business wise I get it bc NXT was so different than what Vince wanted but as a fan it really sucks
  9. Wow I would have bet anything that his arm was broken
  10. All of Triple H’s guys, hate to see it
  11. Maybe Brock vs Roman to unify on night 1 and then winner(Roman) vs Rumble winner on night 2
  12. MSK/Riddle Breakker Mandy Rose Hayes
  13. Cesaro/Ricochet McIntyre Miz Profits Usos Becky Reigns Big E
  14. I get that but I’m talking about the context of the actual title history. They have only had 4 world champions, just so happens they are white. Of course you can build up someone like Sky but it’s not like WWE where they have had a ton of questionable champions before having a black champion
  15. I don’t know if I agree with Swole, first I personally don’t think she’s that good and didn’t have a character. AEW has longer title reigns, especially for their world titles. It’s a 3 year old company, we are supposed to make Scorpio Sky world champion just because he is black, that should never be the reason why someone becomes world champion imo. Also sounds like she is someone that works well with more structure like WWE compared to a more relaxed environment. I do agree that TK really needs to lay low sometimes.
  16. Not surprised, they still make it seem like “wrestler x” is scared to fight if they miss a show due to covid
  17. I really hope Jericho making the save after Santana got hit with the bell leads to Santana/Ortiz being with Kingston and tapping into what made them great in Impact.
  18. I never got the hype with Toni. I thought she was ok but not generational like she was hyped during the MYC. I always thought Rhea had more of a presence and kinda left Toni behind as she climbed the ranks.
  19. Kinda wish it was at Full Sail and not 2.0, I remember when he was first coming over that there were rumors of him starting in NXT
  20. I think anybody released that is not with AEW has a chance to be in. Could be like a good faith gesture in WWE’s eyes for the budget cut release.
  21. Cole set up a surprise for next week. I assume Kyle but could be a swerve
  22. Owens resigning makes sense to me. I have a feeling this deal will be more like Ortons deal where he can take off certain times when he wants.
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