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  1. I’m surprised Heyman accepted, he seems like someone who hates praise, especially while still active. But I think even he knew he had to go in this year in Philly.
  2. It kept Darby out of the match for awhile until making the save just when it looked like Sting had nothing left. Don’t get me wrong, it was a super gnarly spot but it did make sense in the story of the match.
  3. To be fair, we don’t know if we get more during matches. I’m sure it’s like real life where income stays the same but you never know.
  4. Too bad a certain Boss only cares about the Mone
  5. Slow introduction and then give him something after Mania. They did the same thing for Aleister Black and Ricochet.
  6. A lot of people think Rock will turn on Reigns as like some big plan Cody had. What if Reigns takes the first shot at Rock for feeling like Rock has overshadowed him.
  7. Really hope the MyRise original characters are unlockable in the rest of the game. Gives the roster more variety without have to use CAW slots when Status uploads them
  8. I don’t get the argument about his gear. He isn’t a new character. Just give him one of the many attires he used during his previous run. Very possible they scanned him at Survivor Series or down at the PC on one of his trips. Punk doesn’t need his Rumble gear just like Lesnar was put in 12 with his old gear and new tattoo. Punk for the most part looks exactly the same. I think what people are trying to get at with Naomi is that they can just copy and paste her model from her last game. I don’t know how the specifics work but I’m sure they can if they wanted to like how Mia Yim and Candice LeRae were added.
  9. Definitely seems like DLC will be announced today or tomorrow. Punk has been posting about not being in the game all day.
  10. So is Cathy playable? Weird that they would show her in the creation suite if not.
  11. Really curious if they use 41 for next year. Never understood why they stopped with the numbers.
  12. Everything was so well done that I truly think this was the plan from the start. And if it wasn’t then it is one of the most seamless pivots of all time.
  13. My perfect Universe Mode would be a mix of the SVR 2011 version and Smackdown 2’s season mode. Give me random cutscenes, attacks, promos, arena arrivals. But also keep the customization options of the current version.
  14. I am just speculating that Cody saying he is moving the goal post means he is moving his title shot up to EC. He enlisted the Rock just to beat Roman down more after hopefully already beating him for the title. I could be 100% wrong but I do feel like Cody is still in the mix with Roman still and Seth is just a red herring. Also I don’t see them unifying the title again. I think with Raw’s move to Netflix there will even more of an emphasis on the brand split. Why go through all this trouble to establish GMs and contract signings again just to unify the titles and dissolve the split.
  15. Why do people think it set in stone that Cody will face Seth. Could just be a red herring. I think Cody gets screwed again at EC and then Roman will main event both nights of Mania. Now I think Reigns needs to beat Rock night one and then Cody wins night 2. There you covered the loss of the Punk spot, Seth faces someone else, you get Rock/Reigns, Cody still honors the Rumble victory, and Cody finishes the story. All Cody said was he moved the goal post, that could just mean he moved it up, he never confirmed going after Seth.
  16. Only other 2 I could possibly think of are Sting and Dustin Runnels
  17. I think Bruce has been given less responsibility. I’ve notice he has been able to record more of his podcast lately and doesn’t miss a week as much.
  18. I wonder what is going to happen between October and January
  19. Vic Joseph gets annoying sometimes with his “OOOH” on big moves
  20. Might lead to a stricter brand split with all the different networks involved, which I’m all for tbh
  21. Who is the new yearly rumor, ie Carlito/Masters/MVP. Actually I would really enjoy a Chris Masters return.
  22. I think Triple H has said there wouldn’t be a call up unless there is an actual plan on the main roster
  23. Interesting that AJ and LA Knight most likely won’t be in the rumble
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