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  1. Bryan Black Street profits Almas Braun Shayna Miz & Morrison
  2. Raiders Garza Mansoor Roman Lashley Rollins and Murphy Miz & Morrison Bayley The Fiend Brock
  3. The rape face on some of those guys jesus lol
  4. Balor Dakota Broserweights Rhea Keith Lee Adam Cole
  5. Yeah that one and Triple Hs in 2002 were insane
  6. Sheamus Roman Andrade Lacey Becky The Fiend Charlotte Drew McIntyre
  7. For real like i hate that the Destroyer is done by like every dude that comes back for a match and is like "hey look im not old!" I absolutely hate it and i hate that sometimes its a setup move too.
  8. Willows Way

    WWE Drama

    Yeah its really bad nowadays. It can really take your enjoyment out of watching someone wrestle when you cant unlearn certain things about them
  9. Dennis Bate Walter Kay lee Rey Imperium
  10. Imperium Riddle/Dunne Kushida/Swerve UE Imperium UE Imperium
  11. Aleister Bray Rusev Roman Viking Raiders (OC) New Day Kabuki Warriors
  12. Willows Way

    WWE Drama

    Yeah that dude got some serious issues.
  13. Undisputed Era Nakamura Becky Womens team Raw Mens team NXT Adam Cole The Fiend Rey Mysterio
  14. Balor Dunne Team Ripley Team Ciampa (4th Velveteen) Scott
  15. Except she does some weird shit holding their arm with her leg? Yeah its *censored*ing dumb.
  16. I actually loved the slashed mask lol
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