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This had better be one helluva large cup of coffee & a jelly donut for $30...




Hate when people post Fallout screenshots, always makes me wanna go play it again lol

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The following screenshot requires backstory. Just because...well, it does. Lol.


So...I was playing 2K17. Trying to get the last of the achievements, or as many as I possibly can. So, I was frustrated with the shitty achievements in career mode...and I decided to do the 200 reversals with Brock Lesnar. I go...I'm doing this. It's fine. The achievement pops. I decide to finish the match with a ring-break OMG. I do this...it's fine. Next, I back out and I go make a match between Orton and Rollins, to attempt the Curb Stomp into RKO achievement. I book this match. I start playing. And...something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong. :lol:




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I finally got the whole 2K16 Harlem Heat band back together in 2K17! All 4 of them! I never thought myself a CAW maker, and considering I mostly used 2K's faces, you could say I'm still not. But I love this anyway.



It's a shame I could never get a good shot Ric Flair's female entourage. Managers have to stay back 500 ft. during entrances.

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