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  1. Honestly...KO is kinda the bad guy here. Let Sami have his thing. You could still be this man's friend.
  2. Man...I was just reminded that GTAV came out in 2013. That shit is actually embarrassing. 9 years and barely a fart in the wind about the next game.
  3. Most underwhelming spoiler I've ever read. Lol.
  4. Deals like that are always bullshit. Especially weary when it comes to Fox of all corporations. They just want to rally their viewers to harass DirectTV for a better deal. - Classic example of deflection. They probably demanded more money and DirectTV said no, so they pass the bullshit onto the viewer and make people feel like they are the ones who need to "demand" their channels.
  5. Need to watch the Bloodline match again. Truly one of the best story matches that has ever been worked.
  6. Logan being on Disney+ still feels so wrong. Lol Just gave this another watch. Still a favorite.
  7. Pretty accurate assessment. Kinda the same how I felt. Main event was great. Everything else was very mid.
  8. I don't know...Regal could manage Brawling Brutes (or even a Pete Dunne solo career) and it would probably make more sense than the BCC stuff.
  9. Tony needs to be considering where he'll pull talent from, because I think a lot of people will be WWE bound whenever they can be. Regal is no surprise. He wasn't really needed in AEW to begin with...just kinda made sense under Vince era.
  10. Morgan, yeah. (They showed a whole video package for her).
  11. "Release the hound." A throwback to the Shield. Nice.
  12. Forcing Jey and Sami to work together is fun as hell. Dammit...I really want Jacob Fatu to debut. I love all the story-telling with the camera work and side-eyes and stuff. Great work by all.
  13. Feel like Sami is gonna be loyal and Bloodline is gonna win...but they're gonna turn on him anyway.
  14. I honestly see Theory winning just by being underestimated and kinda ignored. It would work with what the story has built up to.
  15. Women's matches in WWE have been poor in general for a while. Just oversaturated and lacking in emotion. This card didn't need three women's matches. Hell...WWE doesn't need two different world titles for the women, honestly. They don't need two belts for the men either (which is why the Bloodline stuff has been so damn good). Just got a lot of fat to cut in the future. One main title and one tag title for both the men and the women. Just do it already.
  16. They try so hard to make Liv a star...and she just ain't.
  17. Honestly, not expecting many weapons (if any) in the men's WG match. Feel like it's gonna be a straight brawl with the kinds of guys that are competing.
  18. Yo...that was a solid leg drop. Good match in the end. Blue mist should have put Rhea to sleep, tbh. Not sure how many more times I can hear "OH LAAWWWWD YEAH!"
  19. Lol...Bliss literally put herself through the trash can. Sheesh.
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