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  1. Thanks, man. REALLY don't get why special guest ref isn't in the game by default. It's one of the most basic matches...
  2. From what I've seen, the combat looks incredibly satisfying when it goes according to plan...but also incredibly aggravating when something goes awry. In MaxmillianDood's playthrough, he was making his way through one area with Ashley on Hardcore difficulty, had already survived the worst of an onslaught...and then accidently sniped Ashley because she kept running in front of his shot. I would lose my shit. Lol.
  3. I'm waiting on Iconic's Hook. Saw a preview and it looks amazing.
  4. I just grabbed that Aubrey for shits and giggles. How do people get her as a ref, though? I know I've seen Status or somebody showing off hacked refs. Can one of those people hack her as a ref and then re-up her to CC or something? Is there a way?
  5. Love that people can use AI to make custom character portraits this year. Really helps make things feel clean. I don't use any original caws...but it's a neat thing for people who do.
  6. Watched MaxmillianDood's playthrough part 1 last night. Graphics are insanely good on a qualified PC rig. Also, new enemy types are cool. I'm definitely going to look forward to watching the rest of his playthrough. - I won't actually be playing the game because, well...I just never actually enjoyed playing RE games. Always liked watching my brother play them...and now I like watching youtubers do it. Lol
  7. Honestly...I see Mania going one of two ways. 1) The obvious route of KO and Sami winning the tag titles, and Cody winning the world titles. 2) KO and Sami don't win the tag titles on night 1. Then KO costs Cody the world title on night 2 and KO joins the bloodline. KO has been doing the face thing lately, almost to an obnoxious extent. So, it makes me feel like he's just stringing Sami along before something happens. It just feels weird right now...and Owens is a master of storytelling, so he doesn't really do things that feel weird unless it's intentional.
  8. Speaking of the hidden arenas...one of the oddest/funniest things I found backstage was this paper on the floor:
  9. Noticed yesterday that fire on the table wasn't showing up in highlight reel...kinda sucks when you want to take a picture or video of someone going through a flaming table. - The fire is there in-game and looks great. Disappears as soon as you pause. Then comes back in game. Very weird.
  10. Butch going for Gunther and starting shit is perfect. Hahaha. Gunther almost killing the front row with that table. Lmao.
  11. This year's Mania is shaping up to be a great example of a year that really doesn't need to be two nights. Already adding some serious fat to the card just to fill a second night.
  12. Funny thing about Mox being "hardcore", is that he really isn't even...I mean, not compared to the deathmatch guys who do that shit for real. - I know he came from CZW or whatever...and he fancies himself to still be "that guy"...but, if you compare him to the guys and girls who are really out there doing that stuff, he's not in that same league. So...at best he just kinda floats around in-between being a very average performer and someone who blades too much.
  13. Checked out the hidden arenas. They're fun as a novelty...but, they aren't really useful for anything. You just clip through all the walls and furniture. - I enjoyed moving around in highlight reel and seeing the little hidden details. Otherwise, I already deleted them all. Just not for me...
  14. This game is hilarious with what can be hacked in. I love this shit. Status and the others are legends. Lol
  15. Lol...this game is hilarious. I love this shit.
  16. Speaking of things like this... It might have been pure coincidence (I'll need to check it out in future matches)...but, I was in an extreme rules match and had a table set up. After doing a move near the table, it collapsed and needed to be set up again. - I swear, when it collapsed, the crowd started booing. - Like I said...might have been pure coincidence. Maybe they were just booing the heel for hitting an attack or something...but the timing was uncanny.
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