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  1. A Trump-led party could literally never win...for the exact reason that it would be pulling from Republican votes. But, that wouldn't be the goal in the first place. Like anything else that Trump does, the goal would be to continue to funnel money into his private accounts. It would be more of the same. Con man gonna con. It would be more of him taking money from people who can't afford to give it, and more of him convincing people that everyone between him and them is working against him. Also, Trump having a button on his desk to demand someone bring him a diet coke is peak lunatic. And the fact that he reportedly drank 12 cans a day makes me wonder how he is even alive.
  2. Generations

    WWE Drama

    That mentality is shit. Like...I understand that there is a certain nostalgia for that kind of atmosphere. We all have it, I think. There are times when all of us say "remember that crazy shit that we lived through?"...and that doesn't only apply to the wrestling industry. Sometimes I reminisce about times I had with friends...doing things that should have killed us. But, there are legitimate reasons why you grow out of those times. If any of those guys/girls were "soft" they wouldn't be pro wrestlers to begin with. Turns out, people like to chill with like-minded people and do things they enjoy. It's a lot better than wondering if you'll be stabbed in a locker room because you owe someone $50 for a hand of cards. People don't want to have guns pointed in their faces, or have a grown man take a shit in their boots. Turns out...that's not really funny or cool.
  3. PS doesn't have cloud saves? I just assumed that was how the new consoles would work. Shouldn't it recognize your profile and all the things saved to it?
  4. I grabbed the Kombat Pack 2 during the Xbox sale. Nice to save a few bucks on that. Trying to grind away some costumes for the new characters...but my krypt is giving me absolute horseshit, and I can only get so much from the towers. I swear, the wishy-washy unlock requirements for the customization items are one of the few things that bothers me with this game.
  5. Generations

    WWE Drama

    I still like Ryback. He's actually a pretty chill dude. That said, I don't agree wholly with what he said about the championships. Championships are definitely "won" in the sense that you need to be really damn good at your job to even be considered for one. I mean...maybe not in WWE, but definitely elsewhere.
  6. I thought it was a terrible show last night. Also, I have this theory that any time Jericho is booked in the main event, the entire show seems to be pretty bad. Obviously that sounds absurd...but, I feel like it's happened at least a few times now. Like...maybe they intentionally book lame shit so that the Jericho match looks better by comparison? I don't know. I know it's stupid to think that way. But...I swear. And the Young Bucks are awful. Truly awful. They are always doing the most heel shit and trying to be babyfaces. Like...Don Callis is supposed to be the shit heel here...but they beat him up for literally no reason. It doesn't make sense, and the stock of YB is at an all-time low. They just aren't entertaining in the ring or outside of it. Everything from their moveset to their promo abilities have grown weathered over time. They don't seem to know how to grow or adapt. You can't keep doing the same shit indefinitely.
  7. Oh, I agree...they're definitely fighting among themselves now. You have actual republicans distancing themselves from the very concept of the "patriot party"...you have people who were just along for the ride who are moving onto another angle...you have proud boys fighting with law and order. They've definitely lost the thread. I agree entirely with that. But, the danger is still imminent. A powder keg is still a powder keg. Fighting among themselves is definitely better than unifying for a singular cause...but these are still shitty people with a shitty grasp on reality.
  8. I don't like Elgin. But...I don't really know what Tama is getting at here. Elgin said he needed to be home with his son. He probably meant that he needed to work closer to home and couldn't be flying across continents. It honestly sounds to me like it could be a language barrier issue. He says he needs to be closer to home, they think he means that he wants to take a vacation or something...but, he actually means that he was leaving indefinitely...they agree, not understanding what it is that they're agreeing to. He appears on Impact, because it's closer to home/thinks he has their blessing to do it. They freak out because they didn't realize that this is what he meant. I don't know...
  9. There are still a bunch of things to be anxious about. Like the fact that Trump knows information about this country that he never should have had access to. Or the fact that he continues to fire up his base of extremist terrorist types to rally behind him. BUT...at least we can rest a bit easier knowing where the power lies. Investigations can be done. Arrests can be made. It's an uphill battle, but, it's a start. Treat the white supremacist's who post their plans online as credible threats. Investigate every single one of them. Don't let up.
  10. Kind of a shame about Priscilla. WWE seems like a death sentence for someone like her. At a time when the indies are vast, and you have working relationships between AEW/Impact/NJPW...I would have thought it a much better decision to keep doing what she was doing. I guess some people still hold onto that "WWE is the top" mindset, even when it has arguably become less and less accurate. At best...maybe a fun run in NXT. Probably stick her in a team with Shotzi for no reason. After that...jobbing to the four horsewomen on Raw/SD, if she ever goes to either. Not likely to ever be someone that they see as a "top star" or "championship caliber". Best bet would probably be to bring Paige back as her manager/valet. Which, she doesn't need...but that seems like the WWE thing to do.
  11. How drunk you gotta be to read two different colors? Lol.
  12. Bye, Donny Balloon hands. Not my President, not my problem. Not ever. No way.
  13. Honestly...Impact is probably still selling "best of Jeff Hardy" DVDs...so, that's not exactly impressive. And WWE probably just forgot that he even exists.
  14. Yesterday I watched 'Outside the Wire' on Netflix. Been looking forward to that one since I first heard about it, and it didn't disappoint. Reviews are pretty lackluster for it...but, as usual...reviews don't hold the whole truth. If you like action films...you pretty much know what kind of waters you're wading into. It's an action film. It doesn't exactly present itself as Oscar-worthy. It's a military-centric, sci-fi, gun-fu movie with buddy cop elements. I don't know what some of the people who wrote these reviews were expecting it to be. If you are fan of that type of film by even the slightest degree, you should enjoy it plenty.
  15. I was just thinking, man...the damage done to the image of the US flag will eventually be undone. But, red hats? Ruined forever.
  16. When I saw that tweet, I was like "Man...Ryder is really on some shit. That doesn't look like that actor at all". Then I found out that it really was him. It's even credited on his IMDB. Lol.
  17. We're still patching a leaky dam with chewing gum, though. This is a mental-health problem at it's core, and most of these people still believe that they are on the "right side". It's not something that we can just pretend is fine. But, at the same time...it's not really something that can be fixed by anyone other than the cult members themselves. These people need to be educated in how the internet works, how information and facts work, and how the world itself works. They need to understand that you can't just go down the rabbit hole. You can't just consume anonymous tips like they are verified and true. You have no idea where 95% of this stuff comes from. You can't just read something online and make it your entire life narrative.
  18. Didn't Gillberg just have a heart attack?
  19. People freaking about Ricochet doing a backflip gutwrench suplex...but, Rey Fenix literally just did a much nicer springboard backflip german suplex to Kenny Omega like two weeks ago. Lol.
  20. Ric looks like absolute death.
  21. MLK edition of Raw. Who's ready to watch all the black athletes take that L for no reason?
  22. So the woman who stole Pelosi's laptop tried to sell it to Russia, but it was literally just a laptop used for presentations. These people are trash.
  23. They should hold off on sentencing until after the inauguration. Also, it sounds like people are saying that they were just following orders...which could maybe hold up in court to charge people like Trump and the Republicans who told people to "fight like hell"? I don't know...but, that's definitely worth looking into, isn't it? I'd be willing to see reduced sentences for the people who stormed the capitol if it means pointing the finger at those who incited them instead.
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