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  1. They should sign Dominik Dijakovic, put a mask on him, and say he's Luchasaurus' brother.
  2. Dark Order really was a waste. I thought there was a lot of potential there to keep Brodie's legacy alive. Shame that nothing came of it.
  3. Man...I feel ya. I'm in a similar boat...(although, I'm 33, and the woman is 40). But, still...way out of my league. We were together for almost a year. I felt like the universe had finally decided that I deserved something nice. It felt surreal. And now I feel like she is gaslighting me. I can't shake the feeling that she just isn't being truthful...and I try to give her every opportunity to just tell me if this is the case, but it almost feels like she is always acting. I know she has a lot of trauma from both past relationships and childhood. But, I never saw things turning out this way. If she isn't being truthful with me, I wish she would stop trying to cling onto me as if nothing has changed...because, everything clearly has. It feels like she still gets everything she wants/needs out of our relationship...while simultaneously withholding everything that I need. And she doesn't understand why my trust in her is failing. It hurts so bad. I'm probably just going to cut my losses later this week. I feel used at this point. Like...she uses my good nature and caring energy to make herself feel good enough to find what she actually wants (which apparently is not me). And I swear, there have been days when both of us are horny, but she rejects sex...and then I just can't shake the feeling that she is seeing someone else behind my back. Like...no one can be that horny and not want sex. But she denies this. Says she is loyal. Says she doesn't even talk to anyone...let alone sleep with them. She showed me her phone. Her texts and FB messages. Which should have made me feel better about things. But, I also know that she offered this information freely (I didn't ask her to)...so it would be easy to just prepare for that. The other day she took a bikini selfie by the pool...and when I inquired about it she got angry. Told me she is "allowed to feel sexy" or something generic. It just sucks. She was/is my best friend. I miss spending time with her. I miss her cat. I even miss her neighbor. But I literally do not trust her at this point. What's worse...we both work at the same place, and I think the person she is involved with is regularly there. So...it feels like a slap in the face. And I also feel like she has convinced our other coworkers that I'm a stalker or something. Like I just have this "unrequited love" for her...(even though I spent 5 or 6 days a week at her house and we made love often...as recently as a couple weeks ago). It has been making me paranoid for a long while. But I can't just accuse her without proof. If I just had one shred of proof...I could happily move on...knowing that I wasn't crazy the whole time. Instead, I'm miserable every single day of my life. It's insane to me that there could be people out here who would choose to do this to a partner. Every single person on this earth deserves honesty. There is nothing more freeing than being told the truth. Even if it hurts. It's the only thing I want. It seems to be true that the hot ones are indeed crazy. (Even in saying this, I feel remorse for disrespecting her). This is the kind of love that I have for this woman. It feels wrong to suggest that she is untruthful or crazy...or that she would intentionally choose to hurt me. Which is why I want that proof so badly. I am not capable of just disrespecting someone by suggesting any of those things without proof. If I knew for sure, then I could say...okay, she was not the person I thought she was. It would be easier to let her go.
  4. Pretty cool show. The Jericho/Umino grudge match was surprisingly great. All of those guys gave it their all. Claudio is obviously huge news. Pop for Shibata was nuts. Pac winning the AA title was a surprise (but incredibly well deserved). I thought it would either be Miro or Black. But I'm very happy with this. The rest was just solid.
  5. The game of life. And I'm *censored*ing losing.
  6. Difference with prohibition or war on drugs, is that these things pertain to human health and addiction. Of course, if people are physically addicted to alcohol or drugs, then they will find ways to bootleg them. Also, it is much easier to manufacture alcohol or drugs than it is for your average person to manufacture precision firearms. Can it be done? Sure. On a scale large enough to really matter? No...not really. Is there a black market of firearms with the serial numbers removed? Of course. But those guns ultimately came from the traditional source as well. So...the less that are manufactured traditionally...the less can end up on black markets. If you ban one kind of firearm entirely, then the numbers available (even through shady sources) will still go down.
  7. Generations

    WWE Drama

    But where exactly do you get "Vince is a victim and it sounds like he's being blackmailed" from? There has been absolutely nothing to suggest this. Everything we know about Vince tells us this is highly likely to be a possibility. It's not like this guy had a squeaky clean reputation prior to this. It's important to give him the benefit of the doubt. But it is ridiculous to claim that he is a victim right out of the gate.
  8. If Sasha is released, I don't want her in AEW. Maybe NWA or something. Or...isn't she one of those conspiracy theorist whackjobs? She might actually join CYN. As hilarious as that would be... Naomi on the other hand, would be great just about anywhere.
  9. Generations

    WWE Drama

    Puh-lease. Crusty old white dude with a shitload of money is like 99.999% likely to have done exactly what he's being accused of (and likely more). Who the hell has ever thought Vince was innocent of a damn thing? We already have a laundry list of atrocities that we know he's responsible for, for sure. So, in what world does it sound unlikely that this one is true? Of course, he is innocent until proven guilty. But, I'm not sure how anyone could be shocked by the notion that this might be true.
  10. Generations

    WWE Drama

    Eh...that's true. Guess I'll just keep hoping that anyone with talent will continue to exit the company to perform elsewhere.
  11. Bruh...they literally could have had Christian heel-turn DURING the match and hand the belts to Matt...for the two of them to become tag champions...but they had him do a pointless turn AFTER the match...just so we could see the Bucks win some more shit they don't need. I'm just shaking my head in disbelief. The implications of Christian both turning on his friends, and joining up with a longtime rival to win the belts out of sheer greed (and simply because an opportunity existed) would have been brilliant story-telling.
  12. Generations

    WWE Drama

    Vince being forced by board of directors to step down would be amazing. Maybe I'd start watching again.
  13. Just take the shit off Jurassic Express. Doesn't really matter who has the belts, tbh. So long overdue.
  14. I don't know...I still support Jeff. But, I'll be damned if he doesn't *Censored* up at the absolute worst times.
  15. There is more drilling in the US than ever before...so an article about Biden cutting drilling to curb climate change is hardly the nail in the coffin for gas prices. Again...something Trump was responsible for, was increasing the amount of oil production in the US...to a level that none of us really needed (the stockpile is sufficiently high). Just another example of something people can easily bitch about without actually knowing what they're talking about. You increase drilling to a point never before witnessed...and when the next guy says "we need to cut this back" you cry foul. The oil industry pretends like there is a great shortage (there isn't)...so that they can keep pushing the republican agenda. It's the same shit they do with gun laws..."don't let them take your guns"...even though no one was trying to. Thus, you increase gun sales. You'd think people would see the pattern...but no one said that your average American was very smart.
  16. Andrade airing his dirty laundry on twitter. Not the best look, tbh...
  17. Gas goes up and down...and it's usually a bullshit scramble that is intentionally manufactured by big oil. They manipulate the market however they want...which is why supply and demand is usually irrelevant. If they decide that they want to drill more...they just claim that the reserves are low (even when they are at an all-time high). HOWEVER...the current prices ARE a direct result of Putin (at least in a vague sense). - Of course prices are going to climb when you lose access to a major importer of said resource. But, again...the whole "not supporting a terrorist regime" thing somehow seems more important than whether Sally and Jane can fill up their SUV's this week. As usual, it's an exercise in critical thinking and seeing the bigger picture (which is something that republicans are notoriously shit at).
  18. Oh...I agree with this entirely.
  19. Bethesda/Xbox showcase has been generally meh. Only a couple of things I have any interest in...helicopters added to Flight Sim. Forza Horizons getting another Hot Wheels expansion. And, uh...I guess Starfield will be cool if it ever comes out. Pretty weak showing, though.
  20. Putin (who was embiggened and emboldened by 4 years of terrible Trump policies). Which is another of those absolutely infuriating talking points...the whole "When Trump was president, Putin was our friend" mentality...as if that was a good thing.
  21. Okada vs Hangman should be a lot of fun...if it happens.
  22. Lol...what? I doubt she's going to return to wrestling in any in-ring capacity...so an on-screen role would be whatever. AEW is literally the second largest wrestling promotion in North America...so I don't think it would be a stupid move at all to seek employment there. Also, I don't know if Khan would even have a place for her. "Boatload of money" sounds excessive to me. I could see her as something pointless...like a valet/manager for Darby Allin. But, that's about it. And what even is this last part about AEW not taking care of her health? What does that even mean?
  23. I can't wait to hear someone on AEW commentary talk about Strong's shitty little boots.
  24. Can't really praise Cody for what he did. I just find it really stupid to perform with that serious of an injury.
  25. Stop making guns so easy to for everyone to obtain. See...that wasn't so difficult.
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