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  1. Honestly, I think that most of these WWE guys just don't have the insight that diehard fans have. This is their job. (And we all know how easy it is to grow complacent and comfortable at a shitty job). It seems strange to think that so many people in the "WWE machine" actually think that this is what they are destined to do...and believe that there are no other options that compare. But, I genuinely do think that many of these people have blinders on and can't see the forest through the trees. The other night, I watched Renee Young talking with Danhausen about the independents and Japan. She still didn't seem like she knew all that much about proper indy companies...but, she seemed legitimately blown away with Japan and how different it was. Honestly, it was very strange to hear someone who has been in WWE to the degree that Renee was literally saying "I get it now". We might all take it for granted that we can observe these companies from the outside. Because it seems like a lot of these talents are missing what is right in front of them. If Owens and Zayn can get out next, I like to think that they will.
  2. The thing I really don't get about the Page situation, is that they did 5-v-5 tag. So...instead of making it an elimination where Page went all the way to the end and then lost, they could have made it for one fall, where one random member of Dark Order was the reason why he didn't get the title shot. It seemed very counterintuitive to build it up so much like this was gonna end with Page's triumphant moment, only to be so completely denied. Now it not only looks like Page himself wasn't good enough...it looks like Page with all the friends in the world wasn't good enough.
  3. Generations

    WWE Drama

    At least we don't need to feel bad when Ryback dies from covid now. It's always considerate when people let you know. Saves some energy later on.
  4. First off, Dark Order are fantastic. Secondly, how the hell did you start by saying nothing could save Dark Order...and finish by saying only Bray or Black could save Dark Order? You contradicted your own comment in record time. Jesus...
  5. What do these people think Alexa is doing to get people released? Lol. It's an unfortunate coincidence that so many people she's worked with are now gone. But, you could literally cherry-pick photos of any wrestler with people people who have been released and say the same shit. Man people are dumb and annoying. Lmao.
  6. Bray gone now. This game is probably gonna be chopped to bits at the last minute again. WWE loves to sabotage themselves.
  7. Laughing at Goldberg being brought back even more now. Every time this dude shows up there are "budget cuts". Lmao.
  8. I said WWE were shitbags for stealing Bray's gimmick. You can't even get your quotes right, my dude.
  9. ^ The only thing that makes any sense to me is AEW getting the full Tekken/NJPW treatment with Street Fighter. I don't give a slippery wet shit what Fortnite does. Lol.
  10. Why are your opinions always so wack?
  11. It's not her fault...but, WWE really are shitbags for taking a gimmick that Bray personally created, twisting it around for Bliss, and then just firing him.
  12. Imagine thinking this time last year that Matt Cardona would be GCW champion, Punk and Bryan would be coming to AEW, and Bray Wyatt would probably be joining the Dark Order. I would have said "shut up, mark". Lol. WWE is lowkey making professional wrestling awesome again just by being incompetent and out of touch. Lmao.
  13. Alexa Bliss is such a nonsensical pile of shit now. Lol. (Not that it was ever good, tbh).
  14. You could have Pres10 getting his ass kicked in a match against someone like Shawn Spears. -1 gets in the ring and tries to protect him. Spears raises a chair and is about to hit -1. Lights go out. Lights come back and Bray is in the ring between -1 and Spears. Catches the chair shot and throws the chair down. Spears is shocked. He says something like "It's okay, child. Uncle Bray is here". Lays out Spears and does the Dark Order pose with -1.
  15. BRAY TO LEAD DARK ORDER PLEASE. You already know that story writes itself.
  16. That one asshole called their kids crack babies...and the other told him to kill himself (and presumably his family too)...ffs
  17. WWE is hilariously petty, and a literal cancer to the industry if this is true. Lmao.
  18. Jeff Jarrett was employed by WWE? Lol
  19. Wait...is he making a joke about deathmatch wrestling. Or...?
  20. Generations

    WWE Drama

    This salty mofo just retweets everything Alberto posts. Where is he getting off starting shit with anybody?
  21. https://www.mandatory.com/wrestlezone/news/1246889-kurt-angle-turned-down-offers-from-aew-and-impact-wrestling-plans-to-make-a-non-wrestling-return?fbclid=IwAR0FCvPlhptVbZD9NYnf9wWe-DWSV0ldpp5WMeYjm64ksJh_sqExLgdd1G8 Good for Kurt. I thought he might be one of the final labors for Jericho...but it sounds like he's definitely slowing down now. Take it easy, champ.
  22. I honestly see Mark being almost as annoying as Big Show on commentary. You already know that Punk would be a fantastic fit. Excaliber and Tazz are amazing. Schiavone is solid. If Eddie Kingston wants to retire from the ring, then I think he would be amazing as well. I just don't know if Henry and Wight are worth keeping on. They seem like guys who should just be coaches or something. I'm giving Henry the benefit of the doubt until I hear what he offers...but I have a funny feeling.
  23. Generations

    WWE Drama

    Tbh, it already is and has been. Every other company is doing record numbers, and WWE's numbers are WAY down. Unfortunately, like I said before...WWE is a money-making machine, and it seems impossible to actually *Censored* up that process. They'll probably continue to make money in spite of themselves, so they will never actually need to care about improving anything.
  24. I just realized, the back of Nick Gage's shirt had a hard f-bomb on it. Did they censor it during the match, or did I just not notice? Lol
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