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  1. I couldn't make it through the whole show last night. Kept trying to watch No Mercy and Collision at the same time, but was not really paying attention to either as a result. Eventually chose Collision in the second half. But, I will probably go back and watch the women's title match. Seems like it was very good.
  2. The No Mercy game throwback video is fun...but also kinda annoying that they don't feel compelled to make an actual game like that. Lol.
  3. At 90 hours, just finished my first playthrough of Starfield. Now entering the New Game+ stage of things.
  4. I really don't support cosmetic surgery...but it's undeniable that Ruby is like 75% hotter with the work she had done.
  5. Bayley: "That's what she said, right?" Iyo: "No, she didn't say that." Lmao
  6. I genuinely used to enjoy Charlotte...but not in a long while. She got way too comfortable just coasting on name value. I mean...there was a time when she actually did try. Somewhere amid all the Andrade stuff she just fully transitioned into "I'm Charlotte Flair" and stopped giving a damn.
  7. They released some of the most useless characters in the most recent wave of cuts. That absolute clown Quincy Elliot is gone, for one. They've also been having some more of the main roster people come over to help grease the wheels. Butch is always fun to watch. They're doing some things with him and Tyler Bate again. The Becky and Dom stuff helps too. Like I said...it's a marginal improvement, but it's still better. Even one point in the right direction means it's not at the absolute worst that it's been. I saw it at its worst. I stopped watching for months. At the very least, I can tolerate what it currently is.
  8. Yeah...but everything you just said is equally true for a few months ago (minus the good parts). So...again, I don't see how it could be the worst that it's ever been, if there are literally a handful of good things that weren't there a little while ago. My entire point is that it's marginally better now than it was a few months ago...
  9. I mean...that's how I felt a few months ago. At least they're trying with stuff like Becky and Dom, Bron and Ilja...having actual storylines, teasing the debut of Pillman, etc. Before this, it just felt like there was no point in even watching. I don't think it's anywhere near what it was before Vince intentionally sabotaged the black and yellow and turned it into the rainbow brand...but, it's better now, relatively speaking, than it was at its absolute worst. I don't see how you could claim it's currently at its worst. I'd call it a passable 6/10 right now. At its worst, it was easily like a 3.
  10. It's great that NXT is finally watchable again. There was a serious rough patch for a while. There is still plenty that I'm not a fan of...plenty that I see as a huge downgrade considering what NXT once was. BUT...it's definitely better now than a few short months ago.
  11. It's great that some of the DLC is trickling out...but, the game is dead. It really needed significant additions to the create modes by now. There's still too much missing that there is no excuse for. The DLC was priced too high from the start, and the rollout has taken forever. Stadium Stampede was a nice addition...but that can't change the inevitable death either. Everything is really banking on some create mode support. I realize that we're never going to get actual morphing or anything like that...but some very basic things like proper masks, more hair and facial hair options, the ability to change the colors of more items, better facepaint, being able to edit the actual in-game wrestlers attires or even use their parts to create new people...all stuff that absolutely should be patched in.
  12. Thought the complete opposite, honestly. Gave MJF's promo about a 6/10 and thought it was the same old shit he always says. Really thought Jay White delivered there with a 10/10 promo and sold the entire feud that would otherwise be dead in the water. - Never been a fan of the promo style that attempts to genuinely bury an actual talent...especially when AEW needs all the help it can get in the star power department. Jay White was a huge get for AEW, and it's hardly his fault that they squandered his value for a number of months. This is the first real attempt at putting him over as a main event guy, and MJF flew a bit too close to the sun with burying him for what seemed like no reason. It felt more like Max was desperate to prove something about his own worth, and less of anything to do with Jay. Just felt like a very cliche "you aren't the star you claim to be" promo from a guy who is gatekeeping that very position. Not a fan. And it really did feel like Jay took it all in stride and fired back with exactly what he needed to say. Been tired of MJF's routine for months...was never fully sold on him as world champion to begin with. Really hoping Jay White beats him for the title soon. Or anyone does, for that matter. Well...not "anyone". (He's definitely better than someone like Jericho or one of the Young Bucks). But, there are still a number of people I'd rather have. MJF hasn't evolved a single bit since his days in MLW. He is the same exact guy...and it's just not doing anything for me. The routine is old.
  13. Well, nothing is official yet. But rumor has it.
  14. Really not sure who the masked attackers could be that would actually make sense. Only thing I came up with is The Righteous, Alan Angels, and Edge...but that would also feel like too much of a rehash of Judgement Day. But...on the other hand, Edge wearing all white suits and leading another stable does appeal to me.
  15. It isn't even that accidents have happened multiple times, tbh...it's that you can literally watch her performances and easily recognize when she is being dangerous or careless. Anyone who is familiar with the reality of selling, or how moves are actually performed safely can break down any Nia performance in seconds and scream at their television about the countless red flags. - I mean...the fact that a veteran like Richards is pointing out numerous things and shouting at his screen, saying "don't do this" is as telling as it gets. Anyone who sees the problem is already aware of it...but it's also validating to have someone like Richards who agrees. And the sloppy ringwork is only half of it. Nia's promo style has always left a LOT to be desired. She is one of those people who doesn't just work the mic for an angle, but actually buries the real life person. Whether she intends to or not...she has always done it. It's a respect thing. She doesn't have any.
  16. Really interesting time to have an opinion like this...considering there are number of people who either already switched companies, or are likely to do so soon. Jade and Pillman Jr. to WWE...Starks and Wardlow possible as well. Edge probably going to AEW, etc. I know your post is about a month old. Just saying...it still happens.
  17. Jade is green as hell...but she has the "it" factor that WWE loves so much. She can talk relatively well...her physique is impressive. She has beauty, poise, dresses the part, presents herself well. She'll be a huge star for all of that. Technical ability is definitely not one of her strong points. Hopefully she can improve, but...no, she isn't ready for a "long rounded technical match". Lol. She'll do really well if she works with people who are strong enough performers to carry her through. Which is exactly why the Nia Jax angle sounds like a failure from the start. Her debut angle is probably going to be with Nia, who is a notoriously selfish and sloppy worker. Really stupid booking, honestly.
  18. I wish they'd stop booking no DQ/last man standing matches as Texas deathmatches. I mean...maybe save that for events that are actually in Texas...and maybe be a bit more clear about what differentiates the rules.
  19. I don't think she's disliked by the talents. On a personal level, I'm pretty sure she gets along just fine with the other women. - Her reputation is with the fans, because we don't have rose-tinted glasses. None of us have a personal friendship with Nia...so the only thing we judge her on are her capabilities...which are lacking.
  20. I admit, the main event failed to keep my attention as well. I'm a fan of all those guys...so I didn't want to turn the channel...and since it was an actual title match, that was obviously important as well. But, yeah...I'm actually finished with Sami and Owens being a team, tbh. They did the thing that needed to be done (damaged the Bloodline beyond repair). Now their partnership feels like it's forced. They could be doing singles matches and remain friends backstage...but the whole concept of them still being focused on the tag titles feels forced to me.
  21. Let's see if she can survive the blatant Nia Jax feud that they're alluding to. You'd think WWE would put her with someone who works quality matches and protects their opponents...not someone who works sloppy and manages to still be green after many years of zero growth. A Bianca feud would have been a great place to start. Instead...she gets someone who is awkward on the mic, sloppy in the ring, selfish, sluggish, etc.
  22. Nia really is the worst. Don't let her speak. And her bonsai drop finish is official, and is called the "A-Nia-lator"? - She's gonna kill someone with that. It was bad enough that they let her do it once. She's gonna do that every single week and risk the career/life of everyone who takes it? I hate it here.
  23. I have never heard heat like Dom gets. You literally can't hear him. Lmao. Speaking of Dom...best match he's ever had just now. Well done.
  24. Man...I wanted to like Boogs. But, if your career is only as strong as the word of one guy...that's pretty sad. I think the death of his career had more to do with him being injury prone and too much of a goofball to get over as more than a comedy act. The closest he ever came to doing anything worthwhile was his time with Shinsuke...and wasn't that literally the time when Vince was gone completely and HHH was in charge?
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