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  1. Hey guys, I can not do this thread and keep it updated. I focus more on my personal youtube channel. I was hoping to have more time but I don't. If anyone wants to make another, you're welcome to! Just DM me or another mod to pin it instead of this one.
  2. Ernez

    E3 2021

    Forza looked mad good.
  3. Ernez

    E3 2021

    no lol, theyre correct.
  4. Remember, only adding things OFFICIALLY confirmed to the OP post. So I won't add ric or anything yet
  5. Bubba teased it asking on twitter if he should sign with these guys (Virtual Basement)
  6. Been removed now. Says only PS4
  7. It's time we made a comeback around here. Official Trailers: Release Date: March 2022 ---------- Confirmed Male Superstars: Bobby Lashley Cesaro Dolph Ziggler Drew McIntyre Finn Bálor Goldberg Kane Kofi Kingston Rey Mysterio Ricochet Roman Reigns Shelton Benjamin Shinsuke Nakamura Confirmed Female Superstars: Bayley Carmella Rhea Ripley Confirmed Arenas: RAW SmackDown More info coming January 2022
  8. You're thinking in the way big companies do it, like WWE. Basically I feel the way VB does it, if it cost more to get them in, it'll be DLC so they can recoup some of that. Also Justin Credible confirmed.
  9. Basically they aren't ready to show the gameplay or anything so they figured for SOME news they'd announce the roster as they sign them. DLC I would assume is probably who they think they can get the most money off of? Not sure.
  10. Velvet Sky is DLC and Simon Miller (WhatCulture) is teased.
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