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  1. share your gifs, pics and vids in this thread!
  2. My opinions. Not too good ones to be fair.
  3. Thought this deserved it's own topic. THERE IS NO PICS IN THE VIDEO!! It's just a picture of RVDs tweet announcing himself. So unless you wanna see the tweet, don't click the vid. Don't wanna clickbait ya.
  4. Ernez

    Youtube Channel

    Thanks! I like yours too! I use photoshop to make the logos or whatever and sony vegas to edit the vid. That's all.
  5. Don't really like the RPG elements. Sponges really
  6. Heya, this was my exclusive, and they told me that it isn't done yet!
  7. To me, it just doesn't feel like an Assassins Creed game anymore. lol
  8. Ernez

    UFC 4

    Hmmm...I wanna see more before I become interested.
  9. Only cause you're still here Muur. lol
  10. Only click the vid if you wanna see the tweets for proof. No screenshots are in the videos. It's PJ Black and Thunder Rosa.
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