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  1. Only click the vid if you wanna see the tweets for proof. No screenshots are in the videos. It's PJ Black and Thunder Rosa.
  2. You posted this in the wrong section, I would move it for you but not quite sure what game you wanted him made in. Please post it in whatever section you wanted. If it was WWE 2K20 here you go: https://caws.ws/forum/forum/447-requests/
  3. Ernez

    Youtube Channel

    Just showing off my new PC.
  4. Ernez

    Stacy Kiebler

    lol...I googled and there is a last.fm under Stacy Keibler's name with that song, so no, I don't think she did...but that's weird.
  5. I posted the video. The link was just a bit too long. This was interesting. Could hear him talking all the time.
  6. Well, they make console games as well. Ark: Survival Evolved is probably their biggest. That one does have tons of customization.
  7. Tay Conti is also confirmed.
  8. I'm excited for this as I am any wrestling game, but I'm curious what the replayablity will be.
  9. Tay Conti and Petey Williams as well, I also did a video where I asked what their thoughts were about people thinking their ambitions were too high.
  10. Hmmm, some I don't know but roster doesn't seem bad.
  11. I enjoyed this game more than I thought I would and people are being very creative bringing out creations. If you haven't seen it, take a look.
  12. So a few others were revealed for the roster. One including Sick NIck Mondo. If you're a fan of extreme hardcore wrestling, I'm sure you know who this is. All we need is Zandig.
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