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    Luke Harper, Kane
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    Too much to list.
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    Tech Support
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    Xbox One, Windows '95
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    MLW, NWA
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    Flamethrower from DQ or Zaxbys
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    Hell On Wheels, Law & Order, Family Guy
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    If not listed in sig, they're mine.
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    Big fan of spending time with my niece and my mom. They're both super onto bubble baths so I spend my time giving them a hand ;) and when I'm not bathing my mom and nice I'm often buying 1890's playboy comic strips called Slocum =D they're my fave!!

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  1. Slocum Ernez 

  2. @Ernez is terrible

    1. ThreeG


      I said @Ernez is terrible don't you agree @Fuse 

    2. Ernez
  3. Could be something you have to contact your ISP for.
  4. Honestly, if you can't get it under $15 then no.
  5. Ernez

    Youtube Channel

    https://www.youtube.com/ernez My channel was TheDirectionGaming but now it's just Ernez!
  6. I just had someone test this and it worked for them. When you said it's an impossibility, do you mean there is no edit button? Nevermind, just seen what you mean. You can't add or delete text outside the spoiler tag or anything. I'll report this. Thank you!
  7. Seems funny we got a new skin and then corona virus comes, conspiracy? I think not. It's all y'alls fault.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to say this, very interesting.
  9. He mostly works on his youtube. MainEventGames
  10. To be honest, most of our information came from insiders more than interviews. ThreeG wanted to ask hard hitting questions for THQ stuff but of course that really isn't how it works. You have to ask the basic questions that have been asked a million times over. As ThreeG stated, there was insiders who kept low profiles from both THQ and 2k that some of you never knew about and would "leak" information periodically.
  11. Moving from the proboards to caws.ws started near Feb 17th 2005. Then in Oct 2005 a new site and forum was made. March of 2006 came around and a banner change happened (I only included this because of the forums) Not even a month later, a new site would appear which will have the familiar Caws.ws logo! Then in November of 2006 another change happened but the forum would only change slightly. This skin would last up to 2 years, and in October 2008 a new theme was revealed. Another year would roll by and in October 2009 a more bright theme was added that John Cena would be proud of. In November 2010 Caws.ws got a bit darker. In Feb of 2012 the caws.ws logo changed from blue to grey. THEN, on November 7th of 2012...the skin we would have for 7+ years is born Sorry for the long post, but I thought it would be cool to scroll down and see them all. I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. How many do you remember? Which is your fav?
  12. Well Warzone is a bit more of bullet sponges than even normal. Also got 3rd this time.
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