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  1. lmao i did so bad my own fault for being gaslit into thinking the rock woudl come back
  2. we beat chelthem just about, sure been saying that a lot just noticed that despite being 5th for 10,000 years wer're now only 8 points off automatics. neat
  3. Good win over Charlton, they were on 4 wins in a row before that.
  4. I didn't see what happened in the match, so everyone is like yo wtf is going on. I was watching where the ball was then suddenly everything kicked off with the manager and others running onto the pitch etc. it took a while before someone was like, oh they sent the wrong guy off etc. So it was as off the ball incident I missed and had to experience the confusion of what was happening. Like, I didnt see anyone get punched but of course on the way back seeing Twitter I could finally see what truely happened. I, and many others, can't connect to mobile data at the Macbok so it wasn't till later that I got to see what happened. I'm sat behind the other goal from where it happened and with it happening away from the ball I had no chance to see what had actually gone on. At first I thought he'd called for offside and everyone was fighting other that lmfao. Was certainly an experience But yeah, the red card for Charles has been swapped to Kachunga. Just a good job we still won. Confusing a white guy for a black guy is wild tho. Kachunga punching a gun in the chest is a massive wtf and a lot Bolton fans want him fired. Also no the ref actually has a Championship match on Sat
  5. Good job we played against the team with the worst form in the country, we lose otherwise. We were awful. Ref also sent off the wrong player. Black player punches a guy and white guy gets sent off. Ref surely should get in trouble for that
  6. Lost to Derby who were above us on GD, till today of couse. rip. if we do make the play offs we'll need to pull off an upset to get up
  7. 0-0 against top of the table, where we dominated and only drew because we hit the post and had two saved off the line. dang. keep that up and dominate everyone and who knows how this season could end... next up is portsmouth twice in 3 days. knowing bolton we'll beat them in the pizza cup then lose in the league
  8. ended up winning 3-0 against barnsley to put us above them tho it was cuz they got a guy sent off after 5 mins
  9. 1-1 draw against 10 man lincoln. should've won really, thats 2 points dropped. and with barnsley next, who are just above us in 4th, that could make or break.
  10. 0-0 draw against derby, biggest attendance at the macbok for over 10 years. we missed an open net so shouldve won really. a draw against derby isnt a bad result tho, keeps us in the play offs and above derby
  11. you shouldve, would've done everyone in the play offs a favour lol
  12. pretty easy win against exeter, they offered nothing. shouldve been double/triple the amount we scored this is quite the issue
  13. So we beat ManU U7s in the Pizza Cup 4-0 but it was a bad result as we had 20 shots and only had 3 shots on target (one was an og) and only scored the 4 goals in the last 20 mins when I guess they were tired. We're not gonna get 20 shots against real teams and 3 on target in 20 shots is disgusting. They better buck their ideas up cuz we're only in the top 6 due to multiple teams below us having games in hand...one of them having three in hand.
  14. bolton lose in stoppage time, sucks to be us
  15. stoppage time 1-1 draw, we sure do that a lot miss of the season from charles when he was 1 on 1 and hit at the gk. was harder to miss than score like damn shouldve beat bristol rovers with our record against them of something like 6 wins i a row. they hd one shot too and scored it
  16. So if I did nxt I prob would've won the entire thing
  17. Two goals in the last 5 mins to beat fleetwood after being 1-0 down for almost the entire game lmao. Wasn't really deserved at all, Fleetwood bottled it Oxford have really shot up the table
  18. yeah a few years ago was pretty wild to have bolton play at 3pm then get home and watch england a few hours later the same very day. bolton prob have matches same day as england this time too. but then i guess that was just international break stuff...which this also counts as. l1/l2 plays during international breaks rather than have half the games as mid week games. which i prefer, mid week games are meh.
  19. 0-0 in which basically nothing happened till bolton get a guy sent off then have to cling to a point. Hurray for terribleness. They played for a draw so fair play to Cambridge I guess. They were in awful form before this so they were there for the taking. That drops us out the playoffs and we'll struggle to get back in
  20. Surprised to see West Brom were bottom
  21. Well that was deadful. Both bolton and the referee. My birthday is cursed lost 3-1 last time we played on it too
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