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  1. I mean all that was said was we were the faves. Which we were. 3v5 with us having beat you already. But it’s odd, you guys were celebrating beating Bolton more than having won promotion. Now I’ll be hoping to see you finish bottom. Before that video, there was no reason to dislike.
  2. Was our third choice lb. Would’ve been odd to keep him. For a while he was even 4th choice.
  3. wouldnt really count them as bolton fans, just thugs just saw footage of your fans singing bolton get battered everywhere they go instead of celebrating promotion? kinda odd that, we're not one of your rivals.
  4. More than that, you got full power Reading and Wigan too. Might be the toughest L1 of all time. Wouldn't be shocked to get 15th or something. You won due to Managers, really. Your guy set up to beat Bolton and it worked perfectly. Evatt should've noticed and changed formation mid game but he has no plan B. That's gonna happen a lot next season.
  5. RIP Bolton. Enjoy the Champs, I guess. After winning 5-0 6 weeks ago, it seemed like standard football that the overconfident and complacent twats would lose to the guys they beat 5-0. Expecting to be stuck in League One (and even Two) for a good 10 plus years now. Sure glad I didn't.
  6. Just sounds like the rivalry is true. May the less shit team win on the day. My worry is if we don't go up next week, get stuck down here for a decade. You guys meanwhile, are used to lower leagues. If the shoe was on the other foot tho, I'd be saying the same stuff. "Oh, [bigger team fc], you've been in the Prem recently - it's our turn", etc. So it's just hypocrisy lol. Everyone wants their team to go up. Like maybe next year is Bolton vs West Brom and the posts next year are me saying "You've been in the Prem recently, WBA, it's our turn", etc.
  7. Which is a heck of a long time ago. After what Bolton have been through since 2018, getting to the Championship is the culmination of five years of progress after Ken Anderson stopped paying players for a year and putting us into admin on purpose to get use relegated out of spit. Bolton going up, we probably get top half. Oxford, relegation battle? you did nearly drop to League Two as recently as a year ago. We beat you 5-0 at our ground, and 0-0 at your ground - so logic says that means you guys will win maybe 2-0 cuz football sucks.
  8. and now you can only imagine how I felt. from sweating at 1-0, to wahey were through a 2-1, to considering life at 2-3 And well, seems it's the caws.ws final in the play off final then, Bolton vs Oxford. Wild. I feel like Bolton need it more, since Oxford are used to being a lower league team but then, maybe finally getting Champs will be what takes them to the next step as a club - or they finish rock bottom Will we win 5-0 again like we did a month ago?
  9. If anything, I expect to get hammered 5-0 like in Wembley 2011
  10. Into the final...just. Lost 2-3 at home, winning 5-4 over all. Geeze. We sure never do things easy One more win and we're promoted...
  11. A good win to take into the second leg. Can't count our chickens just yet, Peterborough were 5-0 up last year and bottled it. Glad to get that Barnsley monkey off our back this time though, since it had been so many losses to them the last 2 years.
  12. So Bolton vs Oxford in the play off semi finals huh… edit: or not. Goal after I posted this at Barnsley. We seriously have a repeat of last years semi final?
  13. portsmouth already having won the league might make that easy, wigan beat them today after all
  14. Last 3 games we’ve hit the post/cross bar 13 times. Anyway glad we got to end on a home win. Second is unlikely but if we win 2-0 and derby lose 2-0 we’d be promoted… Blackpool/Lincoln getting play offs over Oxford/Barsnsley sure wasn't expected. 2 spots left for you four, and it seems like Oxford/Barsnsley mightve bottled it right at the end. 4 weeks ago, barnsley were 1 point behind 2nd with a GIH
  15. drew to a relegation battling team, when winning wouldve put us within 1 point of second. 3 points behind with 2 games left to play now...probably not going to manage it since derby have two easy matches left but i guess we'll see if its automatics or play offs. sure dont want play offs.
  16. if the table ended today, wed be seeing bolon vs oxford in the semi final...
  17. a point isnt bad, Portsmouth are top of the table...but the fact they were time wasting for 40 minutes when theyre at the top - like what We beat Oxford 5-0 a few weeks ago and Oxford beat Peterborough 5-0. We play Peterborough on the final day, so I guess we'll be winning 10-0? we can still finish first lmao. pompey lose all 3, we win all 3, we go top on goal difference
  18. away win against bristol rovers puts us 1 point behind 2nd with 4 games to go, tho that does have an oof to that first place is our next game and derby have there relegation teams in their last 4
  19. well, 5-2 win against reading. couldve been 12-2 with the chances we had. both the goals given away were shit. we're 3 behind derby with a game in hand, they play pompey tomorrow (were techinclaly on the same amount played for 24 hours). so if they lose by a few goals and we win our game in hand we could jump back into second lol. doubt it, but second this year sure has been lava. derby prob win tomorrow. still not really confident of promotion tho... especially after this reply in a second its actually quite worrying. they have 11 wins in 13 and if the season ended now we'd be playing them in the play off semi finals. they actually might go into the play offs as faves
  20. they did do us a favour, but we drew 0-0 today and they won so in the end nothing really changes in the end. its gonna take something special to get into that top 2 and im not sure we can get a play off win
  21. 2nd vs 3rd ends with 2nd winning. Play off it is, I guess. Shouldn't have used up all our goals on Oxford.
  22. Not fully sure whether that was Bolton being too good or Oxford being too shit but I sure didn't expect to win 5-0. I suppose when you score 5 it's mostly down to yourselves, but Oxford really didn't look like a team in 7th, looked more like a relegation team. Nice to have won the caws.ws Derby
  23. Not fully sure whether that was Bolton being too good or Oxford being too shit but I sure didn't expect to win 5-0. I suppose when you score 5 it's mostly down to yourselves, but Oxford really didn't look like a team in 7th. Nice to have won the caws.ws Derby
  24. We had it in our hands again and decided we don't feel like going up. If we can't beat Exeter how are we meant to beat Portsmouth and Derby. Peterborough only three off us now with a GIH. at this point we'll be 5th. Barnsley losing is good. But a point changes nothing as Peterborough replace them as the team 3 points behind with a game in hand and better goal difference
  25. drew 2-2 from a 99th min equalisier lmao. puts us second instead of 4th, barnsley remain three points below us instead of being above us on goal difference. we get to enjoy being second for at least a few days
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