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  1. Muur

    Football Thread

    draw against chelthem but their goals were from our defensive errors so we shouldve won really. if we cant get promoted this year then maybe we should try and win the pizza trophy. weirdly enough we got fleetwood in the pizza trophy on tuesday then fleetwood again on saturday in the league. two wins would be nice
  2. Muur

    Football Thread

    good 3-0 win against doncaster, ha *Censored* them they finally got to play at the macbok and got rekd. 7 points off the play offs now we only had 13 fit outfield players for that match and one got injured at 30 mins and another suspended due to 5 yellows next game so thatll be fun
  3. Muur

    Football Thread

    wasnt even on tv weirdly enough. its also not the first time weve played at the same time as england I think that happened twice during the 16/17 season anyway we lost 1-0 to wycombe today. not that bad against a team that was in championship last season when we were in league two season really and it was super close and really if we played a striker i think we could've won (we literally played 460 cuz our strikers are all injured)
  4. Muur

    Football Thread

    yeah league one/two doesnt have the international break and we played on friday (theres always a friday game, was us this time) at 8pm (england kicked off at 7:45) also we lost the fa cup replay to stockport so that sucks too especially as our former captain from last month plays there
  5. Soon the roster is just gonna be Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Charlotte, and Roman Reigns in a wig
  6. GM Mode! its been 13 years... (14 next year)
  7. Muur

    Football Thread

    So a good win against Crewe which shows improvement as they beat us three times at home last season (in pre season, the league cup and the pizza trophy). tis a shame were so stuck in mid table but a good run of form can change everything
  8. Muur

    Football Thread

    2-2 draw against Stockport in the fa cup. Kinda bad when the first team played. First team prob won't play in the replay prob best to play kids in that. Former bolton captain that left last week didn't play. "Picked up a knock in training" suuuuure
  9. if you look at wwe's investor meeting they only had $250 million in profits. when they have multiple billion dollar deals how the *Censored* are they wasting that much money?
  10. https://twitter.com/bryanalvarez/status/1456399030917890048 lmao one of them only just signed a new deal
  11. well that was a waste of time also lee/kross as well wasting time
  12. Muur

    Football Thread

    3-0 win against Rochdale, shame it was only in the pizza cup. At least it's a win though let's hope they can take that form into the league next up is Stockport in the FA Cup though and gee I wonder who our now former Captain joined two weeks ago from no where signed for... he's basically guaranteed to score against us lmao
  13. Muur

    Football Thread

    Narrow loss to Pompey. We can't keep doing that tho we don't wanna slide to relegation
  14. Muur

    Football Thread

    united doing even worse against their rivals than bolton did against theirs so thats nice at least
  15. Muur

    Football Thread

    2-0 down after ten mins again only to score twice in the last 5 mins. we need to play for 90 mins, not 5 in worse news supposedly evatt and captain sarcevic had an argument that was so bad he has now signed for a non league team like WTF your captain just *censored*s off after 14 games to drop multiple divisions how bad was this argument
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