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  1. So the DLC maps are really small.
  2. so a "influencer" was doing a "corona virus" challenge and was licking toilets, went to a shop and started licking things, got the virus, and then was arrested as a terrorist and is now in hosptial (and not it seems the "corona virus challenge" is starting to become a thing... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8150945/Influencer-hospital-coronavirus-just-days-posting-video-licking-toilet.html ffs
  3. UK people can't leave the house except certain situations now not that that's any different to what I usually do anyway
  4. Muur

    Football Thread

    The contracts ending on June 30 is the worrying thing. we'll be *censored*ed again. 5-0 defeats with the U18 again
  5. Muur

    Football Thread

    I read they have to finsh the season by june 1st under efl rules cancel it. for uh, health and stuff. not relegation reasons. final match of the season (against oxford) is the only one technically not postponed for us right now altho I doubt that'd be the first game back lol. the last match suddenly being match 35 would be weird. problem we have is that only 3 of our players are contracted after June 30... thatll be fun. (this even includes most youth players. efl transfer ban only allows us 23 pro contracts until june 2021)
  6. Muur

    Football Thread

    Still time to cancel it
  7. I like that caws auto saves your words when you close the page and havent finished writing
  8. Pokemon really missed a trick by not having Chairman Rose pay people to lose to Leon on purpose, like in Yugioh Arc V with Jack Atlus. Like the entire premise basically seemed to be what was going to happen and that Leon only won all the time because everyone just lost on purpose, using Grass, Steel etc Pokemon against him and going for non super effective hits and what not. Then your trainer ends up exposing it because they don't take the payment and kick his ass. When Leon finds out he then gets super depressed and gets actual character development, and then actually wins a non scripted fight and get some of his confidence back. and why would Rose pay people to do that? to make a celebrity that people pay through the nose to see fight. Fills stadiums etc. Makes millions from Leon's fights and the more he wins the more show up and get invested and if he were to lose, that would stop, which is why people get paid to take a dive. you can even throw in a rival to Leon who was paid to lose and comes back for revenge to kick his ass years later because he just couldn't stop thinking about how easily he wouldve beaten Leon had he not lost on purpose for 50,000 dollars or whatever.
  9. Muur

    Football Thread

    technically it wasn't a "suggestion" but was just me saying to do what italy and germany said theyre gonna do cancel this shit. keep us in league one. starting on -12 and having only 2 players to start with, meaning we lost the opening 10 with he U18 was unfair. wed get a real shot at league one with this. hell i feel like wed be able to get play offs if they keep us in league one next season doing it for champs/L1/L2 would be 26 teams in each. it even works with burys *Censored* up as league two has three automatic promotion spots that takes us to 26. league two/conference would need to sort out the missing team for league two tho. I suppose no one going down and and promoting 1 from the national league makes it 24 teams... but maybe they need to just take three from the NL so they match on 26 (but normally only two go up from the NL, goddamn it bury) ps @Twisted... and @Oufcad32 your teams wouldn't go up in this situation because youre both 3rd. you will stay in your league to allow bolton to live. thanks for your sacrifice. with the exception of bury's *Censored* up, you need even teams in a league, so its either top 2 or top 4. they aint gonna promote 4 teams oh god what if they relegate us anyway cuz of how many point we're behind lol
  10. You got a source? Can't find anything about that. Googling Cuba coronavirus just shows they got their first infected people today.
  11. Muur

    Football Thread

    theyd be open for suing for relegating teams that can still stay up. Tranmere have a game in hand and are only 3 points behind Wimbledon, they'd sue so hard. (shitter GD sure, but theyre also on three wins in a row at the moment) as for congestion... the big boys only care when they have to play against teams like Shrewsbury. If they had to play against Real Madrid and Barca they'd be fine with it. like, if the UCL doubled the group stage to 12 matches... none of the top 4 would cry. if they made a League Cup and/or FA Cup group stage for the first round the PL show up in, they'd kick off and cry. I said on Reddit "if they care so much about congestion, remove the UCL stage" and I got downvoted into oblivion lol
  12. I joined looking for SvR2008 caws. Most of the last decade the site was the only reason I watched wrestling still lol. Who knew I'd still be here 12 years later. This site is a drug for all of us apparently. And dang at that swerve about a dev posting and leaking stuff. And I remember that Charles Shane guy. Was annoying. Surprised to learn it was a paid role
  13. There goes football for the next month
  14. Muur

    Football Thread

    So what some of the leagues apparnelty would do is promote the teams in the promotion slots but relegate no one. I hope they do that here...
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