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  1. Muur

    Football Thread

    draw against a team in the play offs, but we beat them away so a draw at home against them seems more meh we should've won really, but their GK apparently decided he's a god with some of the saves he was pulling off seven points above the relegation zone, 8 points from the play offs. truly mid table I guess
  2. Muur

    Football Thread

    1-1 draw, fair result in the end, stops the run of losses
  3. Well this was a disaster lol guess theyre over forever since no one is interested, rip
  4. Muur

    Football Thread

    Well that's another loss. Somehow. Hit the post, the cross bar, and had more than 20 shots. One lad literally missed an open goal. We got FMed. At this point we just gotta prepare for next season I guess. Game mid week was cancelled from corona. They basically got two weeks off now as we're not in the FA Cup. We need half of a new team by the time they're back.
  5. Muur

    Football Thread

    I was ready to say RIP Bolton but then we came from 0-3 down to draw 3-3 and nearly won in stoppage time, so dang. Problem is the fact we we 0-3 down. A draw away against second is a good point, but this is the third time we've scored three away and not won. Annoying We have the best attack in league two but a relegation tier defence. Annoying. Need a big Jan window.
  6. Muur

    Football Thread

    Well lost at home to Trampere. More annoying when their manager is Hill who we had last season and half their line up was former Bolton players. Win then lose win then lose is just gonna see us come 12th
  7. I called this shit happening so hard. This happens every time the internet gets this hyped for a new game. every time
  8. Muur

    Football Thread

    A win away against 2nd in the table, clean sheet too. They even had fans in the Stadium. Great result. 3 points off the play offs now, and next we play Trampere with Hill in charge... If Greater Manchester goes into tier 2 tomorrow, we'll be allowed fans in the Stadium and I've been allocated as part of "group A", so I'd be allowed into the Stadium. With 8000 season tickets they're splitting it into four groups and each group alternates, so Group A would be first (probably? would be weird to be group A and then not be up first). If this happens and I get to go and watch them beat the shit out of Trampere and laugh at Keith Hill it'd be good times. Might not happen though since their match was called off today cuz of Corona Virus edit: so it's randomised from group A, B, C, or D. WTF lmao, why name my group A then? so there's only a 1/4 chance then You know what I mean lol. Just made it feel like "guess we're mid table"
  9. Muur

    Football Thread

    Well, another loss. So those 5 wins in a row were pointless in the end, we're back to where we were before them. Their first goal was BS, dude elbowed Crawford in the neck and got away with it. A win would've had us 1 off the play offs, instead we're back in the bottom half. At least the DOF left and Evatt is a manager now instead of a head coach - hopefully that never happens again you lucky that the south would never be treated like the north lol
  10. Member of the Year: Worst Member of the Year: Favourite Staff Member of the Year: Newcomer of the Year: https://caws.ws/forum/search/?&type=core_members&start_after=1577836800&start_before=1609459200&group[28]=1&group[4]=1&group[8]=1&group[10]=1&group[6]=1&group[3]=1&group[7]=1&group[31]=1&group[19]=1&sortby=member_posts&sortdirection=desc here are the people that joined in 2020, ordered by highest post count Worst Newcomer of the Year: Comeback of the Year: Topic of the Year: Worst Topic of the Year: Most Improved: Least Improved: GFX Maker of the Year: Nicest Member of the Year: Most Aggressive Member of the Year: Best Debater: Most Creative Member: Most Argumentative Member of the Year: Most Missed Member of the Year: Should be a Moderator: Post Count Whore of the Year: Member that should post more: Underrated Member of the Year: Overrated Member of the Year: Funniest Member of the Year: Try Hard of the Year: Ban Of The Year: Most likely to be the next banned: Swerve of the Year: Member With The Best Avatars: Member With The Best Signatures: Best post of the year in a topic: Worst post of the year in a topic: WTF Post of the Year in a topic: Best Topic maker: Worst Topic maker: Rivalry of the Year: Troll of the year: Sexiest Member: Most Unintentionally Hilarious Award: Best Username Of The Year: Worst Username of the Year: Best Member Title: Worst Member Title: Fanboy/girl of the Year: Needs to get laid award: CAW Maker of the Year: Real CAW of the Year: Original CAW of the Year: Other Creation of Year (moveset etc): Don't vote for yourself, only the first thing you vote in each will count. So if you put two people for MOTY, only the first counts.
  11. one here too https://caws.ws/forum/topic/479789-football-thread/page/49/?tab=comments#comment-11225618
  12. Muur

    Football Thread

    Good times indeed we actually scored four, but that darn offside flag
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