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  1. I actually really hate Darren Moore after how he acted as Doncaster Manager after the Bolton match was postponed in 2019. He spent an entire year crying saying that it's unfair he didn't get to play against our U18 team and that if they had the three points they mightve been promoted and it was a pain to hear him say that almost every week. Kept saying Bolton cheated against Doncaster specifically as though it mattered it was them it was postponed against and like it wouldn't have happened regardless of who we were playing. Bolton Manager at the time even said they can have the points if it upsets him that much and the independent panel were like nah we agree with Bolton's choice to postpone it
  2. Well, rip Bolton. Top 6 and Pizza Trophy is still a good season, so we just need to improve on that next year and get automatics. Last thing we need is to be stuck in mid table medicorcity. Best players are loan players so that could be an off too. Progress made overall tbf its the first time in 150 years a team has come back from such a scoreline in the play offs. at no point were seff wed actually winning
  3. lol well guess im no longer confident, wednesday will go up now. turning around a 0-4, jesus christ
  4. it's in anyone's hands we actually already beat them at their ground in january and we beat peterbrough 5-0 at their ground earlier this year as well...so right now you could argue were the favourites having beat them both away scoring eight goals (we beat barnsley 3-0 at oakwell) but like as i said, the match is 1-1 after the first leg and its away...we already beat them there but its still anyone's game. based on whats happened this season thus far id say we are now the faves as we have winning records over both barnsley and peterborough this year. we were shit against sheff wed so i dont think we wouldve stood a chance against them so if we do make it to the final i fancy our chances against a team we already beat 5-0 more than the team we couldn't beat in both times we played them
  5. so a 1-1 at home for the first leg, teams mostly cancelled each other out so the away leg will probably be about the same peterborough winning their first leg at home 4-0 is why i feel like being at home first is good cuz now the second leg doesn't mean much and surely they won bottle it
  6. bolton fans didnt care about them until they beat us a few weeks ago in which they time wasted from the first minute for a 0-0 and then when they scored a former bolton player who did so crotch chopped the crowd and another former bolton gk in net literally ran the entire length of the pitch to knee slide in front of us and then they all ran together to do a massive hug as they sang we are staying up... was kinda odd since they were still 3 points behind at the time with 2 games to go. they celebrated like they had won a cup final also the amount of fouls they shouldve had at least 2 red cards. and even their manager talking shit after the win. they really acted like it was the biggest win in their entire history. after such a shit game them going down feels great. mostly cuz of the two former bolton players being asshats though
  7. at least you didnt cause them to stay up
  8. I overlooked the part about extra time won on teh last day, just about, having rested almost every player. of course one of the players who werent rested gets injured so barnsley in the play offs it is. theyre the form team, so thats an oof
  9. rhodes bloodline iyo sky rollins theory vega bunny
  10. I knew the 3/6 4/5 thing, i just dont see how being home second is an advantage. also, its wikipedia's fault as they format the play offs pages for every season as 3/6 4/5 and show the 3rd placed team at home in all their articles for every season except this current one
  11. i guess its more common that i thought, or maybe it alternates every season or something. or it's just always 3rd/4th play away and have a disadvantage for some reason. no wonder 5th/6th win the play offs more often than 3rd/4th. like if we win the first leg at home by a few goals, lets say 3-0, thatd make it hard for the other team to catch up on the 3 goals. playing away first is much harder especially without the away goals rule. if it's always the case, you're better off coming 5th/6th than 3rd/4th
  12. seems odd that 5th/6th have the first leg at home, usually 3rd/4th have the first tie at home and isnt that the point of finishing higher in the play offs, home advantage. even last year 3rd and 4th were home first and looking its pretty much almost always the case other than like one time and this season. i dont get why weve been given a home tie first in the play offs regardless of if were 5th or 6th. odd. that gives 3rd/4th the disadvantage this year for...some reason like i guess i cant complain given the fact we have the advantage for some reason but if we were in 3rd or 4th id be super annoyed
  13. derby and peterborough bottled it, wahey. we won, play offs confirmed with one game to go. thats not like bolton... wigan lost too and are relegated, good times now to see you next season in the champs dje...provided we win the play offs of course
  14. whats the point of a game in hand if we *censored*ing lose it. accrington had lost 7 in a row away and also hadn't scored in those seven then come to bolton and the get three points. usually how bolton work i guess... our last two are against mid table teams with nothing to play for derby and peterborough on the last day play sheff wed and barnsley. SW can still go up automatically... but if ipswich win their next game theyre promoted so in that case would be unable to go up on the last day and so both they and barnsley wont give a shit and prob throw away the points to protect their players for the play offs. so even though we have an easier run in, technically, it kinda isn't in that ipswich will probably win and SW and barnsley wont care on the last day
  15. holy shit youre 17 without a win
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