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  1. Well, tbf, basically every book ever talks about the vast amounts of sex they are all having with each other on the road
  2. They did do All In which was a great success across the board. All in was far from what I would call a success... really they only did 100k PPV buys, which is worse then ECWs first PPV, and ECW didnt have the internet or anything...
  3. I really enjoyed this movie, but i also really enjoyed the rob zombie versions as well.
  4. How do you know? Well, Im a professional wrestler. I have worked with tons of guys, even a lot of names and very few are making 30-40k a year, plus these contracts still allow them to travel and take bookings and sell merchandise as we have seen with the previous UK guys. Most of these wrestlers are relatively unheard of outside of their region so this is a significant deal for them.
  5. Its more than most of those guys were making before though... you dont work a full 40 hours each week with this deal at all, so its not bad money.
  6. Not always, I believe one of the original ones was about Booker Ts life. Its just a documentary series, not just one day.
  7. He probably means League of Nations. But Rusev and Del Rio were not UK (obviously). Ok, so you would captivate all those fans like me who have the network and are on forums, we know who gUys from ring of honor and NJPW and stuff are but we arent super familiar with their work because we dont watch those shows, but would if it was all on the network. Make the WWE network a one stop shop must have if you are a professional wrestling fan period.
  8. You catch the casuals like myself (because I just dont have time to watch all these amazing shows going on) who its easier for them to just have the network, and would introduce them to different styles they may like. It grows their brand and will make the WWE network more of a ESPN for wrestling.
  9. If they did a NXT:Mexico and NXT:Asia they could create their own territories again, giving signed guys an opportunity while giving all kinds of fans something different to watch.
  10. I wonder if HBO would let them add the Andre documentary? They should get beyond the mat for the network too
  11. The whole set is probably about 80lbs, bottom half is heavy too half isn't. Atleast the highspots sets most places use
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