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  1. Heres my thoughts, and no, Im not trying to be edgy. The opening match went long (and you can tell, because Jericho was obviously supposed to have a promo but had to improvise due to the commercial, yo can even hear the ref say something to him about being on commercial) and it destroyed the credibility of cutters as a finish in AEW. Sammy G should have lost earlier in the match. Then the post handshake doesnt make sense later on either because Sammy came in as a heel and leaves as a heel. But it was confusing because both men did heel schticks during the match? SCU whitehouse vignette was funny, but The Lucha Bros promo was awkward, and the pace just felt off The Jay and Silent bob promo was weird, and didnt get anyone over. The pyro seemed really cheap and lack luster, didnt have any power behind it and seemed pretty much the same for the folks who had pyro. (except Jerichos, that was cool.) MJF is a star, but he has to quit using that shitty armbar, its nonsense, and in a world where MMA is common, even someone with no understanding of fighting can tell you that is phony. The pac match was good, but again I felt like they did too much. You dont have to kick out of 9002 finishers to have a good match. For the love of god will they please TURN THE *censored*ING SOUND UP?!? The womens title match was just unbelievable, and not in the oh they had an unbelievable match I mean unbelievable in that riho throws forearms that are weaker than hell, and she looked like a child, and the whole match was a mess... I didnt understand the logic of the weapons here, and idk I just didnt vibe with this. The main event was weird; it turned into a big cluster*censored* and when Moxley attacked that should have been a DQ? But it wasnt and now Im confused on the rules that AEW is trying to set in place. And I am excited about jack swagger! Thats really cool. He was mad over too!
  2. nah That first segment clearly went long; and was awkward because of it. MJF match was ok but not phenomenal, the jay and silent bob promo was awkward and the SCU promo was cool but confusing who is supposed to be heel v face there
  3. I just like that NXT is now a true third brand.
  4. NXT is going to be uploaded on the network on thursdays after airing live on Wednesday apparently
  5. So NXT is no longer a developmental brand then. Its just the 3rd brand
  6. Reality is, originals packs could give us some cool entrances and caw parts/moves
  7. What if the roster just literally has EVERYONE on it, plus a bunch of legends? 2K also add in people in other games relatively often so maybe they are doing that stuff as the normal dlc
  8. Well, tbf, basically every book ever talks about the vast amounts of sex they are all having with each other on the road
  9. Good show, but an annoying amount of false finishes
  10. Man this games fatalities so far have been pretty good
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