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  1. How long has Talking Smack been The Smackdown Lowdown?
  2. The match card graphics for Clash at the Castle are cool!
  3. Sheamus vs. Drew should be at SummerSlam!
  4. The best part about this game is the creators.
  5. I thought that was a pretty good MITB match
  6. I wonder who is going to make a statement against LASHLEY? Valor w/ Judgment Day?
  7. I wonder who the last Men's MITB participant is...
  8. Not sure I can take anymore delays for MMM.
  9. I went in thinking I wasn't going to like Ms Marvel but it is very good! Iman is just great.
  10. I love Brock but eeeek again?! I’d prefer to see Brock vs LASHLEY again. I wish it was Roman vs GUNTHER at SS
  11. Bringing back them one show PPVs
  12. I wonder who is next for Breaker.
  13. The Creed Brothers are one of the best things about NXT. The Creed Brothers vs. The Usos would go off!
  14. This has got to be the weakest NXT PPV card on paper and probably in show too.
  15. I really hope Escobar does well on RAW or SmackDown.
  16. I wonder where Fabian Aichner is…
  17. I am annoyed I cannot set a Superstar's attire as "Random" in Universe Mode.
  18. Edge has been beyond incredible since he came back. Everything he does is damn good.
  19. Seth, just because the event is called WrestleMania Backlash, does not mean you have to wear the same attire.
  20. Why doesn’t Belair have a match? Da hell…
  21. I can’t wait to play Umaga vs Jeff Hardy
  22. I kinda wish if you got the season pass you could get all DLC day one.
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