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  1. Not sure why a lot of people seem. Infused about Rhea’s choice. It make sense for her. She wants redemption on her terms. They always have a banger match! Keen.
  2. Would love for Gable to win this but doubt it
  3. Feel so lucky to be witnessing this story as it plays out
  4. There has been some really strong tag team matches recently.
  5. I was shook by Charlotte’s return new theme, new look, new champ
  6. I wish LA Knight came straight to RAW or SmackDown
  7. That was a fun triple threat tag match.
  8. I thought that RAW was very fun. love the bloodline haunting the entire show
  9. I find Tegan Nox deeply bland.
  10. What a fun main event! Damn I really wanted to see Logan in the Rumble.
  11. I miss The O.C’s original theme.
  12. Roman has such a great theme.
  13. I like being surprised and I did not see Nikki coming. Interesting.
  14. They have got to get out of this god forsaken PC.
  15. Is there an official rule that states you need to have a least 3 taps or something? Will Gunther claim that no one knows the rules of this sport like he does?!
  16. Omg yes NXT's championship match introduction lighting!!! I love it.
  17. Its tough, they both should win lol.
  18. Thoroughly enjoying being a fan of WWE.
  19. Damn the crowd is HOT for Braun
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