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  1. Gunther is the best thing in WWE today.
  2. I hope WWE continue to do international PLE. It makes for an incredible unique energy each time and elevates the entire show.
  3. Who has made the best new WHC title?
  4. I woke up with a feeling that Roman is winning.
  5. Such a strong show so far. Now the main event!!!
  6. There are so many great creations this year it’s hard to keep up.
  7. I would much rather just have some WM Battle Royale matches. They are fun and silly.
  8. The creators on this game are insane.
  9. I’ve never understood why they make the rating reveals a key pillar of the campaign. just do entrances and finishers like the old days!
  10. I was wondering what was next for him. I didn't think it was this.
  11. Enjoying Bronson Reed's presence on RAW!
  12. I really like the US Title Chamber line up. Good mix of fresh and established.
  13. Not sure why a lot of people seem. Infused about Rhea’s choice. It make sense for her. She wants redemption on her terms. They always have a banger match! Keen.
  14. Would love for Gable to win this but doubt it
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