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    Pro Wrestling, MMA, Movies, Music, Video Games, Art, Knives, Tattoos, Nature, Animation, Comic Books, Computers, Booze enthusiast, etc.

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    Tool, Primus, any side projects by Les Claypool, Ghost, Baroness, and a whole lot of everything else across all decades and genres. It would be easier to list what I don't like; ie: modern mumble rap, pop music, and pop country.
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  1. Generations

    WWE Drama

    I read this three times, and I have no idea what the hell it means. Lol.
  2. Coronavirus probably postponing GTA6 until 2050.
  3. Can we let Otis stop dressing like a slob, and give him a legit tough-guy push with Mandy as his Miss Elizabeth? I'm a simple man. Give me what I want.
  4. Lol...nah. We're gonna lose the summer, and maybe the fall. I think we'll start to have a handle on things by then. It's gonna be a long time...but not that long. I doubt it.
  5. No need for WWE to take a "season break" until things go back to normal. If anything, the Boneyard and Funhouse content proved that. They can film literally anywhere, and produce something that would be considered quality tv on any day of the week. Even if the matches themselves fall flat with no crowd, they could easily keep producing content like we saw this weekend. No reason why they couldn't. This has all been a feeling-out process for pro wrestling. And both AEW and WWE have proven that they can make it work.
  6. -Owens jumping off the Mania sign -Morrison falling off ladder with both tag titles -AJ/Taker -Cena/Wyatt -Drew winning the title Those are all "moments" for me. More than most other manias can claim.
  7. Solid show. Both nights had huge letdowns. But both nights also delivered in the end. At least 4 or so "Wrestlemania moments".
  8. So sad that he didn't get the pop he deserves.
  9. Getting my tissues ready for when I need to weep over a Brock retention.
  10. Now Drew wins in a big way, and we have ourselves a pretty enjoyable show overall.
  11. Only thing I would have done different, is have Cena wake up in the middle of the ring with the bell ringing and no one else around.
  12. Just cancel Raw and SD and give me this till the virus ends. Lol.
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