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  1. Had a great day selling street art in the city yesterday with my lady. Dinner and drinks afterwards. Made a decent buck. Even did a trade for some edibles.
  2. He should absolutely not be allowed to represent the NWA while doing shit like that. *Also, he shouldn't be champion...or really even be signed with NWA to begin with...but that's a different story. Wearing an NWA hoodie is something I could maybe let pass. But the official championship is way out of bounds.
  3. It's just absolutely crazy how long he was sick and hid it. And listening back to old interviews where he said some things just makes it even sadder. Like...Marc Maron hosted a re-run of a 2011 podcast with Norm, and they were talking about fears. Norm said said he wasn't really afraid of much. When pushed for a more legitimate answer, he then said "Dying. Getting sick and dying. I think about that a lot." RIP to someone who was truly one of a kind.
  4. -AEW was awesome last night (went live) -Switch finally got Bluetooth support -Going to the city on Saturday to do a street fair/art show with this girl I'm seeing. Everything is coming up Milhouse.
  5. Our seats were way up top...but, I honestly don't mind seats like that for wrestling shows. You get a birds eye view of everything. Never lose track of where people are. Only downside is that the speakers were really echoey, so you could barely understand some of the promos. Post-brawl with Mox/Kingston and Suzuki/Archer (the shit they didn't show on tv):
  6. Generations

    WWE Drama

    I legit don't want Gargano in AEW. So...please stay in NXT.
  7. My girl's parents are staying with her for two weeks. That means no sleepovers for me.
  8. So, I was there last night. Great show. Fun crowd. Lots of scalped seats, unfortunately...but we were still pretty loud without the seats filled. Got to sing Kaze Ni Nare, tell MJF to shut the *Censored* up, watch "Dusty" doing funny shit in the crowd. Someone took a shit in the corner of the bathroom...which was simultaneously hilarious and gross. Got a hilarious re-telling of said bathroom shit from an Irish guy in the beer line. Shit was killing me. Perfect delivery. "I fookin' seen the guy. Locked eyes we did. I'll never forget the sound. Sounded like a machine gun." If that story was told by a normal guy with no accent, it would have just been a story. This random Irish guy turning around and delivering that story with a stone serious expression made it so goddamn classic. Plus, it had the weight of someone who was waiting to tell someone. He heard us behind him and was like "this is my moment".
  9. Crazy how a mature show like GCW is actually being pushed as mainstream. Lol
  10. Generations

    WWE Drama

    So, WWE will make him world champion in about a week?
  11. Generations

    WWE Drama

    Scorpio Sky is boring af and is not being held back in the least. Shotty is meh.
  12. Hulu going up in price again... Bitch! I was literally just complaining last week about how many commercials they cram into a 25 minute episode of a show. I swear, I watched a show that was like 25 minutes long, and there was something like 4 ad breaks running 120 seconds each. That's like 8 *censored*ing minutes of ads for a 25 minute show... Y'all charging more now too?
  13. Generations

    WWE Drama

    I don't see any credence to a statement like that. I mean...who do they want signed to AEW? It's one thing to claim that representation is missing...but you can't just pick names off a list and say "okay, AEW...push them". There are some great black wrestlers out there, but they are signed to other places. As for the black athletes already in AEW...I don't feel any of them are placed at a level that doesn't fit what they have to offer. Swole is pretty awful. Red Velvet is a botch machine. Private Party are entirely meh. Jade Cargill gets a pretty big push, and I'm not even sure why...
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