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  1. Okay, M3J...what is your *censored*ing point? Because, we've been over this... Of course there are bad cops...and the system enables more and more of them. But, the point is... we still need police. If the system ceased to exist tonight, your home would be broken into, your shit would be stolen and pawned, your mama and sister raped, etc. It's not like we don't all know that crooked cops are out there getting away with murder. But, you can't burn that whole system down just because of that. Stop being a clown. We need police now, and we will always need them. What you keep talking about is literally anarchy. And anarchy is some middle school horseshit.
  2. Man...I said defunding them was good. "Abolishing" them is *censored*ing stupid. Like...who is out here talking about having no cops? Lol. We need smaller forces with less militaristic resources, and better vetting. Less bad officers hired to begin with, and held accountable if they do do get hired. But we can't just go around saying "we ain't need cops". That's the stupid shit I'm talking about. "Abolish" is not the terminology that people should be on about. Same with that 'ACAB' rhetoric. It's stupid. Y'all are stupid if you believe that. For every awful cop, I've had equally pleasant experiences with good ones. The occupation of "cop" is not the problem. Assholes are the problem. Zero accountability is the problem. The system is the problem. But if you start talking about having no police force at all, then you are 100% promoting anarchy. Y'all are super naive to think people will just be on their best behavior.
  3. That's just *censored*ing stupid. Like I said...most people aren't dumb enough to believe that. Sure...we all know that on a given day, cops are harassing more people than actually being helpful. BUT...if they ceased to exist, people would be assholes REALLY quick. I refuse to believe that most people want cops abolished. I haven't even heard that term used. "Defund" is what I've been hearing all along. You can't abolish the police...or people would just do whatever the hell they want. I like to think that most people aren't that *censored*ing stupid.
  4. Does it even matter? I don't have interest in wearing a shirt with him on it. I fell out of love with the Kane character a long time ago...before his political views were even a thing. Do I still think masked Kane was cool as hell? Yeah. But, that was also the briefest period of his career. As a whole, I think the Kane character just grew lamer and lamer over the years. And I'm one of those "see the character as a whole" type people. I have similar feelings about Undertaker's career. There was a point when the magic died. If Kane had remained masked for his whole career, I would love that character to this day...and his political views wouldn't keep me from liking that character. But, it's a combination of the two things. The guy behind the mask became a turd. And the guy hasn't worn the mask in two decades anyway.
  5. Yeah...she ain't coming back. Lol Between herself and Browne, I'm sure they have enough money to last a lifetime. And if they ever need more, she could always shoot a quick commercial or something. This woman about to spend the rest of her life chilling on her farm...and who can blame her? Maybe she takes the Lesnar route later and does one-off returns for big money offers. But...I doubt she even does that. Seems to me like working for WWE completely destroyed her love of wrestling (as it does for many others).
  6. I don't know where I stand on this Bryant girl situation yet. On the one hand, yes...it was her who called for help...and she was a younger girl. And she didn't deserve to be shot dead. On the other hand...if the cop pulled-up, and saw her waving a knife and lunging at a group of people, then that's not exactly "oh he shot her for no reason". I know there's a precedent to defend yourself if you are afraid of a group of people. But...did the cop tell her to drop the weapon before he shot? Why didn't she drop the weapon as soon as the officer arrived? If you call the cops to break up a fight, then that's your cue that you can put the knife down. Maybe you need it before he arrives. But when you see him pull up, you can drop it. Again, there's other paths to take than opening fire (4 times, I believe?)...but it would also be easy to see why a dispatched officer would perceive her as a threat to the lives of others. You hate to see these statistics. But, you also need to wonder why people keep acting a fool out there. Story time... I was once at the bar, and there was this guy who was really drunk and he got violent for some reason, and took a big knife out of his pocket and stabbed it into the one table outside. The bartender took the knife, called the cops. Cops came. They approached the guy from behind while he was yelling at someone else through the window, and I guess he didn't know they were cops, so he turned around and tried to punch one of them. They all drew their guns on him. It was pretty nuts. Luckily the guy immediately realized he done *censored*ed up, and went quietly after that. But, how quickly could that have gone wrong? I'm just saying...it's not an enviable situation for cops to make these split second decisions. I get that. But on the other hand...man...stop killing these children out here. Damn.
  7. Scalping is literally buying something you don't actually want, at face value, and then re-selling it at a higher price. So...shut up. Scalping might very well be a part of a capitalist market. But what we are talking about is still scalping. And capitalism is garbage, tbh.
  8. Why they gotta release a sick Kane shirt in 2021 when I don't like Kane anymore?
  9. Me: "When NXT moves to Tuesdays, I can watch it every week!" Also me: forgets to watch NXT every week.
  10. "Defund the police" is not about "abolishing" the police, though. We need police. Most people are not naïve (or outright stupid) enough to say otherwise. We want good ones to do their damn job the way it should be done. People only want to "defund" the police...meaning they stop getting unnecessary access to military grade weapons and ranks in the thousands. If their numbers are smaller, their resources are less, and people don't apply for the job thinking it's carte blanche to get away with murder...that's better for everyone. And that's what "defunding" the police is about.
  11. "I can pull this off, Scissor!" Man...that made me chuckle. Called the man scissor...
  12. I mean...I agree. But, what is your point? This was literally "making sure a cop who killed was punished". And that's what we can do right now. At the very least, it should make other police think more critically about what they are doing. In the future, it needs to be much easier to convict on these types of charges...but, that is an uphill battle. It's not like people ain't be trying to get that done. It's a systematic problem, and the system can't be changed in one day. People have been trying to change that system for years...tens of years...
  13. Change never happens because of one singular thing. But the right thing is the right thing. And finding him guilty on those charges is the right thing.
  14. Nah...I consider it a definite 'win' to lock his ass up and throw away the key.
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