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    Pro Wrestling, MMA, Movies, Music, Video Games, Art, Knives, Tattoos, Nature, Animation, Comic Books, Computers, Booze enthusiast, etc.

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    Tool, Primus, any side projects by Les Claypool, Ghost, Baroness, and a whole lot of everything else across all decades and genres. It would be easier to list what I don't like; ie: modern mumble rap, pop music, and pop country.
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    Pretty much everything.
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    Cheeseburgers, tacos, and breakfast sandwiches
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    White American mutt. Mostly Scottish blood.
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  1. Nice. Now we just need Maki Itoh, dammit.
  2. Unfortunately that's another song that I'm pretty sick of. Not as much as 'Where is my Mind'...but still pretty sick of it. Now they just need an Irish guy that they can use 'Shipping up to Boston' for...and my brain will explode from the overplayed music choices.
  3. Rudy has been suspended from law practices. Eat a whole dick.
  4. Honestly...that's way too obvious a pull, and I'm surprised she can even do it. Not really a fan of how obvious she went. Also...she's gonna debut in AEW with the actual song...isn't she?
  5. I remember when that happened. Still hilarious. Who in the blue hell is CJ Perkins?
  6. Can someone cgi Kenny vs Mox into that? Lol.
  7. They really had that much *censored*ing pyro?
  8. Which did you get? I got Pfizer. The rest of my family got Moderna...so I'm the outlier. Lol.
  9. I didn't get sick at all. Not so much as a fart in the wind. My arm was sore the first time, and the second shot didn't even make my arm sore.
  10. Generations

    WWE Drama

    Sometimes I talk some smack about Janela. But he wins this day.
  11. Started playing 'The Wild at Heart' on Game Pass. I'm liking it a lot. It's a Pikmin clone. Great music. Great art. I recommend it if anyone likes Pikmin style gameplay.
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