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  1. Oh...were you not acquainted with the Irish dancing lass? Lol
  2. Really great show last night, I thought. Only downside was Skye Blue being injured and the sort of pause to the action that happened as a result...but they did a great job of restructuring and throwing Rey Fenix out there (he always fires people up). I forgot they were doing a residency at the esports arena, which is a small arena that only holds around 1300 people...but, again, this proves that a small crowd can be better than a large one if the circumstances are right. The stage had a great look (reminded me of CMLL or arena Mexico). The arena had a great atmosphere...and the fans were some of the best that a wrestling promotion could ask for. The opening contest was way too much fun. Mortos *censored*ing rules, and Darby bumps like a madman. This was the perfect kind of match for both of those guys. Hologram's debut was fun. Again...talk about the perfect booking for people's strengths. Gringo Loco is an amazing worker who is always a delight to see. Both dudes looked great. Loco proved why he is always a valuable asset to any roster, and Hologram looked good in his first showing. He might get old quick if his style is too close to some of the other luchadores...but he looked like a million bucks for the time being. Having Von Erichs, Dustin Rhodes, Thunder Rosa, Fenix, and others appeal to the Texas crowd was also great booking.
  3. Absolutely not. Lol The product got better when he left...but, the entire format is still outdated, IMO.
  4. Man...I really feel like I can just scroll twitter during Raw and SD and see absolutely everything worth seeing these days.
  5. AEW content is supposedly beginning to show up on Max on the international market, with a US release also likely in the coming weeks. Seems like not only is the WBD deal likely closed, but they're moving fast to get that content library listed.
  6. I'm not an MJF fan to begin with, and I thought the match didn't need to do an entire hour. I was disappointed that other things on the show had less time because the entire first hour was spent on that one match. Specifically, I thought Swerve vs Okada ended up being too quick and looking very weak in comparison to the random International title match, which felt more like a world title match. So...that was all very backwards booking to me. I didn't agree with any of it. That said...I still thought MJF vs Ospreay delivered on every level, and was a very good match. Not "best of all time"...but easily a 9/10 match that I enjoyed watching and appreciated the effort being put in. I also think people aren't giving enough credit for timing the finish well and actually having it come down to the last second like that. (It's not an easy thing to do).
  7. If Gunther loses or Nia wins, I'm crashing out.
  8. And AEW doesn't give a shit about those fans, doesn't want those fans...and keeps saying as much. The goal is to be an alternative to WWE, not the exact same shit. The closer AEW is to WWE, the more that people who like the WWE style are simply going to say "WWE does this better". - Doing things that WWE absolutely never does is the entire point.
  9. That's all well and fine...but, it also doesn't necessarily affect AEW at all. They said that most of those layoffs are business and finance sectors, and things to do with streaming. - A lot of it is probably still redundancies connected to them obtained Discovery stuff. It's not pretty...but large companies that merge with other large companies end up with a lot of people doing similar jobs, and they don't need all of them. Their streaming service started as HBO Max, merged with Discovery Plus, and became just Max. And all of that leaves a lot of loose ends. It shouldn't surprise anyone. And it's certainly not a "AEW ship is sinking, lol" moment. Anyway... I'm guessing the plan now is for MJF to defend the International title against Ospreay at Wembley so he can have his big Wembley moment and it isn't just a retention. I didn't agree with MJF winning the title last night...but it makes sense now that I think about it. Rematch at Wembley. Big win for Ospreay...sure.
  10. I swear...Bron Breakker's "super speed spear" is the same spot every single week...and I really think it's going to injure someone sooner rather than later. No one is ever ready for it. People always fall kinda weird. Gonna be a recipe for a blown out knee or something.
  11. The Rowan tape was one of the best things WWE has produced...maybe ever. "Who's gonna miss me? I'm just Rowan". We all did, fam...
  12. Why did they talk about Miz being shit at golf for so long?
  13. I had a laugh from Zelina's promo...but also, classic WWE having the babyface cut a promo where they bully the heels based on appearances. Especially bad when it's the women's division...and especially when it's a stable of LGBT+ people, and she's talking about the size of their forehead or their mustaches. I mean...yikes.
  14. Turning on Raw now...but, if they say anything about Trump, I'm turning that shit off. I don't care.
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