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  1. MK movie will be awesome. You can tell just from the way it was cast...they're going with a very realistic and true to form approach. Most of those actors are actual martial artists...which is awesome.
  2. Bro...that's a beach towel. Ain't nobody got towels like that in their bathroom.
  3. Started 'Yakuza: Like a Dragon' a couple days ago. (Xbox) Honestly, Ichiban is probably my favorite protagonist in this series. I love him being a complete dipshit.
  4. I mean...I don't necessarily disagree. I'm just playing devil's advocate. Lol. He might not have had it...but, he did get treatment for it. I don't think we would have heard about the experimental treatments he received otherwise. Especially when one of those treatments involved research with fetal cells...which directly contradicts himself and his entire base. Not exactly something you would want the public to know unless you actually had it done, right? I think he might have actually had it...but, it was never a real threat to his well-being, because of the tax payer's money that was dumped into assuring him the latest and best care. Speaking of tax payer's money...did y'all hear about Jared and Ivanka forcing the Secret Service to rent a property next door for $3,000 per month, because they didn't want to share a bathroom with them? Why is this real life?
  5. Tbf, most people who get Covid do survive it. Most don't even know that they have it. Now...I'm pretty sure that Trump's unhealthy ass probably would have succumb to it if not for wave after wave of experimental treatments paid for by government money. But...that's besides the point.
  6. Apparently I get HBO max for free via Xfinity. If other people haven't tried that, it might be worth checking. You literally just go to the HBO max website and select "sign in via provider", and it will sign you in automatically if your ISP is supported. Didn't need to make an account or anything. Just needed to send a email confirmation to the email associated with the person who pays the cable bill. Pretty sweet, since I had no real intentions of actually paying for Max otherwise.
  7. Really glad I didn't get my hopes up for that MSK team to be anything surprising.
  8. Generations

    WWE Drama

    Mans could have stayed quiet about having a parler account for a few more days and no one would have known. Now that shit is dead, and he ousted himself for nothing. I mean...we all knew he was right-wing...but, it was nice when we could pretend that he was one of the "different" ones.
  9. I can't get behind the way Darby is pushed at all. He does a great job of putting guys over as monsters by allowing himself to be absolutely wrecked. But, he's still this scrawny little sack of potatoes. He doesn't have the same appeal as someone like Rey Mysterio, IMO...he has the appeal of someone like Spike Dudley. The way he's being pushed is more like a top-guy...and I'm not onboard with it. I have similar opinions about Orange Cassidy. Both of these guys need to stop being pushed like they can survive anything, IMO.
  10. It almost makes you wish he could still tweet...just to see the meltdown. But...nah. Bye, Sally.
  11. Well...they did it. 232-197. This asshole has been impeached (by the House).
  12. I watch AEW weekly, because I have a group of friends who all watch it and chat about it as it happens. I haven't watched Raw or SD in a really long time. I popped into Raw the past week, just to give it a fair shot...but, I couldn't do it. It's a shame...because, there are a lot of concepts that I like in WWE right now. Conceptually, the product should be more appealing to me than it is. We have Keith Lee, Gulak, and Daniel Bryan all being featured regularly. Mustafa Ali push. We have AJ Styles with a badass bodyguard. Reigns is finally a heel. Drew has had a solid reign as champion. Big E has a singles push. All of these are things that I would like to "be here" for...but, I just can't. It's like...everything we've wanted as fans is finally happening...but the timing couldn't be worse, and I just don't care.
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