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  1. Amazing. Hahahaha Also weird that Cody and Brandi are sitting next to HHH, and no Steph.
  2. Keiji Muto's twitter is currently an absolute treat, with him just enjoying the Mania buzz and posting pictures with people in the US. You love to see it... https://twitter.com/muto_keiji
  3. The game is really fun to watch. - I would be completely stressed out if I was trying to play it...but, I love watching it. Just watched part 4 of MaxmillianDoods playthrough and saw all the mine cart stuff. Just really entertaining. It's definitely interesting to see how they developed certain parts of the original game into bigger or more meaningful sections in the remake. It's also crazy to me how good people can be at games like these. Just the reaction times and quick aiming and very accurate headshots and stuff. Always blows my mind, because...well...I guess I'm not that coordinated. Lol.
  4. Trump indicted. 34 counts of business fraud. And of course, my hot take on the entire situation...Trump wouldn't have even announced he was running again if he didn't already know he was facing jail time. He knew this was coming. Announcing another campaign was just so his supporters could cry foul when it inevitably happened. - If he wasn't going to be facing jail time, he would have chose to hide in the shadows and create as few waves as possible. Just like his initial run was intentionally done to avoid jail time...this second one is more of the same.
  5. He doesn't work for 2k tho...he's just an ambassador. So, he can say whatever he wants...I guess.
  6. Yeah, I don't think modders should be showing people that they can access the DLC. That feels like a misstep. Seems like something that will make 2K retaliate by making it even harder to do the other stuff. Just doesn't feel like a necessary flex to me.
  7. Tried everything and this game will NOT let me upload the custom title I made. It only shows me two belts available for upload, and they are belts that I downloaded from CC (hence, they are not mine...and I do not want to upload them). Why will it not show me the belt that I actually created when I go to upload options? Was gonna upload my DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight championship for people...
  8. This docu series is better than Dynamite. Lol
  9. The one downside to so many great creations is comparing them to each other and figuring out which is truly the superior version. - I've already started downloading multiple caws and swapping attires or textures from one to another. It's a good problem to have...but it's still a situation. Lol
  10. Comparing 2k23 to 2k20 is laughable...and even comparing it to 2k22 is a stretch. There are definitely issues here...but nowhere near the same level as either of those.
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