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  1. I recommend checking out this feature-length documentary on Great Sasuke. It came out late last month...and, I kinda forgot about checking it out. Definitely a good watch.
  2. They'll have no excuse not to fix 2020 if this is the case. But they won't anyway.
  3. Generations

    WWE Drama

    I don't agree with her being "not that talented". I think she is very talented...both in martial arts, and a natural at picking up pro wrestling. However...she is still full of shit.
  4. Generations

    WWE Drama

    Jesus, that tweet about "working a work and working yourself into a shoot" was cringy as hell. Just sounds like she's backpedaling. Thing is...what would she even be accomplishing by calling wrestling "fake fighting" to begin with? There's no logical reasoning for her to be saying that "as a work". Because, if she was" working", then the implication would be that she still plans to return as a heel some day. And if she plans to return as a heel, then why would she want to call the industry "fake fighting"? Working the fans by talking shit about them is one thing. But talking shit about the industry itself certainly doesn't sound like a "work" to me. She's best off just shutting the hell up at this point.
  5. I watched him sing 'Judas' by himself, and Bon Jovi's 'Living on a Prayer' with Kevin Smith. He went WAY too high and shrill on both. Just absolutely wasted, shrieking at the top of his lungs. And when he was singing with Kevin Smith, Kevin had a terrible internet connection...so he was lagging...and, you were just watching Smith singing really expressively, but always a few lines behind where Jericho was. And then Jericho screaming, while drinking straight vodka out of a glass and turning redder by the second. I laughed a lot.
  6. Jericho live streaming on facebook, and he's *censored*ing wasted. Lol.
  7. Damn...that made me sad. RIP Bulldog, Owen, and Jim.
  8. Generations

    WWE Drama

    I really would like to think the Ronda stuff is just her working...but, I really don't. She has a history of these kinds of attitude issues already.
  9. Sharing opinions on topics, to be interpreted by other people. Yes. Are we doing something else here that I'm unaware of? Anyway...not sure why they keep doing ladder matches when their next event is MitB. Seems kind of shortsighted to me. It's one thing to have a random ladder match when you have no plans to have another one for however many months...but, we had the Mania triple threat...and then the NXT women's match. And all of this is right before MitB is coming up. Kinda weird. No efforts to give the stipulation a "special treatment" at all...
  10. Generations

    WWE Drama

    Tbf, that's an entirely different context than what you are presenting it as. But, a deal is a deal. I'm a *censored*ing idiot. However, in the context I was referring to...I just meant that WWE WOULD totally lie about something like that. That's all that I meant. I didn't mean to imply that there was factually some conspiracy afoot. That's dumb. WWE has a history of directly lying about where people are and why they aren't on television. Saying that someone has a generic "injury" without going into detail about what that injury is, is the exact kind of thing that they say when there is something else they would rather ignore. Let's not pretend like that's outside of their wheelhouse...hell, they've definitely claimed that people were injured when they were actually suspended before. Maybe not recently...but 100% in the past, they have. But, again...why would anyone take anything I post to be golden information? I type plenty in the flow of a conversation and with all types of meanings and implications that fit my flow of thought at the moment. What I say 85% of the time isn't even important to me...let alone, should it ever be important to anyone else.
  11. Generations

    WWE Drama

    I *censored*ing literally never said anything even remotely close to this. What are you on about? The only thing I ever said was that WWE had people like Andrade and Rey in matches with other people one week...then they both got pulled the next week...and people who they were in those matches (like Garza, and Cedric) are still on the product...not to mention, Charlotte. I simply said that if those people are infected, then the people they worked with probably are as well. Which is a logical assumption. "Cover up" my ass...I never said anything even close to that. You show me where I said anything like that, and I'll call myself a *censored*ing moron. But it never happened. You're on some shit today...
  12. Generations

    WWE Drama

    Probably JBL's dumb ass. [guess I need to put a disclaimer here about this being a joke, before I'm accused of spreading false information]
  13. He's pulling inspiration from wacky shit that Vince has said/done...but, yeah...he's not doing a caricature of Vince or anything like that. It's funny that Vince is allegedly upset about it, because, it shows that he acknowledges this behavior in himself. But...yeah. It's just a gimmick, like any other.
  14. Wow...who shit in your cheerios this morning? I literally never even said that I factually knew anything one way or the other. I said it would be unlikely for him to come out of quarantine and right back to a big match like that. There is plenty of room for you to interpret that however you want. If he is in quarantine, then it would be unlikely for him to do that. I don't recall saying that he 100% was or wasn't. Not sure why anyone would read so deeply into anything I said. I'm just a guy on a wrestling forum. No one is getting their factual information from me. So, chill. And when I said that everyone in the WWE probably already had it...that was an obvious joke. You can run it back and check for yourself. I even said "lol" when I said that. *shrug*
  15. I'm already tired of the Tiger King shit. It would be a decent watch if society didn't have to ruin everything. I watched 3 episodes, I think. And I was enjoying it just fine. But...that's truthfully enough. It's been ruined for me by the ceaseless memes and shitposts. Someone even asked if Trump was going to pardon Joe Exotic during a coronavirus press briefing. Let me say that again...a briefing about what might end up being the single most important event in human history...and someone is asking about pardoning a guy who conspired murder...because, he has a Netflix series about him. And to make matters worse, any sane president would immediately shut that question down, but Trump actually said he'd consider it. Ugh.
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