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  1. Mustafa Ali and Bryan Danielson as tag team champions who are "heels", even though they are the most righteous and level headed people in the company.
  2. Every time someone is released from WWE an angel gets its wings.
  3. Generations

    WWE Drama

    About MLW and WWE... I mean...they're not wrong. But they also won't win that.
  4. I don't watch this shit anymore. But...haggard, old man, Brood Edge is cool af. I just love how raw Edge is in general, tbh. It's like...you can feel that he acknowledges his limited time...and he just goes 250% at all times.
  5. Mostly been living at my girlfriend's house, so I've been away from Xbox. Just been playing stuff on Switch for the time being. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, and Spritfarer. I brought my PS4 over her place to use for watching DVDs and Blu Ray...but I don't play many games on PS4. Do want to get back into Ghost of Tsushima. Maybe I'll do that.
  6. I mean...people can end relationships for whatever reasons they want, tbh. Maybe Sammy and Tay are actually good for each other. I don't know anything about either of their former partners...but, maybe they just click better together than they did in their previous relationships. Who knows. As long as both of them told their partners in a timely manner and didn't outright cheat on them...I guess it really doesn't matter. Then again...cheating probably was involved, because...wrestling.
  7. I was at the show. He walked right past us in the concourse. I was the only one who turned around and was like "that was someone...right?" Lol
  8. Had Covid over Christmas. Felt sick a few days before then...(maybe two or three days)...then got up on Christmas morning, started to get ready to go to my parents house, put on deodorant and couldn't smell it at all. I asked my gf if she could smell it, and she was like "Yes...of course I can smell deodorant. You have covid!" So, we got tested...and, yes. We both had it. Just now cleared of it. We probably both got it earlier in the week and I'm glad we caught it before going anywhere for Christmas. I mean...it was fine. Lost smell and taste, coughed, had some congested nights...and we both had VERY slight fevers (like 99-100). Mostly neither of us ever hit rock bottom. We just quarantined at her place. It wasn't fun, and people are dumb for treating it like nothing...but we both made it through without too much fuss. We are both double vaxxed, but never got boosted. I pretty much just became eligible for the booster, but now I can't get it anyway.
  9. My girlfriend actually got me into Golden Girls not too long ago. I had seen episodes in passing...but never really intentionally watched the show. I grew to love it pretty quickly. It kinda became a running thing where we'd sit down and say "What do you want to watch?" And if nobody could think of something, we'd just put on Golden Girls. Needless to say, Betty was great. She will be missed.
  10. So...Trump revealed that he got the booster shot and got booed for it. Lol. Can't even control the monster he created anymore.
  11. Just waiting over here for Trumpers to find an excuse for the newly released Jan 6 info. So help me god.
  12. Jeff looks fine. Probably err on the side of caution and assume that WWE is up to some snake-in-the-grass shit at all times.
  13. By far the dumbest name for a PPV that WWE has ever concocted. That's about all I have to say...since I haven't watched any WWE since around WM.
  14. Johnny Wrestling vs Johnny Hungee?
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