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  1. The EPA has also slashed regulation entirely for industry during the pandemic, citing that these companies are understaffed and shouldn't need to be concerned about the environment. This is a *censored*ing science fiction novel...I swear.
  2. I do have a feeling that this Mania is going to end up great in spite of itself. Lol.
  3. Wait...this match is still happening with Reigns? Or did they really *Censored* up that bad and forget to cut that out?
  4. Trying to get this damn stringfish, and I hate that you can't just buy bait from the store. Crafting it is becoming a huge pain in my ballbag. I mean...I guess you probably can buy it at some point, but I don't have that option right now. That's the last fish I need to catch this season before it becomes unobtainable until December. Not sweating it yet, because I still have a few days...but, that's it. I have like 4 more days to catch this thing. Lol.
  5. I don't get WWE force-feeding content from past Manias...it's really only going to serve to make this year's seem that much smaller and more pathetic by comparison. They also should have dropped all the pirate themed video packages and re-tooled the entire event to make the intimate setting seem like a positive.
  6. Just tuned in. Where the hell are they now? This ain't the PC, right? Lol. Nevermind...I guess it still is. Looked weird.
  7. Based on the preview for SD on WWE.com...I'm cautiously optimistic that the show MIGHT be watchable tonight. Seems like they actually have a decent number of matches/interactions planned. I can't do these "here's an hour long match you've already seen" shenanigans anymore. But as long as they give me 85% new stuff, I'm fine.
  8. Just read "Trump's approval hits new high". Friendly reminder that Immortan Joe in Mad Max was worshipped by the same people he was killing. So...
  9. ^ Same way as before. [ spoiler] and then [/ spoiler] (without the spaces, of course).
  10. These people work, and travel, and essentially live in close quarters with each other anyway. Having five or six people in a room is probably not going to be different from what is happening off-screen. For the sake of the show, they need to follow the guidelines...and they did that. It might be true that they could be doing more to limit group gatherings...but if those people are hanging out before/after the show, then it hardly matters anyway.
  11. You can still go outside. Which is what I meant anyway...nature...the real world.
  12. The White House cut a deal with General Motors to manufacture 80,000 ventilators to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The New York Times reports that the Trump administration put off the announcement because it didn't like the price tag. It's a war, we're told. With all our other wars, there's no limit to how much money is blasted into space, or burned making fighter jets that can't fly in the rain. But as congress passed a $2tn bailout, much of it for private corporations, another $1bn on life-saving medical equipment was sudden cause to worry about costs.
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